February 13, 2007

My Response To CNN's Segments On Atheism

This winging it is tough. I missed making some good points. Oh what the heck. I'll get better at this. I wanted to touch on the fact that Atheists are grossly under represented in jails and that contrary to what Dawkins says, not all Atheists are peaceful and gentle. I think he forgets that we come in all shapes and sizes and we all have different political ideologies.
I wanted to talk about the so called Godless Lifestyle that Preacher Man was talkin bout. An Atheists lifestyle is the same as a Fundies except we don't waste our time praying to an invisible sky fairy, or wasting our Saturdays and Sundays worshipping an invisible man made myth.
And another obvious point about morality is that if a Christian didn't have God or the bible to guide him, would he run around raping, stealing and murdering everyone around him? Are Christians insane without their bibles and God? I don't think so, many Atheists are ex-Christians, and they don't rape, steal, and murder very much.

Here is the CNN segment from last night that I was pretty much responding to:


Since it is Valentines Day, I took it upon myself to shovel the driveway. The snow was deep, and it took me quite a while to finish. I think I went temporarily insane, because the next thing I knew, I carved out a giant heart in the snow facing my front window:

I know it isn't a perfect heart, but there is no such thing as a perfect marriage either.

I showed it to my wife, and she got a sappy grin on her face. Somebody is gonna get his rocks off tonight:)


  1. Reverand caca doodoo?

    I refer to him as Reverend Uncle-Tom McDingleberries.

    It's really disappointing to have first seen a Jew "concede' that "this is a Christian nation" and then a black man actually say it directly.

    If we're a Christian nation and Christians should have their cake and eat it too just because most of us are Christians, then we must also be a white nation because the majority of people are white here. And here being white excludes Jews.

    I think it'd be a good bet that if somebody told that reverend that this is a white nation b/c most of us are white he'd be offended. He's so brainwashed by his Christian bigotry that he doesn't understand: either the argument from popularity works in all cases or it work in no cases. You can't pick and choose when you can apply it.

    The Evangelical black man and the conceding Jew. What fools. What bad examples for minorities everywhere.

  2. From the debate, it seems that stupidity = religious advocate. Are there any intelligent people out there that can argue for religion without spewing garbage from their mouths?

  3. BEAJ:

    I thought your video was good, real good. Let's face it: 'vlogging' isn't easy and like everything else, practice makes perfect.

    This whole thing has gotten me on my 'atheist soapbox' too and I'm gonna stay there for a bit. There so much great stuff out there: gentlemen may prefer blondes but atheists definitely have more fun...

  4. Nothing wrong with that video, I thought you made some pretty good points.

    As far as the second is concerned, I've never really liked Ellen Johnson all that much. I'm not sure exactly what it is, maybe it's that I feel she comes off a bit combative, which in my opinion isn't a good quality when you are trying to show that you are the calm and rational one. By getting somewhat argumentative (not necessarily in this video, but others), I think it brings her right down to the Rev.'s level.

  5. I know you like the fire of a good argument BEAJ but I'm not here to give you one. I just wanted to say that I thought that what you did with the snow shovel was really sweet and creative and cute. You really are a nice guy despite the curmudgeon you present to the world. :) Hope you had an great night with the wife.

  6. Wow. They could not have picked a DUMBER christian than that guy.

  7. Thanks for the heads-up comment!

  8. After seeing Daisy's video debut, I'm no longer convinced you made that heart. Admit it. You told Daisy to run around in a heart shape, didn't you?

  9. Nope, it was me. Temporary insanity I tells you.