February 27, 2009

Lou Dobbs Has A Great Idea: Bulldoze UN Buildings

The UN has simply become a farce. A dangerous farce though because what they say still matters in some places. They might as well change their name to the Muslim Asslickers Association of the World.
Bad enough to focus their attention on Israel while basically turning a blind eye to other far more catastrophic conflicts on this planet that involve Muslims and no Jews, but now they are out to appease Islam in a huge way by trying to make it so that criticizing religion will be a criminal offense:

H/T Answers In Genesis Busted

Those of us on the Atheist Blogroll would all get charged if the UN has its way. Imagine not being able to question if Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, or the Invisible Sky Fairy existed?

Muslims collectively are collectively the biggest hypocrites on this planet. Double standards galore.

Their religion does not follow the Golden Rule, a rule that is innate in human beings and other social animals for that matter. So this UN ruling pretty much wants to stifle anyone from criticizing the thought process that goes in when an "honour" killing takes place? Screw the UN!

And the repercussions might even be felt in Western science classes too. Some Fundamentalist Christians can use the laws so that evolution taught in schools could be a direct criticism of their brand of Christianity.

I'm all for free speech. As long as the intent is not to incite death or criminal behaviour. Islam is not. It will still be OK to chant Death To America, just don't say Death to Jews or Christians.....unless you live in a Muslim state where you can say all three.

Might as well post my Mohammed Bear video again before the UN bans the video and puts me in jail: