January 28, 2009

Adam Corolla: Militant Atheist

Ran across this video yesterday. It isn't really a video. No picture, just sound. Adam Corolla, best known as co-host of the enlightening "Man Show," discusses his atheism.

The reason I call him a militant atheist is because he admits he is an atheist, just like me. We are supposed to be seen and not heard.

I don't agree with a few of his statements. First off, he says he is atheist because he KNOWS there is no God. Again, an atheist is simply someone who answers NO to the question "do you believe in God?" And it impossible to KNOW there is no God, just like it is impossible to know there aren't any Leprechauns.

The other thing I disagree with is his idea that nothing made him an atheist. That might be true for him, but it isn't true for many atheists who formerly believed in God or assumed there was a God thanks to parental brainwashing.

Other than that, he makes excellent points.

I also stumbled on this related video. At first I was thinking that Corolla is one of those Far Left atheists that drive me crazy. But then he started talking about Muslims, and guess what? We are on the same page:)

Yep, you don't have to be a racist to be disgusted with Muslims and Islam.