March 18, 2009

More Ranting

AIG Bonuses

This AIG bonus fiasco is just so maddening. Now, the finger is being pointed at Obama. Looks like he is far from infallible after all.
But this whole mess is showing how insane corporations really are and how inept and blind governments are.
First off, these bonuses are "retention bonuses." They are given to entice the exec from going to another firm. I'm not sure that there is much of a market for execs who were responsible in bringing a mighty company to its knees from within, especially during a recession where other companies are cutting jobs.
And the bonus money is staggering. In some individual cases the amounts are higher than most average people make in an entire lifetime. And when you think that these types of bonuses were handed out regularly prior to collapse of the house of cards, is it any wonder that these companies did collapse? Obviously, companies don't even have to be profitable for these bonuses to be given out. And for public companies like AIG, the money comes out of shareholder value. Again, no wonder that the stock market hit the skids.
As for Obama's glaring oversight in not putting a stipulation in regards to bailout money so that it can't be given out as bonus money, well, it is a great reality check for both the public and his administration. If the Republicans were in power though, I'm 100% sure they would have made the same mistake.

Pope says condoms not the solution to combat Aids in Africa

More asshattery from the Vatican. Forget scientific fact. The World Health Organization states that proper condom use cuts down the chances of getting Aids by 90%, noooooo, the freaking Pope has to focus on the infallibility of condoms instead.
He is telling the people of Africa to abstain instead of having sex. The Pope may be an expert on abstaining, but it is a very difficult thing to do in the real world thanks to the fact that we are innately and culturally driven to have sex, being the human animals that we are.
And to tell many barely literate and illiterate people to not use condoms is borderline criminal.
What is the Pope thinking? Be consistent to his falling Catholic flock? Make more babies, some whom will become Catholics in the future?, regardless of the fact that the world can't handle too many more people on it as it is, especially those who will burden world health care systems because they were tragically born with Aids.
The Pope is a very bad man.

Pint Sized Meat Eating Dinosaur
Looks like some creationists may grin at the news that fossils of a 5 pound dinosaur was recently discovered. Obviously, this was the dinosaur that Noah took on the Ark with him, forever solving the question about how he could bring dinosaurs on the Ark.
Of course, the dating of the fossil (75 million years old) has to be wrong, because dating processes are unreliable, which is proved by the fact that the earth and universe are less than 10,000 years old.
Some questions still have not been answered, like exactly when did these little dinosaurs evolve into the big ones that scientists seem to find. And when and how did dinosaurs die out?
Maybe Ken Ham has the answers since he now has decided to put up a Darwin Exhibit in his comical Creation Museum.
Looks like Ham has decided that micro evolution is fact, after all. But only within "kinds." Question for Ham, what mechanism or restriction prevents one "kind" from evolving into another "kind"?