May 4, 2007

Brownback, Tancredo, and Huckabee uh bye bye

Thank science I'm a Canadian. But as I've stated before, I realize the USA is our great protector, so what happens in US politics has more of an affect in my world, than Canadian politics has. Unless of course, we end up with one of the three stooges mentioned in the header of this post.

This clip is only 20 seconds long. From last night's Republican debate:

It is just too embarrassing in this day and age to even consider having an anti-evolutionist as head of the Western world.

I'll forgive John McCain. My gripe isn't against theistic evolutionists as much as it is YECs, by a long shot. And McCain does have a duty to mention God, or he has no chance of getting elected in a place where 45% of the country believes in Young Earth Creation. But Brownback, Tancredo, and Huckabee can not become leader. They just buried themselves anyway because the internet will destroy them now that they exposed themselves as wilfully ignorant.

For the record, I realize ALL politicians lie. Bush has pretty much feinted agnosticism when it comes to evolution and always considers his YEC voters. My view is the reason he said creationism should be taught next in science class was simply to keep his flock happy. To my knowledge, other than saying "the jury is still out on evolution," Bush has purposely not committed to an answer. Plus, with the evolution debate being so strong during the Bush reign, my bet is Bush now knows that evolution is fact.
I'm sure he was forced into some really informative lectures by real scientists.

Thanks to the internet of today, and especially blogs, Bush was probably the last President who could have possibly been elected IF he really doesn't know evolution is fact, as the internet is completely destroying the YEC movement, and especially over the couple of years.


  1. Politicians speak with fork tongue.

  2. I thought you guys might enjoy this comic about the unfortunate spread of disbelief in evolution:

  3. It's a sad day when politicians feel compelled to dumb themselves down to garner votes. (Maybe that is the way it has always been - Politicians pandering to the lowest common denominator.)

  4. Yes, beepbeep, that's the way it's always least since the advent of television news. I call it the "politics of mediocrity" because everyone searches for whatever answer will win the most McCain did in that clip.
    And, wino, none of those three putzes was going to be President anyway. However, it's just embarrassing that they can even entertain the thought in any country with an education system above "madrassah" level.

  5. I just love the way the question is phrased: "Do you believe in evolution?", as if it's an article of faith.

    I guess the right phraseology "Do you accept Evolutionary Biology as a valid scientific theory?" would be too much of a mouthful for any of these nincompoops.

    It's a sad day for democracy when candidates have to go fishing for votes by declaring they "don't believe in evolution"...

  6. gee, gert, are you sure those politicians go "fishing" for votes?
    Maybe they just wait for Jesus to perform a miracle and create them :-)

  7. Southfield:

    No, no, it's clear for all to see: they've been poofed into existence already.

    But G-d will give them votes, praise the Laaawd!!

    These guys are just agnostics with a bumper sticker, that's all...

  8. Certainly we would hope that someone who doesn't accept evolution would stand no chance at getting elected, but you never know with the U.S. electorate as it is right now.

    From what I understand, evangelicals, who mostly lead the anti-evolution charge, vote in pretty high numbers when compared to others.

    Probably the most important thing, however, is that whichever candidate gets elected, they listen to their science advisor.

  9. Don't they get to appoint their science advisor?

    My guess is that a YEC politician would appoint a "science advisor" who reflected his religious beliefs.

  10. I just love the way the question is phrased: "Do you believe in evolution?", as if it's an article of faith.

    I noticed that too. Carl Sagan reported that he was always asked if he believed in UFOs, as if the truth of the proposition was a matter of belief, and not evidence.

  11. I agree gert. The question was poorly phrased. The bigger issue though is that it's even an issue. It is ridiculous that with all the issues that face the US this is even a talking point.

    The next question should have been something like this...

    "Do you accept gravity or some form of supernatural, intelligent falling? Please answer carefully because a large portion of the population will probably base their vote upon it."

  12. Alpha:

    Listen, stooopid, it's called Intelligent Gravity, okay? G-d pushing us down and all that, to prevent us from floating into outer space. Good old G-d (LOL)...

    Perhaps McCain is one of those who sees the face of Jaysus in a falafel...

  13. Gert, you obviously haven't seen this now well known (OK not so well known) piece by the Onion.

    Beep, I think all Presidents get a dose of real scientists so that they don't sound like imbeciles when they have to lie about stem cells and evolution, in order to keep voters.

  14. Yes, I did see that earlier. That's were I nicked it from. You've just found me out, that's all (lol)...

  15. Thank science I'm a Canadian.

    We'll forgive you for the funny accent, funny shoes and funny television shows.

  16. Conspiracy Theory Warning
    Conspiracy Theory Warning

    George W Bush is brilliant, and a pawn (of something). He only acts stupid so the American people will not suspect him capable of the heinous things he has allowed happen. Either that, or he really is a dummy and Dick Cheney is the puppeteer. =)

    Conpiracy Theory Over
    Conpiracy Theory Over

    Ron Paul seems awesome, does anyone have some dirt on him though I can read? He seems too good to be true.

  17. Why does it matter whether a politician believes his ancestors were poofed into existence 7,000 or untold billions of years ago?

  18. Loren, the President holds power to Veto. Many issues that are hot right now have to do with empirical science vs. a literal bible such as gay marriages, and evolution versus ID (creation), also many who believe the earth is under 10,000 are End Time Christians. This makes them in a dangerous position of power if they really believe that there has to be a huge war before Jesus returns.