January 30, 2006

Bacon and God: The Miracle?

Did Bacon really witness a miracle? Click cartoon to enlarge it.


  1. Yes, I am also LMAO, although I had to use Google to find out what LMAO meant.

  2. You are really behind the times. Go to the Yahoo I/P Conflict M.B. under my links. You really need to expose yourself to more insanity.

  3. Uh huh. Now I understand your appeal for more reds and oranges.

    Loved the nipple cartoon by the way.. .

  4. I thought the nipple cartoon was one of my better ones. See how much easier it is to read stuff on my blog.
    This cartoon was based on a true story by the way.

  5. Hahha! I got that impression from a lot of these cartoons. I've got a whole host of bizarre "daily life" cartoons that I'd like to do but I'm convinced that I'm the only one who would find them funny. Maybe after I grow weary of this Muhammadean mess...

    About the blacks and blues--I told you once: more carrots, less bacon! Clear those eyes right up. The dark side awaits you.

  6. Atheologist, I'm glad I could be of service in inspiring you to educate yourself regarding webspeak. I am here to serve. :)

    D.T. Devareaux, I'm glad I'm not the only one who would like to do some cartoons, but feels no one else would find them funny. Plus, then Bacon would gloat about how much more popular his 'toons are than mine, and I'd cry. Sigh. It's just not worth it.