March 22, 2008

Biblically Correct Tour Of Real Museums

How can anyone with below average intelligence or better not see the idiocy and desperation of these tour guides? I really feel sorry for these children who are getting brainwashed by these reality denying blatantly dishonest yokels:

I'm glad ABC used reality biased reporting for the piece.

In other news, on this religious weekend I find it very appropriate that a race horse named Atheist will be making it's racing debut at a Kentucky racetrack (Turfway Park) today. I don't know if the owner is an atheist, or a religious whacko though. The sire (the horse's daddy) of Atheist is Devil His Due. Maybe he was named for his dam (his mother), A Real Sweetheart. Somehow, I doubt it:)


  1. Wow! I wanna go there right now!
    :p I wonder if we get that sort of crap in our museums here.


  2. This video is maddening AND it gives homeschooling a bad name in general. Many people homeschool their children and are secularists, atheists and others who value education and seeking the truth, not filling kids heads with nonsense.

  3. I guess this is what happens when we don't have enough "Creation Museums..."

  4. Another piece about BC Tours on WIRED SCience's Correlations:http: //