December 26, 2009

Christians Won The War On Christmas Again

Dang it. What are we doing wrong? Christmas was celebrated in countless households yesterday once again.

No Christian or atheist casualties either. Some war.

Like I've stated before, I like Christmas. It is just like Halloween to me. Lots of fiction associated with it. It is the time of year when Christians celebrate a make believe birthday for a make believe Jesus.

Anything that brings families together is OK with me. Plus I always like the idea that besides being a time of year to give presents, it is a great time of year for Christians to pick and choose who they send cards to, give presents to, or even phone. They can tell a person how much they dislike them, by doing nothing. But it is really the thought that counts.

I live in a predominantly Christian area, and had no problem saying Merry Christmas to one and all.

As long as separation of Church and State is maintained, Merry Christmas to everyone.