July 8, 2009

America Is Embarrassing In Just 40 Seconds

HT The Friendly Atheist

Number one, someone who rejects science, shouldn't have a say in anything to do with science.

Number two, this is a violation of separation of church and state. Elected officials should not be allowed to spread mythological beliefs while in a government setting.

Number three, this is why the Republican Party is in big trouble now and in the future. It is viewed as a Party that is anti-science. This broad confirms it.

Number four, maybe this is why Sarah Palin quit. She realized she only has one third the intelligence of Senator Sylvia Allen of Arizona. Maybe Allen will be the next Republican Presidential nominee. The Democrats can only hope it will be her or someone very similar.

Some comments from Friendly Atheist's site:

I wish I could dish out a bit of scorn for the residents of Arizona who voted for this woman. Unfortunately, I’m from Texas, so I don’t really have any standing to criticize. Darn it.

~David D.G.

Man, if the power of stupid could be harnessed, the Arizona legislature could easily meet the world’s energy needs for, um, the next 6,000 years..


Well, since Earth is only 6000 years old, that means the decay rate for Uranium is far faster (maybe even light years faster!) than all those scientists would have us think. In fact, that would put the half-life of U at ~5900 years.
And since it’s decaying so fast, I can certainly see her urgency to mine some ore!


Speaking of Palin's resignation, Hip Suburban White Guy is fairly certain The Other Palin Boot Will Drop Soon.

H/T Joe's Big Blog