March 25, 2006


David Cohen, a 21 year old Jewish American jockey won the 6 furlong sprint race today during Dubai World Cup day, aboard a 4 year old colt named Proud Tower Too. The purse to the winning horse was $1.2 million(US), and the jockey gets 10% of that. A cool $120,000 for just over one minute. Some lawyers don't even make that much.

The race went off at around 7 PM Saturday (Dubai time), which means it happened after the Sabbath ended:)

I often wondered if Dubai had any restrictions on Jewish owners, trainers or jockeys when it came to their big day in horse racing.

It is too bad that Proud Tower Too wasn't named after anything to do with terrorism.
He was named after his full brother Proud Tower, who was winning races prior to 9/11.


  1. You are a fine one to criticise copy an paste since that is all your shitty blog is made up of.

  2. BEAJ, Excuse the off-topic question, but I am new here and am curious. Do you consider yourself of the Gnostic Atheist (strong) position?

  3. A gnostic Atheist is a controversial term, it means someone who knows there is no god. I think I'm somewhere closer to a strong Atheist than weak one. I don't just believe there is no God. The evidence points to the fact that God doesn't exist, and there is absolutely no evidence that God exists.
    That stated, I guess you can define me however you like. But I can't prove there isn't one God, two Gods or 666 Gods. I can't prove my dog isn't God.
    My philosophy is the same as porn star Asia: Science explains or will eventually explain everything.

  4. I don't think positive evidence is required in order to embrace strong atheism. After all, I'm a "strong atheist" with respect to the existence of unicorns, despite the fact that I have no positive evidence they don't exist. I'm also a "strong atheist" with respect to the existence of invisible banshees in my backyard, despite the fact that I have no positive evidence they don't exist. The bottom line is that God is an extraordinary claim, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Right now, there's no evidence for God, ordinary or extraordinary. Therefore, I default to atheism, just as strongly as I disbelieve in unicorns or invisible banshees. The burden of proof is on the person making the extraordinary claim. The skeptic, on the other hand, may safely presume non-existence until presented with convincing evidence supporting the idea of existence.

  5. It seems to me that an awful lot of people are de facto atheists. When the census form comes around they tick, Anglican or Catholic or whatever yet in their everyday lives they do not worship. To be a theist it should be required that you actually worship a deity because practically you are indistinguishable from an atheist if you do not. Indeed the Bible has great contempt for these “lukewarm” types and would rather that people be either hot or cold in their beliefs.

    Rev 3:16
    So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.

    Yet, isn’t it a good thing that people are like this? Imagine a world where everyone is either hot or cold. I’d wager that relegating religion to being hardly influential at all in daily personal and business decisions was a most significant step forward for civilization. Actually you don’t need to imagine, just look at the Islamic world.

  6. BEAJ and FTM-

    I agree with all of your statements. Personally, I don't like the "strong" and "weak" terms. "Weak" sounds, well, weak. I consider myself an Agnostic Atheist. To me, it seems to be the most intellectually honest position. (Although an Agnostic Theist I would consider to be honest as well.) I do not have absolute knowledge that there are no gods. However, since there is ZERO evidence of any, I choose not to believe.

    If someone ever asks me what I believe, though, I just say, "I'm an Atheist."

  7. Returning to topic.....
    How many Jewish Sports Legends can you name?
    Sandy Koufax.......that's it, I'm done.
    Can anyone else name others?

  8. There have been many Jews in major sports. Legends? Ok, but how many legends are there anyways?
    If you are really interested check out

  9. That's a good site, I had forgotten about UNC legend Lenny Rosenbluth. Also, I did not know that Red Auerbach was Jewish.
    Learn something everyday.

  10. Sports legends are a rather cultural thing. How many Indian sports legends are there? or Eskimo?
    In other areas the Jewish people play a significant part. Science, Finance, Comedy, Art - all the clever stuff. Why are Arab and Jewish people, considering that they come from the same stock, so different?
    If I weren't English I think I should like to be Jewish.