January 21, 2007

These People Have To Be Young Earth Creationists

This is what happens when you go to church on Sundays and use a V-Chip to block out PBS and the National Geographic channels:

HT Choobus, from The Raving Atheist's Forum.

There is no way the people interviewed in the above clip are Atheist, or even Agnostic. Let me take that back. They are Agnostic when it comes to common facts.
It is sad that these people can vote.
Hopefully that clip made you laugh, and embarrassed the hell out of you if you are an American.

I know they edited out right answers. Who knows how much editing they had to do? But still, it makes me think that maybe I'm not that smart after all. Maybe, just maybe, I'm deluding myself into thinking I'm smarter than I really am, by comparing myself with the over abundance of dimwits who infest our planet.

That clip reminded me of Rick Mercer's (he has a blog) funny piece about Americans and their knowledge about Canada; Talking To Americans.
Here is a clip of that show. It took place just before the 2000 USA Election for their Prime Minister (when in Rome...):

Watch more Talking To Americans clips here.


  1. Another fine tub of plagiarised shit you present to us today, fatso.

  2. That is simply frightening. I think the scariest part was the guy who said, regarding Bush, "If he says it, I believe it."

  3. Cat, I hope you've seen this. It is an actual picture of Rickey's face.

  4. I love Rick Mercer...and I love these videos! They, of course, could probably do the same thing in any country, but it's fun to pick on the Americans.

  5. Australians are good at making fun of Americans aren't we? I used to believe that Americans were as ignorant as the video interview suggests but in fact the internet has shown me a different side.
    You would probably get the same assortment of ignorant assholes if you tried the same thing in Australia.
    What worries me more than anything is that these people are allowed to vote in the U.S. and are compelled to vote Australia. I've met people who don't know how to vote or where to vote asking me what to do. It's appalling.

  6. CNNNN is a mock news channel which was created by an australian comdey team. They did, of course do those interviews and posed as journalists to do so. Their intention is to take the piss out of people by letting people display their ignorance of world events.

    I must say, I find them hilarious. They also do a great send up of evangelical christianity.

    We all know that there are people in the US,Australia,the UK (wherever) who don't know a rat's posterior about geography, foreign policy etc, but it is still hilarious to watch them in action.

    Each nation has to deal with a certain amount of stereotyping. The stereotyping of americans is that they are ignorant and arrogant. The sterotyping of australians is that they are alcoholics and convicts.

    Generally, in both examples, there is no smoke without fire.

  7. That 1st video? Holy shit, what a bunch of ignorant buffoons. That just reinforces my opinion that Texas is composed of a bunch of inbred ignorant buffoons. Or maybe it's something in the water? Some of those opinions were just...hysterical. That 1 guy on the moon landing: "It was reincarnated in Arizona."
    Not to mention, that most of those bozos haven't a clue when it comes to geography. Korea's just...a tad further up north.
    I do wonder if they selectively edited out the people who gave correct answers, though.
    As to the 2nd video, I think the boob tube has conditioned us to believe anyone w/a microphone.

    BTW, I'll bet Rickey scores big time when he visits the Castro strip in S.F., judging from that video. Hehehehe.

  8. beaj,

    I don’t think they edited out the right answers. I bet they first asked them if they voted for Bush and then didn’t bother to interview those who said no.

  9. BEAJ
    Thanks for the laughs, and for reminding my exactly why I am an ex-pat...

  10. I too wonder how much was edited out. It does seem like they managed to find the 30% of people who still agree with the President, although I'm not sure he'd even be proud to have them on his side.

    By the way, I'm not even sure the President himself could find Kyrgyzstan on a map.

  11. Now it clears up. You are nothing more than a communist jew, except that's hard to believe if you see your dad's pic on my blog. He was blacker than the ace of spades, the colour of walking pitch.

  12. Where exactly do you get the impression I'm a communist. I'm far from it. What the hell is a walking pitch?

  13. RE BEAJ

    Didin't you know? All jews control all the money in the world PLUS they are all communists...

  14. BEAJ:
    What the hell is a walking pitch?
    Color-blind dancing boy is calling you black, I think.
    W/fans like him, who needs detractors?

  15. beaj pusgut: Ed coined the phrase *walking pitch* when he said your dad was much darker than you are. You look like Terek Azziz in drag with facial hair that looks like a woman's crotch.

  16. Well I think people have it in for Frank Walton unfairly. I could explain things in the Bible, that you wouldn't want to hear anyway, but your atheists so whats the point.

  17. Frank Walton's blog is full of crapola.

    You do realize that most Atheists started out as believers. There is nothing in the bible that you can show an Atheist that will change his or her mind because we've advanced past a certain stage. I'm sure I can't explain things in the Cat in the Hat to make you believe the cat was real. You have progressed too, but not as much as us.

  18. "but your atheists so whats the point."

    looks like he had beaj pusgut's same Hebrew ESL school. All he needs is an extra apostrophe here and there.

  19. I don't know if my last post even made it through, but I just want to apologize for sounding so snarky in my last post. I'm still learning but I don't want to get the rep for being a jerk. If the other comment of mine came through please delete this one.

  20. HG, your post was on the offensive side.
    Your last comment takes away from you being thought of as a jerk.....for now, at least.