March 30, 2009

Family Guy: Brian Comes Out As An Atheist (Watch It Now)

OK, hurry up and watch the videos before Youtube takes it down. Great stuff from Seth MacFarlane (the new atheist God). Brian doesn't come out until the second video. There are two story lines as you will find out

UPDATE: THEY ARE GONE NOW. My friend at Yoism has put together an edited version that just contains the story line to do with Brian's atheism, just click this link and watch it (he took out the Star Trek stuff).


The line that cracked my up the most happens around the 5 minute mark in the following video. Mayor Adam West gives reaction to the fact that an atheist lives in Quahog "Arrr shocking to say the least. I'd rather have a terrorist living in our midst. At least they believe in a God. Even if it's a SMELLY BROWN GOD." :

LOL @ Logic For First Graders being harmful to God.

I had to find the last part again as Youtube removed the one that goes with the first two. This one begins near the end of the second video, so you'll be viewing around 3 minutes of that video over again:

I kinda hate making these posts because I know the video will disappear ASAP. But I'm trying to do the atheist community a favour, and that outweighs everlasting blog content.