February 17, 2006

Middle East Literacy and IQ Rates

Is it any wonder that the world is walking on eggshells with the Arab/Muslim world?
Take the cartoon outrage. The cartoons that caused all the havoc recently were published in an Egyptian newspaper in October, and as reported on the Rantings of a Sankmonkey blog, the Muslim world wasn't upset at all by it.

The Arab/Muslim world seems to just follow their leaders. The leaders who preach that the West is the cause for their plight. And these same leaders live in the lap of luxury as their people live in academic and financial oppression.

Here are some Middle Eastern IQ and literacy rates to look at:


Bahrain................. 85 ................... 83
Egypt ................... 51 ................... 83
Iran ..................... 71 ................... 84
Iraq ..................... 58 ................... 87
Israel ................... 95 ................... 94
Jordan .................. 86 .................. 87
Kuwait .................. 79 .................. 83
Lebanon ................ 83 .................. 86
Oman .................... 64 .................. 83
Qatar .................... 79 .................. 78
Saudi Arabia ........... 71 .................. 83
Syria ..................... 70 .................. 87
Turkey ................... 82 .................. 90
United Arab Emirates . 79 .................. 83

Canada has a 97% literacy rate, the USA has a literacy rate of 99%.
Canada has an IQ average of 97 and the USA has an average of 98. Of course, the countries with the highest percentage of Atheists(Europe for the most part), have the highest IQ averages. But that goes without saying.


  1. The literacy rate for Egypt is appalling – what about all that memorizing of the Koran?. The IQ rates are interesting however I noticed that I got much better scores on IQ tests after doing a little practice beforehand. Does anyone know if this is a significant factor? Should an IQ test be taken cold or just after running through some practice exams and revising the answers?

    Cultural differences can unduly influence the results of a test. It would be interesting to see the results of an Emotional Intelligence survey if such a thing is possible.
    Sometimes people can be too clever, the Germans for instance. When we broke their enigma code they never really considered the possibility it could be done. Arrogance can negate the benefit of high intelligence it would seem. The Japanese too seemed stuck on the same military tactic during WW2 which was highly effective at first but vulnerable when the allies adapted new tactics and weapons to counter them. Their solution? Suicidal charges. Intelligent? I think not.

    Even though I got a score of 140 after a little practice I still thought I could beat the casino and also let a pretty girl gamble my money. Low IE I guess.

    The key to success is individualism under the protection of an effective and respected justice system that tolerates no corruption. Literacy and education are essential requirements. IQ probably less so as with a mix of talents, strengths and weaknesses people will find their own little niches to fill where they can flourish. The Anglosphere provides this environment.

  2. I don't know if I trust the Online IQ tests. I usually score between 125 and 140 on them.
    I do think that practicing them beforehand will increase the increase your score. By how many points on average, who knows.
    Arabs in the West tend to score average on IQ. Education is the key factor.
    If you are taught hate and death over science, math, and humanity, I'm sure it affects the averages bigtime.
    What percent is nature and what percent is nurture is up in the air. I would think that nurture is the largest factor. When it comes to homosexuality, it is more likely the opposits: nature is the largest factor.
    Beating a casino in the long run is near impossible. The odds are against you. You can't fight city hall.
    You are not playing against other people. That is why it is possible to win at poker, and possibly horse racing, although the rake the house takes is pretty high in the latter, you are still betting against the public. You can beat the public.

  3. One man did beat the casino at BlackJack and that was Edward Thorpe. A man with a very high IQ I would wager. He realised that basic strategy was all calculated on the assumption of perfectly random shuffles of the cards. Of course not all shuffles are the same and favourable outcomes could be achieved if a non random mix was detected – thus card counting. What a hero!

    The best I could do was reduce BlackJack to an enjoyable long term cost of around $30 an hour by following strict rules of strategy, money management and avoiding pretty girls.

    All gamblers should read this:


    It is probably the result of education, freedom and historical factors but I believe corruption is the biggest problem. See :


    No Islamic countries in the higher levels.

  4. I read Beat the Dealer. But I think the edge that Thorpe discovered disappears when you used 4 or more decks.

  5. Oh yes. Eight packs where I come from and then they cut it in half. The best outcome that can be achieved is a loss that is equal to the entertainment value you get when arguing with the other players over the merits of splitting tens.

  6. Average IQ in Israel is only 94? That sounds too low. I think that the US average IQ is 98.

  7. I posted the US average on the bottom. It is 98. Israel could be low because of the Arabs who live in Israel, and some of the older Jews from Arab countries may not have had the proper education.

  8. fake poll. b/w how to figure someone who is jew? .. answer is the one who lie alot

  9. fake poll. b/w how to figure someone who is jew? .. answer is the one who lie alot

  10. The average IQ by definition is 100. So that may be the average IQ of USA high school grads of Western World or All the WOrld.

    But AN average IQ by definition is 100.

    So if considering the World , from this data which countries have the average IQ of 225 to balance out this data according to population statistics?
    I suspect the data is bogus.

    1:49 AM

  11. Actually Max, the IQ tests originate in the West, and are based on a 100 in the
    West I believe. If you look at the link, you'll see that is pretty well right.

  12. IQ in Israel is about 10 points higher than the surrounding countries. Big surprise. I bet the questions on that test didn't include stuff about the best way to deal with people who are determined to kill you. Also, if the Arab tests had questions about how to fire automatic weapons into the air they would have done much better. Cultural bias, I guess.

  13. Ye, Bacon, one would assume the tests originate in the West.

    So my argument and observation still stands.
    So how could America or another country Western based have a NORM of under 100? tHERI AVERAGE HAS TO BE 100 BY DEFINTION.

    Statistically then you have to find another country of equal population to counterbalance under 100 to ger a NORM.
    Get it? NORM = 100.

    The poll is bogus

  14. No Max, if IQ is based on the mean average, or median average person in the West having a 100 IQ, and does not take into accound 3rd world countries, then it isn't a bogus poll.
    I know what you are saying, but the 100 average isn't to my knowledge based on the the Worlds average intelligence, but the West's intelligence.
    That being said, I'm sure there are cultural biases in the standardized tests which might affect those who take the test from the third world.

  15. Never mind about the biases. How can America have and average IQ of under 100 if the test was developed in America.

    100 is the average for gods sake.
    Taht's what 100 MEANS,
    so somebody made up that "poll" thinking under 100 was an insult ,but it just shows ignorance.-

  16. Think of it that the Western average is 100. Lets say Germany 102 and America 98. Now any other results in the third world are only based on a comparison to the Western acale.

    I get it.

  17. Yeah, maybe you are getting it. No country on that list has an "IQ" of over 100 so how can that be from simple mathematics?

    America has a population of 320 million. To counterbalance that in your example you need another population of 320 million at 102 percent.
    Now just it could be compare to the average IQ of American high school graduates. Or American University undergraduates. Then it would make some sense , but the information in the survey is not qualified so i must say just without prejudice , it is a made up survey just for humour, but the person should study statistics.

    yours truly

    moderate max

  18. Ok, now I get what you don't get.
    Open up the link:

    You'll see there are many nations that have an IQ average of over 100.

  19. HK. Sweden , Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands , Luxembourg,
    North Korea???!!! are you kidding me?
    South Korea, and Germany.

    Many countries = NOT
    A statistical counterbalance = NOT.

    Somebody without a basic knowledge of mathematics made this joke survey. Hmm ...looks like a Scandinavian or Germanic-Teutonic person made it up .. or an Chinese Asian with and admiration for German culture considering the inflated Chinese/Korean figures.


    Furthermore China having 100 and being an n average higher than the USA is nuts , I lived there for god's sake, the country is 90 percent under the feudal system with 12 State owned TV channels for their entire world perspective and education. If Ii considered America as a average of 100 then comparatively to America , China would be at 70 or 80 percent, not world comparative average, just cmopared to a developed nation.

  20. I had a scan of the guy's site, he is maybe genuine, a genuine idiot that is. He has a substantial screw loose, or rather, i can tell when a researcher is not very intelligent,. There is nothing very scientific about his surveys though or investigations.
    It's someone who got into the academic system and needed to publish papers to get his PHD. Basically his stuff is pseudo-science an personal impression and devoid the necessary qualities of hard work, hard research and intelligent thought.

    He even ties to measure brain sizes for god's sake
    Quack - Quack!

    He also neglected to study the mechanics of intelligence testing, which I have and can see he didn't start at square one.

    Even to spend another minute looking at his site would make me nauseous. Forget it! I never want look at the at site again. What a pretentious prig with that photo on his frontspage!

  21. OK Max. Just check out how they arrived at the results first.


  22. Alright Max, do you know of any other studies that might exist?

  23. They/he (this charlatan) didn't arrive at any "facts".

    I know extensively about IQ testing. I score in top one percent of university undergrads, and I did a psych major.
    Even just to start, different intelligence dimensions such as spacial , numeric verbal abilities have to be differentiated and reference has to be made to different testing systems.
    Asians do not score higher, their education is geared to rote memorization and they score significantly lower, very much lower in pure reasoning. And I know that from teaching them for 10 years.

    There may be a vacuum here. Maybe for good reason I suspect a lack of hard data so it is open to conjecture and quackery.
    But I'll check it up,this is up my alley. Probably it is a good area for a genuine researcher to devote a significant slice of their life.
    I'll give it a go for you and see what I come up with. I need a few days.
    Don't give me any more links to this guy, he makes me sick. Bullshit in Academia makes me nauseous.

  24. The average IQ in Israel is only 94? - This with Ashkenazi jews registering the highest IQ in the world - at around 110-112 (higher than any East Asian country)? Must be some downward bias from the substantial Palestinian/Arab population in Israel.

  25. Well, Israel's Jewish population is only partly Ashkenazi - the other part (I believe it's about half) are Sephardic Jews. This is in addition to non-Jews who live there in substantial numbers. Sephardic Jews, if I recall correctly, have been shown to have similar IQ levels as Muslim Arabs. This why the IQ for Israel is 94 (rather than the Ashkenazi average of 110-112). But note that Israel has the highest IQ average of the region - and it's probably the Ashkenazi Jews that bring the national IQ that high.

  26. emm... cognitively !

  27. I've heard that Akenazi Jews had the highest IQ. Genocide prune the dumb I guess.

    What's the score for all other countries? China, etc.

    What's your contact address?