October 3, 2009

Is Fox News Trying To Lose Or Confuse Viewers

I've admitted here before that I watch Fox News. I'm gravitated to mostly because it is like watching a train wreck. I'm fascinated by the constant whining and spinning of the marginalized Religious Right disguising themselves as journalists and a political party. The cute on air blondes don't hurt their cause with me either.

So I put it on this morning, and two featured stories today made me ask myself "is this Fox or CNN?"

First they had a medical expert who said that half the newborns in the USA today will live to at least 104. Interesting fact, but also took it a step further and said that America has dropped to 40 something from 11th in the past decade when it comes to countries and life expectancy. And you know what he blamed it on? NOT HAVING NATIONAL HEALTH CARE. Wow, on Fox. Even the talking heads couldn't dispute what he was talking about.

Some more advice from the health guy, he said Americans need to go out and "walk."

Then, to top it off, they had their science expert discussing the recent find of Ardi.

One of the talking heads asked if this was the missing link. And the science guy gave a real answer, that this find is too young because it is only 4 million years old and that humans and chimps diverged around 6 million years ago. Although the real real answer (I can say real real if Whoopi can say rape rape) is that it is in fact a missing link. There are many, but scientists have also found many links that are no longer missing, so that they know pretty much what the missing links would look like.

But the guy on Fox this morning amazed me, before the find was discussed he called this exciting news and even blurted out "wake the kids." This was the same guy, I think, who not so long ago did a one sided interview with that Discovery Institute imbecile who reminds me a little of David Schwimmer (Casey Luskin), who was going on and on about how science books have it wrong when it comes to evolution.

I just saw the Luskin video again, and the guy who interviewed the Fox science expert was not the same dough head who interviewed Luskin.

Any way, what are the people who take Fox News seriously (evolution deniers and/or teabaggers) gonna think after watching this mornings broadcast?