February 17, 2006


Thanks to My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for pointing out this poll.


This poll was inspired from this article Toying with Genocide

Before you answer the "What percentage of Muslims are radicals" you may want

to read this article about Middle East countries craving Sharia law

When will an Islamic terrorist use a WMD against the West??
0-5 Years 5-20 Years >20 Years Never

What percentage of Middle East Muslims are radical? (In this case radical = likes Bin Laden or enjoyed 9/11 attacks on the U.S.)
<1%1-10% 11-25% 25-50% 51-75% >75%

When an Islamic radical uses a WMD against the West and he kills 1+ million people, what should the West do?

When we have to nuke the whole Middle East (excluding Israel) how long will you feel sad?
< 1 minute
< 1 day
< 1 month
< 1 year
> 1 year

Note to other website owners: You can add this poll to your site and the numbers will keep adding up correctly across all the sites.
Just open page source and search for "pollstart", and then copy & paste through "pollend" .


  1. the question of polls shows the sickness & dirty mind of jews. i dont know its ur or jews think that way sorry to say but now i think holocaust is not a ture story cause if it really happend to jews then a ordinary jew never think about to nuke anyone. really ur scum of the universe indeed from today i changed my mind about jews

  2. You didn't change your mind about Jews. You are full of it. Are you going to make your decision about Jews based on one blogger who copied a survey? You sound like an idiot.

  3. Ah that was no poll, there was only one possible answer for each question. How about a poll with soem personal choice?

  4. "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death my right to behead you for it."

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  6. Hi Bacon,!

    I am now an Official Mohammed Prophet Cartoonist. Check out my site.

    Mohammed Roger

  7. I posted the link to your art on Yahoo earlier this morning.

  8. He Beaj, you must be nuts if Choobus posts here. (I'm a kinda quasi-Choobus fan... lol!)

    I'll read on but that poll (yah, I answered 'em all. heheh) is whacked man. erm, mostly cuz it's slanted but realistic in its assumptions. Scary shit dude.

    Anyhow, I'm way freakin' into diplomacy and compromise. Ie, I'd unequivocally wait 'til nuked before even considerin' nuking anyone; most profoundly including Mecca or Damascus or Tehren. And then I'd "negotiate" with those countries first for them to do something ABSOLUTE about it. I'd give 'em 3 years to stop All Terrorism. They fund it. They can stop it. If it didn't end ...

    Shit, I don't know why we haven't done that already; only w/o the Nuke Threat.

    Blog on dawg! It don't matter if I (or anyone!) think yer over the top. Especially since I'm basin' that on mostly on your linkin' to My Vast RWC! lol

    Ya oughtta try the Rude Pundit for little lefty whacko nuttiness. He gets me to head shakin' laughter, while the Right leads me more the "Fear For My Species" kind of head shakin'.

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  10. questions shows that how sick u jews are nukeing 1.5 billion peoples my god u peoples are scum of the world

  11. question are not funny infact i smell jewish extremism in it. sperading rumors about something going bad to west is a part or jews evil plans may god bless the world

  12. Anita, I got this poll from a Right Wing Christian. Why do you think it is a Jewish poll?

    Michael, you must post on RA as well. Glad to see you stumbled upon my board.
    I used to be on the left a lot more than I am now. I'm actually a centrist. Islam needs to reform, or it will be either us or them.

  13. why not after all ur representing jewish & like ur blog says ur syjrist jew. anyway tell me are u some kinda jewish extremist. dickhead likes u makes differences in different communities.

  14. I'm an ATHEIST Jew. I am not an extremist. I hate people who hate me. I think the Arab culture is that of hate and death. It has to be reformed.

  15. Bruce Norman, there is a Jew hiding under your bed you maggot.

  16. GAWD, you assholes (Anita, Jacques) are just priceless. Do you even know how to read? He took the f'n survey from MY site, a Christian. I took it from another site. Others (Europeans--atheist and Christian) are running it too. But to you, it's only bad here because BEAJ is an atheist JEW. (Hide the children!!!)

    Who's the fuckin' extremist here? The Jew-hater, or a guy (who happens to be an "atheist Jew" who posts a poll that others (Christian, Jew, and atheists) are also posting? But I guess being a Jew-hater isn't extremist to you, is it?

    If you don't like the poll, MAKE YOUR OWN; at least THIS is a free country!
    (My guess is you're not in a free country, though--rather, in some America/Israel/Jew-bashing racist hellhole. It sucks to be you! hahahaha)

  17. Hi Beth. I think you have these posters nailed.
    Dang copy and paste didn't work too well for me. I'm a novice at these things. It took me almost an hour to get the poll on my blog, and I still managed to screw up the background colors somehow.

  18. My Bacon eating friend: Great articles on the site that had the poll. Kept me reading for a long time. Keep up the good work!

  19. Well, I did vote that I would be sad for more than one year.

    This blog doesn't strike me as being extremely Jewish at all. Most Jewish people are cool. Clever and funny too. Do Islamic people have no sense of humour? And no conscience either?

  20. Thanks for posting the link bacon. I was not meant to insult Mud-hamn-eggs because I don't believe there ever was such a peson except kinda vaguely the same like there was no Jesus.
    The flag was meant to insult all the Islamofascists.

    Since I never heard that there was a moderate Imam that told all his flock NOT to go out and protest I don't believe there is any such thing as a moderate Islamic.
    So it applies to all of Islam.
    I don't think I am extreme, I am just a realist. The world is extreme not me.

    oh yeah and nuke em all. This is my moderate position. This is my moderate position as it would be a mercy painless killing.

    An extremist position would be to put them all in work camps , work them to death and burn the bodies after extracting the gold teeth and making lampshades from their skin and having the sport of baby splitting with axes like the SS used to do.

    But I am kind , a nuclear death should be rather quick, radiation sickness is rather painless and quiet. Lets just get them all, huh! like don't slip up and let any of them escape.

  21. I guess I don't understand the whole premise of the article which seems to be the need or inevitability of physical integration of Muslims into the West. The article says that assimilation is the preferred outcome. The European method is a caste system. How about this: Don't let them in in the first place, at least not without a lot of vetting. The answer and cure is isolation of the two cultures from each other. The West is and stays West. The Muslim world is and stays Muslim. No intermixing.....screw that.

  22. AA, I'm a centrist. There is no way I'm radical. But some Arabs believe even leftist Jews are radical.

    JF, the articles were part of the cut and paste thingy, so I don't want any credit on posting them.

    Max, I think nuking all of them is a radical position. I also think you know that.

    Santeria, the world is becoming smaller and smaller thanks to technology, the Wests need for oil and of course transportation. Isolation is impossible. And it seems to be a given that it doesn't take much to set Arabs especially off. The West cannot afford to let them have nukes.........ever.
    The West doesn't have to walk on eggshells.

  23. "the world is becoming smaller and smaller thanks to technology, the Wests need for oil and of course transportation."

    Trade is one thing, immigration another. We pick up and drop off articles of trades at ports, perhaps we allow "Muslim" ships to do the same in our lands, but easy entry for anybody to just travel about the country.....nope. This is the model we had with the Communist bloc. Apply it to the Muslim bloc.

    "The West doesn't have to walk on eggshells."

    There's no other thing we can do, except basically exist in two different worlds. We can't cure them or change them. We don't want them to cure us or change us. The civilizations are too mutually offensive/hostile to allow easy intermixing.

    I personally don't care to ever travel to any Muslim-predominant country. Bombing them and occupying them isn't going to dampen their hostility.

  24. "Max, I think nuking all of them is a radical position. I also think you know that."

    No, I repeat, the world is extremist, I am not. I merely propase to follow the exigencies of reality. It must happen with or without my opinion.

    The centrist position is merely denial of reality. I have no "position" in it at all. The reality is that if the west doesn't wipe them out they will wipe out the West.
    Theh centrist position is that the enemy is about to kill you, and holding the means to stop them the centrist cannot simply act in self defence.,
    The result? The "centrist" dies and the Eneny wins.

    Centrism-extremisnm is a concept that only works in domestic squabbles inside a larger system. Outside that system , in the larger world here is not exteremism or moderation, there is only survival. All acts are intrinsically extremist because all acts are committed. The moderate doesn't commit and he dies in the evolutionary struggle. All the moderates of Nazi germany of saddam's regime of Mao's 's of Stalin's etc were all wiped out because they refused to defend themselves.

    unfortuanely our contires policies si allwoing Muslim, immigration in the maname of "equality". Once in our system they subvert our system and use it against us.
    Look at the terrible thing that has ahppened to Britain. they appeased and now they (see latest poll) want to impose Shia laaw on all other Britons and already ahve compromised British freedom with the "pig" issue and subway bombings.
    It is necessary to kill them all, before they kill us all. It is not extremist it is simply necessary.
    Kill them and then go home drink some tea and forget about them, any culture or person that attempts totalitarian control has voted themsleves off the evolutionary pathway and is no longer human deserves to be exterminated and forgotten.

  25. Max, what I meant by centrist, is that is how I score on tests. I am for certain things and against certain things that could actually make me appear leftist on some things and a rightist on others.
    I am on the right when it comes to changing Islam.
    I still nuking all of them is on the extreme side.

  26. I think every decision is a comittment.
    So not nuking them seems extreme to me.
    See my new post on the falling man. He falls on top of the uncommitted.

  27. Yes, there is a perpetual falling woman video on the net. But it isn't the same message:)


  28. I think the author of the poll is giving fair warning to
    Islamists that their chosen path may lead to their ultimate
    destruction. The poll is trying to give fair warning that
    it will be the Islamists decision to destroy themselves.
    Also, if the polls are right, people think the Islamists
    will be stupid enough to hang themselves just like the
    genocide article says. Finally, if we are to believe the poll again,
    if the Islamists end up getting themselves nuked, the West
    won't be too upset about it. That should make arational person
    think about how they are percieved in the world and if they
    should continue their current practices. Of coarse we all
    know that the Islamists are not very prone to self-criticism
    so there's not much hope for change. While some may see this poll
    as evil, others may see it as a wake-up alarm for
    the Islamists.

  29. A USA Senator suggested nuking Mecca in retalitaion if any US city ws bombed. He got in trouble for that remark as I recall. But, in fact it shows that the thinking is there at the senatorial level in USA. And even though he got in trouble he was actually sending a message to the extremists that may have done some good.
    Other senators have suggsted nuking the mountain range in Pakistan with Osama and all the Mulim extremist tribes there.
    I'm sure Americans wil be very very angry if any kind of disaster happens again. I' sure they willl just line up every foreign prisoner and shoot them from Abu Grahib to Guantanamo.
    You will be looking at solders who have lost home and family in cities back home.
    The backlash would be total and final. Every American who had a weapon would use it. Not a muslim would be safe in the West. And liberals ...hahah better think about it fellahs.