November 1, 2007

Swastika Loving Holocaust Denier Says Atheists Are Disrupting Natural Evolution

I watch lots of Youtube videos. Of course, some are just special, like the one I'm posting here. I'm writing this post before I am able to totally digest what I just watched. Quick synopsis: A Holocaust denying woman ("the Nuremberg trials were lies") who actually understands the basics of evolution and the history of the universe, is blaming atheists for everything from trying to take away her right to wear and worship her swastika, to massive deaths at the hands of communism, to trying to force races to intermarry and destroy racial barriers, which is a very bad thing according to her, because it took billions of years to perfect the differences in races in humans.

Here is her video description:

About This Video
110,000,000 (THAT IS ONE HUNDRED TEN MILLION) Murdered in the past century by the critic of the Swastika: ATHEIST COMMIE RED MURDERERS. Hypocrites step forward to criticize.

Don't breathe a word against this innocent cross.

Atheists who want to destroy sacred symbols, culture, class, religion, God in the government.. not anymore. Never again.

I'm proud to hail this ancient cross as my own... and from where I come from.

Deal with it. The American founding fathers did not die in vain, so YOUR ATHEIST religion could destroy everyone else's.


Some atheist posted that my kid wanted to sleep... because the atheist (who would sit up until 5 am. getting laid w/an underaged prostitute they picked up off the street... afterall, atheists want to legalize prostitution (so they can exploit women and children... and even now wittled and wormed they way into LEGALLY GIVING 11 years olds "birth control" in one of the schools in U.S... leftwing crackpots that they are... pretending they care about children, when they fight like the devil to abort as many kids possible, and atheists happily raping 6 year old kids at 5 a.m.) --but that is beside the real point that ATHEISTS MURDERED 110,000,000 IN THE PAST CENTURY... LET ME REITERATE ONE HUNDRED TEN MILLION MURDERED BY ATHEISTS IN THE PAST CENTURY, my kid got to sleep at a whopping 9 PM... so, excuse me, hypocrite and judge! Nobody died and made you gods, except in your own deluded, egocentric mania. Let's focus on your non-scientific hypocrisy:

Atheists have a delusion that it's "only thin empty air" when they look out at the surrounding cosmos. Scientists have learned there is such a thing as "dark energy and dark matter". Reality as perceived by the mortal, is really the abstract concept in the universe. Roughly 70% of the universe is made of dark energy. Dark matter is thought to make up 23 percent. You are only part of the remaining "matter". God can exist, without evidence, just as particles pop in and out of existence. Scientists know this. Now, tell me again, it's only "invisible" air. Atheist claims to have "absolute truth" in their lack of reverence for God and Science, classic, an atheist mental illness --further explaining why they MURDERED ONE HUNDRED TEN MILLION IN THE PAST CENTURY. ATHEISTS MURDER 85-110 MILLION... IN THE PAST CENTURY. Absolutely mentally ill! How many people have Deists murdered compared to Atheists? Miniscule by comparison.
Do communists even exist in any large numbers today? What percentage of atheists are actually communists? The thing she doesn't get is that communism is an ideology, while atheism is simply a disbelief in God. In fact she doesn't seem to know much about atheists at all.
She does seem to love Hitler. One good thing, she admits that Hitler was a deist and not a lousy atheist. LOL

Oh, and why can't she just say that she loves her swastika because she loves Hitler and Nazism? Why bring up the Hindu and Native American bs? Yes, she has the right to wear her swastika, and I have the right to call her a Nazi imbecile.

OK, gotta run. I have to go out and tell pregnant women that they need an abortion.


  1. You sure this is genuine??? This sounds just a little too much like a spoof to me. Even genuine Swas-ti-kah lovers much cringe listening to this humanoid...

    They blame Kohmjuuu-ni-sm fer ever-thang. Wah, no fair! (boohoohoo...)

    Really funny though... Couldn't stop laughing. Stank-in aitee-ists!

  2. Mao and Stalin were probably atheists. But their mad devotion to communism as an absolute truth was an irrational religion in itself.

  3. OT:

    BlogRush has now come out of beta and they've finally got their new dashboard up and running. And it's... fabulous! Lots of very detailed analytics, extremely well presented and userfriendly. There's no question these guys are serious about what they're trying to achieve. Reese has got a new video explaining all the changes.

    I was also completely wrong about the credits not being delivered (the old dashboard had become suspended, so no new activity was being reported there): my credits (widget impressions, thousands of them) are being delivered as quickly as they're being earned. Clickthrough rates are low (about 0.1 %) but even paid advertising (AdWords, Overture, FindWhat etc) doesn't have good clickthroughs anymore: there's just too much advertising flying about. Full-size banners and scrapers are different of course...

    For your atheist blog I suggest to wait till Nov 2, they will then be introducing many more categories, perhaps you could resubmit in another category (they encourage inactivated accounts to do that). In the medium-long run, BR will be a valuable traffic-driver, of that I'm convinced.

  4. You are a few years late, BEAJ, you should have persuaded her mom to have an abortion ;-)

  5. What is more preposterous than believing in God is the belief in the Devil. It's only a small step into believing that the Devil is an atheist. What religious people cannot stomach is the notion that evil exists. If God created everything then he must have created evil as well. This idea is too much to cope with so the devil had to be invented.

  6. Talk about videos, I just wrote about the detestable cult God Hates Fags, here. If you get a chance, check out:

    I can't believe that these inbred retards believe that what they believe is the true word of G-d.

    Stay well, BEAJ.

  7. Man, this troll of yours (who has been gracing me with his presence lately) is something else!

  8. She sounds like a genuine trailer park supremacist.