June 19, 2009

Most Canadians Aren't This Stupid

At least I don't think we are.

The very first part of the video is true. I don't remember ever discussing the Holocaust in school. Outside of the home or TV documentaries, the Holocaust was not brought up. We did have history classes, but generally history focused only on Canadian history.

The Angry Canuck then goes on to make a complete fool of himself. I will take it on his word that he actually tried to research the Holocaust. However, he must have either been directed or attracted to Holocaust denier material and neo-Nazi websites to get all of his information.

I did send him a message to his Youtube inbox:
You researched from anti-semitic sites, the video at the end is proof of that. That person is a known Jew hater.
Unfortunately Google links to Holocaust denial sites so if you sincerely researched it, you went down the wrong path.
You could easily fall for idiocy researching 9/11 as well.

Here are some real sites:


Watch this video:

And watch this video too made at the end of the war:

I haven't received a follow up from him. Hopefully has gone through some of the material I sent him. He also has been silent on the video site too, but to his credit, he isn't deleting any posts. And to the Youtube communities credit, his video is getting a ton of one star ratings, and many angry comments.

The disturbing part is (assuming this guy is sincere) how easy it is to erase the Holocaust from the history of the newer generations. Kind of a light at the end of the tunnel for anti-semitic Joooo obsessed internet circus freaks. In order to prevent Revisionism from getting an upper hand, it is important to fight Holocaust denial as much as possible.

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