July 3, 2006

Hamas has 2 choices, Israel has no choice

I'm afraid to say that the kidnapped soldier's only chance to live relies on a "miracle" rescue by the IDF, which is highly unlikely because it is doubtful that they know where the soldier is being kept, or a "miraculous" about face by the Palestinians, especially Hamas, which is extremely unlikely.

Israel cannot under any circumstances make a deal for the soldier. It obviously would be a green light to the Palestinians to keep on kidnapping. Israel has no choice but to take the offensive. By the way, check out some of the female prisoners that Hamas want released at Elder of Ziyon's blog.

Hamas has two choices.

1) Let the soldier go. This would show the world that the Palestinians are finally getting it, and it would actually be a step towards peace. It would also represent the idea that Hamas is putting the welfare of the Palestinian citizens ahead of their murderous goals.


2) Kill the soldier, and watch Gaza turn into the world's biggest parking lot. Israel will have no choice but to turn Gaza into rubble if the soldier is murdered.
Every Hamas member will be a walking target.

Hamas made a very big mistake this time, they will either sign their own death warrant or completely change their direction. The latter again is highly unlikely, as Palestinians have never shown any capability of thinking one move ahead, or any sign of intellectual maturity in the past.

And if you have any doubts about my predictions here, check out my former predictions about the Gaza withdrawal and the Hamas election results.

Hat tip Memoirs of Gouda, for the cartoon.


  1. Hamas threatened to target schools. If this happens Israel must take the gloves off.

  2. Unfortunately, I don't think the current Israeli government has the resolve to do what is necessary.

    (Thanks for the link, BEAJ).

  3. I wonder how much a parking spot in Gaza is going to cost.

  4. Good analysis of a tragic situation. I am amazed that even Egypt, Russia and China have asked Hamas to release the Israeli soldier.

  5. Hamas is cluthing at straws or rather self exploding bomb?

  6. Typo in title: "Israel has on choice"

  7. I see the summaries of your blog, and I rarely agree with you on the bits I see, but on this point, you are absolutely correct! I'm not especially pro-Israel, but my my big beef with Palestinians is their inability to see The Big Picture. However unjust their situation is, their resorting to suicide bombing and calling for the destruction of Israel is not politically sound. They're really shooting themselves in the foot, not to mention killing lots of innocent civilians in the mix.

    Your post gets thumbs up. Thanks for posting.

  8. Thanks Suzanne, even though I don't agree with your assessment that the Palestinians situation is unjust. I firmly believe they made their own bed and could have chose peace anytime in the last 58 years.

    I don't expect believers to agree with my other posts:)

  9. "Israel cannot under any circumstances make a deal for the soldier. It obviously would be a green light to the Palestinians to keep on kidnapping. Israel has no choice but to take the offensive."

    I agree, but I wonder if they will carry it through to the end, or if they will bow to "world opinion" yet again.

  10. I don't understand what is taking Israel so long.

    They have a chance to overthrow the Hamas government right now.

  11. BEAJ (can I call you by your acronym)? I am uncertain about the justice of the situation. Like you, I agree they've had ample opportunity to make things better for themselves, and they haven't. The Israelis are there now. Let them live in peace.

    But we all know that the destruction-of-Israel spiel has more behind it than the fact the Palestinians were allegedly wronged. There's a bona fide anti-semitic animus at work.

  12. Suzanne, Arabs in the middle east are intolerant. If you look at the history of the partition, all they had to do was accept a Jewish majority state that had 550,000 Jews in it and 450,000 Arabs in it. That is the what this conflict is all about. Just look at other Arab nations, even if Israel were to disappear tomorrow, most Arabs would be living a crappy oppressed life. In a sick way, the dream of destroying Israel actually gives the Palestinian Arabs something to live for.

    Beaj, Bacon, AJ, you can call me whatever you like.