May 19, 2007

It Is Time For A Secular TV Channel

Of course, I'm pushing for an atheist TV channel. But I'm trying to be realistic, so it has to be named Secular TV or something like that. There is really no channel on TV where 24/7 secular TV is guaranteed, except for maybe the History Channel. Even the Discovery Channel has aired some crap of late, like shows about whether Jesus had kids or brothers and sisters. I saw a show about dinosaurs that featured Ken Ham on it too.
I would love to see a channel devoted to science, reality and facts. A channel that can have an atheist hour or two or three. How about Infidel Guy in the morning instead of Imus, or whoever is replacing him.
Penn and Teller's Bullshit can be played a few times a week. Even if they have to play the old ones, until the station gets popular enough and can afford to broadcast the new ones.
The Rational Response Squad can also have a nightly show. I don't think it would be difficult to fill the time slots. d There are plenty of shows already devoted to history and science. Nova would be a good fit and even bringing back old Carl Sagan shows. Lots of nature shows too. Most importantly, a channel that an atheist can feel at home with.
News too. News is news, but I want the channel to be full service secular.
Shows devoted to discussing separation of church and state, I'm all for inviting theists to stick their necks out anytime they want, but not like it was done on Paula Zahn. They can come to our territory, if they dare.
Lots of movies too. Life of Brian, heck, anything by Monty Python. Brian Flemming's
The God Who Wasn't There would fit the network just fine.
You can fill the 2-6 AM time slots with sitcoms from the 60's. Other than Davey and Goliath, I don't remember any of those shows even featuring a church. Gilligan's Island, for example, was totally secular.
The reason I'm bringing this up is because I would love to see the protest by Westboro Baptist Church at the Falwell funeral. As The Atheist Experience says "I want a front row seat for this."

Speaking of Falwell, here is an interview with Bill O'Reilly from 1999. He was hoping for a Y2K coming of Jesus. The anti-Christ will be a 30 year old Jooooish guy who pretends to be Jesus according to Falwell. Sneaky Jooooish basturds! Even O'Reilly took him to task:


  1. What a loonie! If I miss him at all, it will be for the sheer entertainment value of the idiotic things he said.

    Then again Bacon, maybe you are the anti-christ that Falwell warned us about! LOL!

  2. Speaking of the media, did you know that you're featured in a UK national newspaper?

    The Saturday Guardian listed your blog in the Guide (media supplement). I got quite exited

    "Look!", I said to my wife, "I read his blog, and he's commented on mine once too".

    It's on their website too.

  3. Tommy, I'm way too old (46)to be the anti-Christ. The mythological Jesus was 30-33 when he supposedly pissed off the Jews and the Romans.

    Jamon, thanks for showing me that. I like that better than having an article written about me on Rense.

  4. Falwell will be sorely missed by many an atheist... including me.

  5. BEAJ; I know exactly where you live, what you do and where you're planning to take your next leak. Just come on over to my site and find out for yourself...

  6. Dude, most of the public airwaves are secular. What have you been smoking?

  7. I don't understand the thinking of people like Falwell. Where does it say in any bible that the "antichrist" will be jewish and about 30?

    For a guy who supposedly knows his bible so well, he obviously DOESN'T know what it says about the supposed "antichrist."

    2 John 1:7
    "Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist."

    Basically, what this says is that ANYONE who isn't a christian is the antichrist.

    What great propaganda material.

  8. Start some sort of petition BEAJ, I'll sign it. We'll be more likely to see something like that up here in Canada before you see it in the US...

  9. All this is puzzling, but the thing I most wonder about is the Jewish Fingernail. I discovered this very recently and it is quite a shock. I mean if Jewish persons believe that in conversing with non Jews they are in effect talking to animals, like cattle, well how can you enter into a binding contract with a cow? So I wonder whether what is said by, say, Rabbi Dolv Lior has persuasive effect on Jewish persons who do not go to Church much or at all, like lapsed Catholics, or those who say they are "atheist".
    I know that if Catholics had a belief like this, even if they say they do not pay attention to Church doctrine, the underlying belief would act like a wall between those on one side and those on another.

  10. Frank, I don't think there is one station that doesn't broadcast religious shows on it. And CNN for example, plays up to a theist audience as does Fox of course.

    Beep, God's spokesmen have never got God right:)

    Chickie, I'm not ambitious enough to get it going.

    Gary, very few Jews take the Jewish fingernail statement to heart. Very few. But there are many STORMFRONT GOOFS, for example, who will buy into it, just like they do the Protocols or the alleged Talmud teaching. Of course, they think Joooos are subhuman, but that isn't the point, is it?
    Gary, I'll bet my border collie knows more than you do about reality and what Joooos think.

  11. Falwell- gosh I'm happy that he's slowly being turned into worm food right now.

  12. news is news? Oh if that were only true.

  13. Frances:
    Dude, most of the public airwaves are secular
    Are they? Are they indeed?
    If you mean they don't blather about jeebus every 15 seconds, that may be true, but I watch TV fairly regularly, & I don't think there's been 1 night where somebody HASN'T mentioned gawd, jeebus, or prayed.
    You been tiltin' outta that moonshine still in your backyard again?

  14. Dear BEAJ,

    Here is a link to another Curt Maynard article entitled "It's The Jews Stupid." I was hoping you might post it too, possibly with one of your biased Jew critiques.

    I look forward to seeing it on the BEAJ



  15. Chris, I've exposed you and Curt for the liars and deceivers that you both are enough of late.
    You have proved yourself to be a coward and a liar, and just a big zero.
    Not interested in even reading the article as I blew Curtis' attempt to discredit me out the water, and you weren't even man enough to post my comments.
    You are just a walking turd and a boil on the ass of humanity.

    Remember, there is a Joooo under your bed. Sleep tight, I'm sure you have loads of bed bugs.

  16. I've read some of your stuff and it would be interesting if you would read my blog and comment any thoughts you have on it. thanks!

  17. I have one request.
    If you want proof that there is a God, I want proof that there isn't one first.
    Everyone who doesn't believe that there is a God always asks us Christians for proof that there is a God. Well, I'm turning the tables and I want proof that there isn't a God.
    Can you do that for me?

  18. Jesusfreak, I've been busy. I'm just about to check out your blog.
    As far as disproving God, that is a nonstarter. Atheists just say that there is no evidence God exists and coupled with everything else we know, no reason to believe God exists.
    If I said there was an invisible man under my bed, do you believe me? Is it up to me or you to prove the invisible man doesn't exist?

  19. fine by me. just to let you know, just because i'm only 15 doesn't mean that i'm a retard when it comes to people's beliefs (i hate calling it religion because that's not what it is).

  20. I'm not calling you a retard. Ethically or morally, I don't feel right about going to a 15 year olds blog to argue about why I know that believing in God is nonsensical.
    You are welcome to comment here, and by all means you can read the materials in my sidebar, especially about the existence or non existence of the historical Jesus:)

    Who said atheists don't have morals?

  21. Good idea... I have been disappointed in excess of religious programming on The Discovery and History Channel.

  22. And I'm not saying that you don't have morals. Just a couple more things. Number 1:
    "As far as disproving God, that is a nonstarter."
    Ok, I still want proof that there is no God. But what I got from this is that you cannot do that, otherwise you would have.
    Number 2:
    I've been thinking about that invisible man under the bed idea and to tell you the truth, if I knew that this man had given his life for me that I might live eternally in heaven, and the he loves me with an unconditional love that is beyond all comprehention(sp?), and that he could give me everything that I needed and the most joy and love I have ever experienced, then yes, I would believe you.
    Number 3:
    Let's say, just for a moment, that you are right and there is no God. I have lived out my life living for Him but then I die. I go to hell (or whatever...i don't really know what athiests believe about the "after life") with everybody else. I've got nothing to lose.
    Now, imagin, just for a moment, that I am right and there is a God, a heaven and a hell. That means that when we die, I would go to heaven and live there forever in the presence of God where there is no tears, no pain, no sorrow. But because you didn't believe that there was a God you have all of eternity to hell.
    Do you see where I'm coming from? I tried to make that as clear as I could. Bottom line, if you are right, I've got nothing to lose; if I'm right you have all of eternity to lose.

  23. Number One, I can't disprove God, the Tooth Fairy or the invisible man under my bed. It is up to the person who believes to prove it. There is no evidence for the Tooth Fairy, the invisible man or God.

    Number Two, lets just say that I just tell you there is an invisible man under my bed, because I feel it and dream it, and it is real to me. Do you believe it?

    Number Three, lets say the Muslims are right and you need to accept Allah to go to heaven. Why not accept Allah? See how ridiculous that is?

  24. ohhhh, that's a toughy...but not tough enough. alrighty then...Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."
    See, I know that I am going to heaven. I can't express how strongly I believe that...I believe in God just as strongly as you believe there isn't a God. It is your choice wether you want to go to heaven or not. At this point, I can't say or do anymore except pray for you...and I will be!

  25. Many Muslims are just as sure about Allah and Mohammed as you are of Jesus. In fact, some are so sure, they blow themselves expecting to go to heaven.
    Maybe, you should read this.

  26. Allah is pretty much another name for God and Mohammed himself believed Jesus to be a great prophet. Either way, they still believe in a God but they believe on getting to heaven by doing good works (aka, blowing themselves up like you said) but that isn't the way. Like I said before, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The only way to Heaven is by believing in Him.

  27. ...i looked it up and Allah is Arabic for God....

  28. Yes, Allah is the Muslim word for God, but most believe that non Muslims don't go to heaven, and they don't accept Jesus as the savior, only a prophet.
    So, if I am to save myself, how do I know which religion to believe in to get to heaven.
    I know Mohammed existed, but I don't believe Jesus ever existed, he was an invention of Paul. Of course, I don't believe in the Koran either, but it was done more recently...maybe I should become a Scientologist or a Buddhist.
    Jews don't deny anyone heaven at least, maybe I should become a religious Jew.
    Christianity and Islam actually threaten their sheep into believing. It is very sad that they have to do it. But it is all apart of their nonsense.

  29. hmmm..i have to think on first part for a while. but the second part is just a lie. Christians don't threaten people to believe what they believe. We aren't the ones who go around killing ourselves and other people because they don't believe what we believe. Yeah, there ae pushy Christians out there, I used to be one of them but now I realize that isn't the way to do things. All I have to do is tell people what I believe (as my Bible teacher says "plant the seed"), pray and God will do the rest.