February 11, 2009

Potholer54's Made Easy Series, The Perfect Download For Darwin Day

I can't say enough about Potholer54's videos. They are thoughtful, educational, witty and most importantly, factual.

Let me update everyone on his Youtube sites.

First off, his main site.

There is a series of 14 videos From The Big Bang To Us. Basically, he lets the layman in on what science knows about what happened from the birth of the universe to the birth of the earth, to how and why abiogenesis is the most probable way life began, to evolution, to dating the earth, etc.

He has also done a couple of videos on climate change, in case you think you might be in the dark on the issue. Watch the videos, and you won't be any longer.

Creationist Beware: Potholer Is Starting To Edit His Series So That Your 12 Year Old Children Will Be Able To Understand Evolution, But More Importantly, That You Are Nonsensical

Hopefully, his work will make it to the classrooms. Check them out.

If that isn't enough, he also has another channel called Potholer54debunks

Here is his newest video, which is part one of his debunking the Ark story:

I'm looking forward to part two. Should be more on the humorous side.

And finally, his Made Easy Series is now available on DVD. Here is how to get your grubby paws on it:

It makes a perfect gift to your Fundy relatives.