January 28, 2006

The Hamas Victory: Thoughts and Predictions

No matter what anyone says, there was a distinct difference between the terrorist parties of Fatah and Hamas. Fatah was willing to negotiate with Israel and accept Israel as a permanent nation and most importantly a permanent peace.
Hamas on the other hand represents never ending terror and the ultimate goal of destroying Israel. They are a terrorist organization. To any rational human being on this planet, they were not an alternative to the corrupt Fatah party. By any rational rational human being, they should not have even been considered. But nobody has ever made the mistake of thinking that the Palestinian Arabs were rational human beings.
They voted Hamas. And I'm not buying that their victory resulted in the people making a statement about corruption. Gaza isn't Canada, and Hamas isn't the Progressive Conservatives. How could this be about corruption? Corruption is about money. A vote for Hamas most likely meant no money from the USA and no money from the EU. If Hamas gets it's funding now from Iran, another country bent on Israel's destruction, how long do you think it will take Israel to figure it out and make Iran's donations meaningless?
If terrorist attacks or rocket attacks occurred with a Fatah leadership, Israel would have been morally forced to give Fatah time before they completely spanked them. Now with Hamas running the show, any terrorist attack or rocket attack will be dealt with severely, more severely than ever before. Did the Palestinian voters not realize this? I've always said that Arabs in the Middle East can not think one step ahead. This is further proof of it.
As far as the future goes. The peace plan is dead as long as Hamas is in power. This will become more and more evident in the coming weeks. I expect a terror attack sooner than later, and I expect a severe Israeli response this time. Hamas won't be able to keep themselves from being what they are: TERRORISTS, nothing more and nothing less.
If Hamas isn't taken out soon, I think the Palestinians will become extinct, and it won't be pretty. I also expect to see a devastating bomb hit Iran very shortly, if their leader isn't taken out soon. Even Europe is scared of Iran.
Unfortunately sometimes major devastation and dead civilians is the only way to change things for the better. See WW2 Japan.
Back to Israel: the free world is shaking their heads in disbelief. Could Israel be right? The Palestinians really don't want a peaceful state? The voters have spoken.

One more thought: Now Israel can focus on putting down real borders and thanks to the Hamas victory, they are not under any obligation to negotiate where the borders go. Israel will now have defendable borders finally, and if Hamas attacks, which they will.....bye bye Palestinians.


  1. Hey GW,

    It *is* about proportionality.

    Israel will never be given a green line to simply obliterate the Palestinians. What can Hamas do now that it couldn't do before? Where did Hamas get its money before? Maybe there will be no highway construction and airport constrcution, but was there before?


    Israelis wanted peace but they voted in a man who went in and destroyed billions of dollars worth of Palestinian infrastructure in 2003?

    Well, they got Hamas now too.

    And the Palestinians will never be forced out of the West Bank, despite what Israelis would ever want.

  2. Israel's right got what they wanted, maybe what Israel needed all along: a legitimate terror target. Gaza represents a geographical target since August.
    My feelings are that is Hamas stays in power, Israel will make their own borders and finally the Palestinians will be accountable from where they attack. For the past 57 years, Israel has had civil unrest. With boundaries, it won't be civil anymore.
    Israel never elected a terrorist bent on destroying the other guys. The Likud election was about defending Israel, Hamas is about destroying Israel.
    The coming Israeli election will be about making borders for once and for all. But thanks to the Hamas win, Israel is not required to negotiate where the border is placed.

  3. Have I found a conservative-minded skeptic? I thought I was the only one.
    I agree with most of what you say except: Fatah was never willing to make peace with Israel, they only had different tactics than Hamas.

    Also: As far as Israel's response to terror, nothing will change. Hamas and their left-wing lovers on the world stage will set their creative powers to max and will come up with new ways for Israel to be wrong in trying to keep its citizens alive.

  4. I'm more of a centrist skeptic. Actually I don't like the skeptic label because I'm pretty firm on my disbeliefs.
    I think the coming Israeli election will focus on real borders.
    The left is pretty speechless as far as the Hamas victory goes. They are stunned right now.
    I think this is the best thing that could have happened to resolve the IP problem. Things are different now that Gaza is a Jew free zone.

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  6. I expect a terror attack sooner than later, and I expect a severe Israeli response this time"

    Yes, the first time Hamas claims responsibilty for an attack or is linked to an attack, probably Israel will wipe out their parliament or security forces.They will be the first parliament in history that will be afraid to assemble in public parliament buidings.
    This can be a good thing all round. It's the time to get the radical Hamas out in the open and wipe them out.