April 23, 2007

Judeophobe Watch

As some of you have already found out, I just started a new blog called Judeophobe Watch.

The purpose of it as stated in the blog header: This site gives normal human beings a chance to debunk, refute, chastise, and debate anti-semitic postings from various Judeophobic web sites, like Crescent and Cross, for example. The cowards who spew their anti-semitic bull do not normally allow normal human beings to comment on their drivel.

When a blog search is made for those on the lunatic fringe like David Duke and Mark Glenn, I want my new site to be one of the search results. And hopefully the posts will have some intelligent comments on them, so that people doing searches can see that the premises of Joooo haters are seriously flawed, as is most the revisionist history and unsubstantiated rhetoric that goes hand in hand with the anti-semite's spewings.

Another reason to open for the Judeophobe Watch site, is that I think that my personal email exchanges with these idiots will become completely unnecessary, in that I now have forum to invite any Joooo hater to.

I also believe that by exposing Judeophobes in this way, it will show how ridiculous their ideas are. For those who think Judeophobes should be ignored and that I'm only giving them a platform, my reply is: should Hitler have been ignored in the 1920's?

Finally, another reason I am doing this is to keep the Atheist Jew blog on track: Fighting with individual anti-semites here, is just a little too out there I think, and probably many of my readers agree.

I want this blog focused on four things: Atheism, separation of church and state, layman's science, and the War on Terror (which includes of course the insanity of the Palestinian "cause" and their actions).

If you aren't on the Judeophobe Watch blogroll and want to be, please let me know, and I will blogroll you (providing you aren't a Judeophobe).

Right now, comments on that blog are not being moderated. I will only delete comments that are off topic and/or include baseless insults, are genuine spam, or comments that include very long copy and paste material. If I find myself having to delete a lot of comments, I will turn moderation on.

One more thing. I was nominated for a JIB (Jewish and Israeli Blog) Award in the category of "Best Jewish Skepticism Blog"

If you feel like voting for me, GO HERE.


  1. I think its a good idea to have a blog separate to this one which discusses the concepts of judaism and zionism. Unless, of course, you want to spend a lot of your time discussing those ideas here.

    Now unless one can demonstrate that all those who define themselves as jews or jewish, share the same political, social, cultural, economic and religious constructs or beliefs - it is obviously incorrect to state that ALL jews are collectively the ultimate cause of any human defined problem.

    Even if one could demonstrate that all jews share the same political, social, cultural, economic and religious constructs or beliefs - one would need to be able to also demonstrate how this supposed collective modality has had ONLY a negative effect.

  2. Mine as well. You're leading in the polls!
    Everybody else is getting nominated...sigh, always the bridesmaid.
    Uh-oh. I just said something feminine. Time to go eat some red meat.

  3. "should Hitler have been ignored in the 1920's?"

    the world ignored, or made fun of Hitler, and he almost ended up ruling it. Expose, deride and counter hate with facts. You got it right, beaj. Free speech will always trump hate so let the haters speak and then make them look like the fucking morons they are...something you should be commended for doing.

  4. I haven't tried it yet but figure you and some of your readers would be interested in giving it a whirl.

    Belief-O-Matic -- A personality quiz about your religious and spiritual beliefs

    Even if YOU don't know what faith you are, Belief-O-Matic™ knows. Answer 20 questions about your concept of God, the afterlife, human nature, and more, and Belief-O-Matic™ will tell you what religion (if any) you practice...or ought to consider practicing.

  5. Thanks Hammer and KA.

    Beep, I will still discuss skepticism about Judaism here and my "horribly flawed" support of Zionism here, as I still am the Atheist JEW.
    Beep, are you saying you can say "most" Joooos are the source of most of the world's problem? :)
    There is a standard joke: Two Jews arguing about anything will yield three opinions.

    Southie, I just hope the idea catches on. I'm not just into altruism. Altruism is boring as hell.

    Jhrhv, I've done that test at least twice. Published my results here in October of 2005:

    1. Secular Humanism (100%)
    2. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
    3. Liberal Quakers (86%)
    4. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (81%)
    5. Nontheist (77%)
    6. Theravada Buddhism (71%)
    7. Neo-Pagan (62%)
    8. Bah�'� Faith (52%)
    9. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (48%)
    10. New Age (46%)
    11. Taoism (45%)
    12. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (43%)
    13. Orthodox Quaker (38%)
    14. Mahayana Buddhism (38%)
    15. Reform Judaism (36%)
    16. Jehovah's Witness (34%)
    17. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (34%)
    18. New Thought (31%)
    19. Sikhism (27%)
    20. Jainism (26%)
    21. Scientology (24%)
    22. Seventh Day Adventist (17%)
    23. Hinduism (15%)
    24. Eastern Orthodox (14%)
    25. Islam (14%)
    26. Orthodox Judaism (14%)
    27. Roman Catholic (14%)

  6. BEAJ:

    Thanks for putting me on your new blogroll, much obliged...

    My only question is: why use the relatively new, "PC" term Judeophobe? It seems we're giving in to the likes of Sentinel, who resort to the old semantics game "Jews aren't Semites anyway, so theeere. Neh neh neneh" (insert Bart Simpson voice). The meaning of term anti-Semitism, although changing, is quite well understood. Those who confuse it with legitimate criticism of aspects of Israeli foreign policy are thoroughly confused.

    I guess Judeophobe is more general and more specific at the same time.

    I will link to the new blog in a few minutes.

  7. Gert, I was going to call it Crescent and Cross Watch, but someone came up with the title Judeophobe Watch. I liked it.

    Anti-semite Watch would get the usual idiots to complain about the title and how Joooos aren't semites. So I try to avoid that idiocy.

  8. Ooops, looks like Mad Zionist is up for a JIB award too. Are they scraping the barrel or something?

  9. Sorry to keep going OT. Well I'm not that surprised Judaism was my number 1 although I thought not being being against Gay's or Abortion would have put it further down the list.

    I am concerned that Scientology and Jehovah's witness are higher than some of the others. And that some of the things I would prefer to be seen as leaning toward are completely missing from the list.

    1. Orthodox Judaism (100%)
    2. Sikhism (96%)
    3. Reform Judaism (94%)
    4. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (85%)
    5. Islam (81%)
    6. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (75%)
    7. Orthodox Quaker (73%)
    8. Unitarian Universalism (72%)
    9. Hinduism (69%)
    10. Bahá'í Faith (68%)
    11. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (67%)
    12. Jehovah's Witness (66%)
    13. Eastern Orthodox (66%)
    14. Liberal Quakers (66%)
    15. Roman Catholic (66%)
    16. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (66%)
    17. Scientology (62%)
    18. Seventh Day Adventist (61%)
    19. New Thought (57%)
    20. Neo-Pagan (53%)
    21. New Age (48%)
    22. Mahayana Buddhism (46%)
    23. Jainism (45%)
    24. Theravada Buddhism (44%)
    25. Secular Humanism (40%)
    26. Taoism (28%)
    27. Nontheist (28%)

  10. Ths is a great idea. I posted a link to JW (hmm... interesting initials) on my blog (feel free to blogroll me).

    It takes guts to do this. I once accused a certain blogger of being anti-semitic and it didn't go so well and I've stayed away from things like that ever since.

  11. E-Man, I don't expect to get to many Jooo hater deniers commenting on my new blog. I'm going after the blatant imbeciles.

    Gert, all it takes is one person to nominate you in a category and you are in the race. I didn't nominate MZ, and I doubt you did.

    Jhrhv, I'm happy with my results. I might have to look into becoming a Liberal Quaker if I ever find God.

  12. BEAJ said...
    E-Man, I don't expect to get to many Jooo hater deniers commenting on my new blog. I'm going after the blatant imbeciles.///////

    Of course not since you moderate and delete negative comments, "cherry picking" as you accuse Mark Glenn of doing.

  13. Rickey, I'll explain one more time. You are the only reason I moderate comments. If you didn't exist, the moderation would be off. But I'm not doing this blog thing for money, and if it stops being fun, I will stop it.

    You are attempting to take the fun away by insulting me and my commenters for the sake of insulting us. I'm not doing the blog for you, it is for me.

    If you stay on topic, I won't cherry pick, but I refuse to permit you the ability to ruin my blog. You just aren't important enough.

    Glad to see you recognize what Marky Glenn is about though. He doesn't even allow rebuttal.

  14. I think it is ok to discuss all the "isms." And there are stacks of them including anti-semitism.

    If, however, you are a supporter of anti-semitism, the burden of proof is upon the person making the claim. Many people don't understand the burden of proof, so I suppose it is a waste of time to encourage this type of discussion.

    These sorts of discussions usually have the same modus operandi as those who do not support "atheism." That is, they are unable to make their case without trying to resort to strawman arguments concerning the nature of atheists, or in the case of anti-semitism, the nature of jews.