February 22, 2007


The Rabid Ape does an excellent job explaining what evolution is and how it works. Even most Fundies will be able to understand it, but they will do the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil thingy upon viewing it:

The one thing I didn't like is that he stated there is no such thing as micro evolution and macro evolution, there is only evolution. I would have stated it different, because the terms do exist: Macro evolution is just loads and loads of micro evolution.

Pharyngula has linked another video that explains evolution in laymen terms, but it was done in German (ooh the Germans). Thankfully it has English subtitles.

On another note, I have no idea why Googlebot has started to diss me. Is it because I'm an Atheist or is it because I am not very happy with Islam? It can't be because I'm a Jew. Maybe it is a combination, but I used to get 50-100 hits a day from random Google searches; in the last week I been getting next to zero. Even a search of my blog name doesn't link to my blog anymore, at least on the first page of results. How am I going to get my message out to those who search things like "evil Atheist Jews?"

What does Google have against me? I used to rank up at the top when it came to many "Atheist blank" searches, and almost every "Atheist Jew blank" searches. I don't appear until the second page now. And only once.:

But Blog Search Has KO'D Me BLOG SEARCH ATHEIST JEW Note: Rickey's The Atheist Jew Slug is linked as is The Atheist Jew (a dormant blog that has no connection with me)


  1. Great video. I might steal it from you and post it on my site too. But I will be polite and wait a few weeks.

    I am not getting the traffic either, it probably is because I am a smartarse australian, but I don't have, as yet, evidence to support this claim. ;)

  2. I'm deeply honored that I'm the first google hit for "Jewish Atheist." Maybe you just picked the wrong name. ;-)

  3. Anything that looks like Google spamming is likely to hurt your rank, even if it's done just in frustration.

  4. BEAJ:

    It's very unlikely that Google would somehow act against your blog: they do so only in extreme cases like blog spamming, (detectable) cloaking of gateway pages or extreme hate speech.

    More likely causes (which maybe very temporary) are algo-updates: even minor tweaks to "Google's mind" can cause considerable reshuffles (which is why Google watchers name these algo changes in the same way we name hurricanes).

    Your site may well reappear in a few days, either in a different position or on different key-phrases. Patience...

  5. Great video. I just wish he would have left out the religion bashing at the end. This will cause religious people to dismiss it outright instead of giving it the consideration it deserves.

  6. BeepX2, go ahead and post whenever you want. Don't worry about being polite.

    JA, this is very frustrating to me. For the last year it seemed like I picked the right name.

    Gary, I don't know what spamming I did.

    Gert, check this out. When it comes to "bacon eating Atheist Jew," it doesn't make any sense and it was posted around Feb 12th when my problem most likely started. I don't get why blogger isn't even directly linking me.

    Roberto, the religious people he bashed most likely didn't make it to the end. But I get your point.

  7. BEAJ: I was thinking of the repeated links back to Google. This might look to their bots like an attempt to spam the bots.

  8. I can tell you why blog search doesn't like you. Too many complaints.

  9. BEAJ:

    The page you're linking to (in the above comment) is a non-cloaked (very unusual) doorway page, probably generated by a random text generator, typically used by someone trying to get a high search rank for "blogroll", for whatever reason. Google, if detected would see this as spam but because it is from a different domain from yours, it shouldn't affect you. However, if you want to enquire with Google, you should mention this though.

    But I can't see where the real problem is: your blog hasn't been dropped from Google's index: these are all your blogpages currently indexed, about 175.

    Here are all the web pages that link to your blog, an impressive 1300!

    Going by these simple diagnostics, I don't see what is really wrong, Google hasn't dropped or banned you.

    You wrote: "I don't get why blogger isn't even directly linking me." Careful with the terminology: what exactly do you mean here?

  10. Gert, I'm linked to other blogs 1300 times (of course these don't go directly to my blog, you have to go to the person who linked me first). I have a pretty good technorati rank (under 3,000), and I'm a large mammal in the Truth Laid Bear blogosphere.
    I know that Google hasn't dropped me, but up until a week or so ago my blog or a blog post that directly linked to my blog would appear on the first page of many Google searches, like the Atheist Jew, or Bacon Eating Atheist Jew, or Atheist Jew Islam, etc.
    And according to my site meter I only got one Google search hit yesterday, but I did get a few Google Image search hits for some reason.
    I used to get 50 to over a hundred Google search hits previously, that were the result of my blog being directly placed as a "result" on the first page of search hits for various web searches.

  11. Gert, one possibility is that Blogspot is tied in with Google. And they have an idiotic Flagging policy:

    The "Flag?" button is a means by which readers of Blog*Spot can help inform us about potentially questionable content, so we can prevent others from encountering such material by setting particular blogs as "unlisted." This means the blog won't be promoted on Blogger.com but will still be available on the web — we prefer to keep in mind that one person's vulgarity is another's poetry. Or something like that.
    It is possible that a group of Fundies, but more likely a group of Islamists, flagged my blog out of the Blogger index. It seems that it is flagged out, because my blog doesn't link at all when doing normal searches here.

  12. Well, as I'm sure you're aware Blogger is owned by Google (it was bought not so long ago). What I can say is that Google are very good at detecting attempts by others to block a particular blog or site: it's quite difficult for an irate Internet user to somehow penalise a site or blog owner. I believe the flagging option is very much subject to human scrutiny (and not simply by bots), if it wasn't then half the "political blogs" would have been put out of business by rivals by now. Also, flagging tends to relate more to a particular blogpost, rather than to an entire blog. I do know of entire blogs that have gone MIA but those really did violate Blogger's terms and conditions. I don't think that's your case (but it is Rickey's).

    Two weeks ago my blog was blocked by Blogger because of a suspected spamming incident. They stressed (by email) that the incident was most likely to be a "false positive" and asked me to confirm the blog belonged to me. Less than 48 h later it was unblocked, with apologies.

    On 'bacon eating atheist jew' and 'eating atheist jew' you still have #1 positions through MyFeedz feeds.

    I suggest you let it rest for about two weeks. If things don't change, enquire with Google. The non-cloaked doorway page may have something to do with it, although Google is again quite adept at spotting potential 'enemy sabotage' or even 'accidental damage'... They really aren't keen on suppressing opinion at all.

  13. Gert, thanks for the input.
    One other reason could be the switch to the newer version of Blogger. At first, I couldn't even switch because my blog was deemed "Older." Within a week though, Blogger allowed the switch to occur. Again, it could be related to the fact that Blogger does not have me indexed now.
    I emailed them with both my theories, we'll see what happens.

  14. The video doesn't give any compelling facts to support Evolutionary theory. So it is not a matter of creationist not being able to understand the matter or ignoring a cogent case being made.

  15. Anon, linking Conservapedia ROFLMAOAY
    Facts about evolution are everywhere, including the video.
    You are wilfully ignorant if you fail to understand the facts presented in the video.