June 1, 2011

Pat Condell: Let's Blame The Jews

The best point made is that a Jewish State needs to exist. And like me, Pat realizes the need isn't based on religious fantasy, but actual and potential anti-semitism which will only get worse as Islam continues to grow in the West.

Recently, a sociology professor wrote a paper which concluded that over 50% of Muslims pretty much hate Jews. A Muslim advocacy group, Vigilance Musulmane wants to shut up the professor though.

I'll mention it again, many Muslims are complete hypocrites. Muslims coming to the West is A.O.K. but Jews going to the middle east is a no no. Perfect example is Dearborn, Michigan. In the late 1800's there were approximately 0% Muslims there, but now they represent over 50% of the population. If you don't think things changed for the original inhabitants of Dearborn (I'm not talking Native Americans), you are in denial. The annoying sounds coming from Mosques at prayer time is just one example.

Now lets look at Israel. It wasn't even a sovereign country when Jews started to go there in the late 1800's and first half of the 20th Century. They had a majority in place where the Jewish part of the partition existed in 1947, and the Arabs rejected this idea. They didn't reject the formation of the Muslim state of Pakistan in 1947 though.

In a related note, I find the bashing of Obama's speech by the mostly Far Right, and mostly Right Wing Jews to be completely farcical. Obama stated that the 1967 borders should be used as a starting point for negotiations. This is nothing different than what Bush Jr. stated when he was President (he actually stated they use the 1949 lines). But Obama is perceived by yo yo's as pro Islam and anti-Israel, while Bush was perceived as being the opposite. So even though the message is the same, all that matters to these nuts is the messenger.