January 1, 2009

What Happens At Death And After Death And Pascal's Wager

Edward Current's videos are great. I know I've stated it here before many times, but just in case you are new here, I suggest checking them out. Funny, and of course, full of irony and sarcasm.

Most of the time he pretends to be a Christian. He has coined the phrase "Checkmate atheists" when making a feeble or nonsensical point on why God exists and why atheists are wrong.

His most current "creation" is an animation called A Christian Meets A The Invisible Pink Unicorn:

Not only does he get in a lot about what science knows about the creation of life, the universe, and consciousness, but he also throws in Pascal's Wager For Atheism. Without stating Pascal's Wager, Current's dying man, knowing the end is near and that there is nothing afterward, has major regrets that he lived a life that restricted him from doing things that he would have liked to experience (none harmful by the way), and implying he did things he didn't want to do because of his beliefs.

I know the cartoon was an extreme example of restrictions due to religion, as most people do what they want when it comes to important decisions, that may include having to tell white lies, or not full disclosing things, and most people do much of what they want when it comes to sex (and I do stress "most people").

Of course, things like guilt (not religious guilt but innate guilt which we evolved) and empathy prevents many of us from say cheating on our spouses, murder, rape, and theft.

My question to believers is do you think that your belief in God and/or your religion ever restrict what you really want to do, and do you think you would act differently if you realized God was made up by man and life after death isn't a very high possibility?

I made a video asking the same type of question in a more sarcastic way previously:

For Edward Current's Youtube Channel, click here.