April 18, 2008

Peanut Butter Evolution Revisited

This maddening 2 minute video, Peanut Butter, The Atheists Nightmare! is definitely worth watching again:

The reason I'm bringing it back is because recently I've been getting quite a few comments by creationists the satire video I did in response to the one you just viewed. Besides the video I did is freakin hilarious (I'm a legend in my own mind!), and it needs to be viewed by more and more people.

Amazingly, many atheists and other science minded individuals took my video seriously. If you expand the comments (and there are over 300 of them), you'll see what I mean. I understand, because my portrayal of a homeschooled creationist isn't too far off the mark. Even though in the video description, I clearly label the video as comedy and satire....oh well.

But now it looks like I got linked to a creationist site. And the comments I've been getting are the usual "evolution isn't science" bull crap.


  1. The mind blowing revelation of peanut butter jar destroying the theory of evolution is awesome.
    It just makes me contemplate on the advantages of being an idiot. If someone is an idiot, they are completely oblivious to their own stupidity and ignorance. They have no doubts about what they believe. Their vision of the world is narrow but unshakable. As the famous line goes, you don't know what you don't know.

  2. Besides the over the top stupid argument, all the characters are caricatures.

    Especially that bouncy info-babe.

  3. I posted that peanut butter video awhile ago and hilarious and sad at the same time that stupidass thinks he is making some kind of legitimate and intelligent point.

    Funny too that people took your satire for real. Good job! Love the tinfoil hat!

  4. There is NO such thing as an atheist, or an evolutionist. All men believe in God as a creator. Its a proven fact. You were born with a defect in your brain, that doesn't allow you to say there is a God. As much as you want to say there is, your not capable. A lot of people are not aware of this condition that confessing atheist have. If they knew this they would stop trying to convince you there is a Living God. According to clinical research durning the aging process your brain will begin to change, and will at some point allow you to confess there is a God. I hope this information has been helpful.

  5. Rebekah, you are quite clueless. First off, being an evolutionist doesn't have anything to do with belief in God, one way or the other. It is acceptance of scientific fact.
    Secondly, we are born susceptible to believing in the supernatural. We evolved this from our ancestors who couldn't explain lightning without going nuts or inventing a supernatural explanation. Those who didn't go nuts had a greater chance to survive and procreate.

    There is absolutely no evidence for God, and the world makes perfect sense without one. I'm an atheist based on that.

  6. rebekah HAS to be attempting satire.

  7. beaj, I feel sorry for rebekah. She is basically an android mentality. Borg like in Star Trek. Programmed and will take a lot of work to deprogram what has been put into her head.

    You will be assimilated...resistance is futile. They can't break away from the spell they are under long enough to even consider another viewpoint.

    If Rebekah is young enough, she still has time to break away and wake up to the real world.

  8. Wow - people took that seriously?! They must have forgot to put on their tinfoil hats before they watched it!

    I think you're onto something with this character. It's like the Swedish Chef and Marvin the Martian rolled into one! Bravo!

  9. Off topic but you may want to check out some of Mark Glenn's latest stupidity:


  10. Tom, maybe I can be the next internet phenom:)

    Elder, you know by now that I responded at Judeophobe Watch.