August 24, 2007

T.Rex Could Outrun Humans: How Can Dr. Dino Explain That

'Phil Manning, a paleontologist at the University of Manchester, and his colleague Bill Sellers, a biomechanics expert, used a supercomputer to calculate the top-running speeds of five meat-eating dinosaurs.'

Apparently T-Rex's are slightly faster than humans (not sure about endurance figures which are a factor in long chases).

Here are some of the computer generated results:

* Compsognathus (6.6 pounds, 3 kilograms)—39.8 mph (17.8 m/s)
* Ostrich (144 pounds, 65.3 kg)—34.5 mph (15.4 m/s)
* Emu (60 pounds, 27.2 kg)—29.8 mph (13.3 m/s)
* Velociraptor (44 pounds, 20 kg)—24.2 mph (10.8 m/s)
* Dilophosaurus (948 pounds, 430 kg)—23.5 mph (10.5 m/s)
* Allosaurus (3,087 pounds, 1,400 kg)—21 mph (9.4 m/s)
* Tyrannosaurus (13,230 pounds, 6,000 kg)—17.9 mph (8 m/s)
* Human (157 pounds, 71 kg)—17.7 mph (7.9 m/s)

And here is a short video comparing humans to dinosaurs.

According to Dr. Dino (Kent Hovind), one of the leading "creation scientists" in the world (currently in jail doing a 10 year sentence for 58 tax offenses, obstructing federal agents and related charges), dinosaurs lived side by side humans from the beginning of the earth and the universe around 6,000 years ago to today. Yes, some dinosaurs are still amongst us according to Dr. Dino.

The problem is that many dinosaurs (at least those in the past who lived before the Flood wiped them out) had sharp teeth and liked meat.

How did humans survive the earth prior to the flood? T.Rex's could outrun us, and many other meat eating dinosaurs could easily outrun us. Here are a few possible excuses that creationist could use:

1) Maybe we don't taste good. (God made us give dinosaurs very bad stomach aches and they figured out that they better just leave us alone).

2) Humans of course, mostly hung out in caves. And T-Rex's and other dinosaurs were too big to get into the caves.

3) There is no proof that dinosaurs were nothing but herbivores.

4) From Raving Atheist member Kamikaze189: Adam didn't have to run faster than the T-Rex, he just had to run faster than Eve.
There. Easily explained.
And, um, god cloned her again later.

Any other ideas?

OK, here is a video that slams Kent Hovind and his idiocy:


  1. I am not a creationist, but it's silly attribute error to Dr. Dino's theory based purely on the fact that meat eating dinosaurs ran faster than humans. The majority of wild animals run faster than humans. We still managed to survive today even though lions, tigers and yes bears run quite a bit faster than us. Our lot (as humans) has always been intelligence, not pure physical domination of other species.

  2. Jay, this is kind of a tongue in cheek post.
    However, there aren't too many animals on this planet who could devour us with a few gulps like I assume dinosaurs could.
    Back when dinosaurs were ruling the earth, our mammalian predecessors were the size of rodents.

  3. The dinosaurs' ratio of brain to body mass was very low. Dr Dino is living proof that dinosaurs still exist.

  4. I do live among dinosaurs. You should see my neighbors.

  5. "Dinosaurs in the Bible" is going to go the "Roswell way": it'll get more absurd and more detailed with every version. Good find...

  6. beaj,
    you're out of control, Kent Hovind ("Dr. Dino"), is a creation science advocate, maybe even to a few--a few--a "leading" creation science advocate, but not a "leading creation scientist." I'm not saying no one has ever said that about him, but if they have, that's an atypical view even within the Christian community. Even self-proclaimed fundamentalists consider Dr. Dino a bit out there.

    Here in Florida on the trails I run we have a lot of dinosaurish-looking gators with sharp teeth that can and do run fast and occasionally nab a runner--your argument is lame in m opinion.

  7. Orde, again, this is a tongue and cheek post. Hovind or anyone else who needs the earth to be less than 8000 years old are only to be ridiculed.

    BTW, an alligator most likely see us as potential predators more than anything.
    A 40 foot dinosaur would look at us as a snack.

  8. This whole thing is almost too silly for comment, but...
    Adam didn't have to run faster than the T-Rex, he just had to run faster than Eve.

    How true. Because if she somehow escaped the T. rex, he'd darn well better run faster than her!

  9. beaj,
    I have no sense of humor. I am a fundamentalist.

  10. Orde, only 11 more steps to go, and you'll be an atheist.