July 15, 2010

What Is It About Loving Allah That Makes One Crave Donkey Sex?

Did you know that the number one searcher for online porn is a state that was created by the United Nations in 1948?  Of course, I'm talking about Isr

Pakistan has a population that is around half of the United States, however unlike the U.S. (except for many pockets in Dearborn, Michigan), 96% of the population is Muslim.

Here are some of the facts regarding Pakistan and internet porn:

Now Pakistan is a country that is completely anti-porn. There aren't even any strip joints. You'd expect that porn searches would be popular, but it is the deviant stuff they search for that I can only blame on two "people:" Mohammed and Allah.

Pakistan is top dog in searches per-person for "horse sex" since 2004, "donkey sex" since 2007, "rape pictures" between 2004 and 2009, "rape sex" since 2004, "child sex" between 2004 and 2007 and since 2009, "animal sex" since 2004 and "dog sex" since 2005, according to Google Trends and Google Insights, features of Google that generate data based on popular search terms.

The country also is tops -- or has been No. 1 -- in searches for "sex," "camel sex," "rape video," "child sex video" and some other searches that can't be printed here.

These are not normal search terms even for the most sexually oppressed husband in the West.

For example, a certain male heterosexual married atheist may do a Google image search of atheist porn star Bree Olson by typing in "Bree Olson nude." The results should be adequate enough to fulfill his needs for at least an hour or two, or maybe more. Don't forget to disable "Safe Search" first.

But what makes Muslims make the leap to such deviant lengths? Does the Koran's mention of donkeys and camels get them hot and bothered? You'd figure they would be happy just looking at pictures of strippers.