April 9, 2008

King Heathen's Transitions Video: Creationists Should Give It A View

Here is a simple and logical way for just about anyone to understand evolution. A bit of a warning. If you are a creationist and you view this video, you may have problems refuting evolution from here on in:

I've seen one video response to King Heathen's video by one who considers himself to be a Fundamentalist. King Theist23 is probably the most rational Fundamentalist you will find though. His response is for his Fundamentalist brothers and sisters:

He makes excellent points. However, I have to take exception to his line "I don't know, I wasn't there." This is a complete 180 from his stating "I love science."
Also, saying "it doesn't matter if evolution is true or if the world is ancient" is also an ignorant statement. It completely matters if you are in the field of science. It also matters in many cases in how one views things like homosexuality, for example.

Interestingly, he concedes that it is a possibility that God put all the evidence for evolution on this planet, as well as the evidence for the deception that the earth and universe is 4.5 billion and 13.5 billion years old, when he possibly created everything 6,000 years ago. Mind blowing how far people will go, even rational ones.


  1. King Heathen is using the same line of argument that Charles Darwin used in Origin of the Species. Darwin gives the example of pigeons instead of dogs.

    King Theist23 is looking at evolution from the perspective of how it affects his religious beliefs and he is correct to say that from his point of view, proving or disproving genesis doesn't matter.
    It's only the fundamentalists who want to read the bible without allowing for symbolism, imagery or allegory that feel threatened by evolution.
    That is the core of the problem. Fundamentalists are ignorant of the origins of the bible, and how it evolved, how it relates to the culture that created the writings that make up the bible and to the mythology that is the bible.

  2. I enjoyed watching the videos. They are interesting.