July 20, 2006

Why Did Bush Veto Embryonic Stem Cell Bill

Why Veto, why?

"Va fanculo, I spell my name with an I not an E. You are just trying to break my balls."

Anyways, I'll tell you why Bush said no to embryonic stem cells: It is because he is a Fundy. And every Fundy knows that Jesus is returning any day now. So why spend good money on scientific research that will benefit mankind more than 20 years plus from now? It just doesn't make sense. Better off spending money on worthwhile causes like Churches and Bibles. And by golly spread the word. And keep your car full of gas, cause you never know where you are gonna be when Jesus gives the good word, and you need at least 3 quarters of a tank to make to heaven.

Do frozen embryos get to go to heaven on Rapture day? I wonder what the Good Book says about that.

Don't forget to watch this video. It is guaranteed to make you think. It is from 1941, so I'm sure a few of the people in it died without enjoying the Rapture in real time. But it is gonna happen soon. 45% of Americans can't be wrong.

Hat Tip: Hellbound Alleee


  1. 1] the bill and veto has nothing to do with lawfulness or morality of stem cell research per se. There is on going stem cell research, privately funded.
    2] the bill and veto deals with federal funding of stem cell research. how tax payers money are used.

    while there are many other subtext to this issue, there is on going stem cell research being undertaken in America.

  2. thus federal funding can be up for debate again and eventually the benefits of stem cell research from private fund, will eventually clear the way for federal funding. It is a matter of time.

    given that it passed the house and senate it is probable the numbers will increase as americans are pragmatic and concerned of medical issues that stem cell research can afford hope and prospects.

    the race of course determines the patents on stem cell research and thus higher cost for exploitation of patents.

  3. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
    1 : an expression or manifestation of ecstasy or passion
    2 a : a state or experience of being carried away by overwhelming emotion b : a mystical experience in which the spirit is exalted to a knowledge of divine things
    3 often capitalized : the final assumption of Christians into heaven during the end-time according to Christian theology
    synonym see ECSTASY

    I like number 1 and the synonym. Am I ready? Damn Skippy.

  4. If the objection is that tax payers money shouldn'tbe spent on things that some people have an ethical problem (fundy alergic reaction) with then it's tricky because I bet there are plenty of people in the US that have all sorts of problems with tax dollars being spent on lots of other things as well, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Yet, those people are still paying for what they have an ethical objection to.

    I think this just comes down to Bushs opinion and not morality to do with tax dollars. It's his own religious conviction. Shame.

    The video is fascinating and amazing. How on earth can anybody believe such nonsense?

  5. CD, we have bicameralism and that requires the bill to pass through 2 houses and consent of the President. With a certain majority, it can over ride Presidential veto, we did not get that higher majority. Thus, in accordance with bicameralism, the veto prevented this season's federal funding. I gather prior federal funding on limited basis exists though not checked that.

    Harvard U one of ten places that conducts such research has 100 rsearchers on this. So its not as if it is the end.

    Also this is a global issue as research takes place in industrialised nations on stem cell, and thus it is also a competition issue, not just for the pickings for the pharmaceutical companies who can then mass produce the research for consumption.

    The issue is much larger, with future issues of do we grow a heart , a leg? Maybe an organ?

    So taking it in stride, letting public debate take place is OK, CD.

    Do u agree with the 1% vile Jihadis we discussed on other post?

  6. In Bush's 5 1/2 years in office, this is the first veto. So he has his reasons whatever u/we may think; it is within his consitutional right to exercise the Presidential veto, and he has exercised it.

    If we want federal funding later, then we can urge that at a different time as it is not a case of now or never. If we want to contribute to private funding then we can take out our cheque book and send it to the research centers in America.

    So take it easy :-)))

  7. "Housework left undone..." Sounds pretty ominous.

  8. CD another thing about stem cell research, what we have are hopes, and what promises will be fulfilled remains to be seen. There has been a cited parallel , not exactly stem cell research but some process where they inject some stem cells into a person with parkinson and initially it reduced or stopped seizure but later increased it manifold and they could not stop that cell from over producing dopamine. This is one example of possible risk.

    So slow and steady, is good.
    Also where there are intrinsic human values, it is good for debate to rise to the level, where the comfort level for stem cell research is reached.

    There are existing stem cell lines enough for research and if more are needed, there are 100,000 excess embryos in fertility clinics left over from IVF procedures in USA and 1,000,000 such excess globally worldwide for stem cell research lines.

    So we have to go with the flow and increase education and understanding with passage of time and each bill proposed , debated, passed or vetoed. Its a long march so no rush, OK, CD.

  9. At first I thought it was funny.

    Only for a moment.

  10. This veto is a jackass thing to do. It has less to do with the Methodist Church (Bush is a Methodist, not a fundie) and more about getting social conservatives pissed about immigration back in line before the November elections. Think why the gambling stuff, and the gay marriage amendment is being pushed, even though it has no prospect of getting passed.

    The Dems have a bigger problem. Their base voters want them to be the party of Terror and Jihad, but the leadership is uncomfortable with it. A lot of people will get Liebermaned before this is all over.

  11. "The Dems have a bigger problem. Their base voters want them to be the party of Terror and Jihad, but the leadership is uncomfortable with it. A lot of people will get Liebermaned before this is all over."

    Yeah,this is the conundrum. According to the definition in wikipedia, I am a Neo-con in foreign policy only. I'm a nonn-fundie Republican. considering my hero G.W. Bush is the leader of the only Am. party that is kicking terrorist butt, I still have to support him, although this policy is fundie nuts.
    I think Bush has to appease his fundie base. These christian fundies don't look too different from the Isalmic fundies is some respects.
    In eight years hopefully the war is over and the Dems will do their cycle and reverse this.

    Well, we just can't have everything.

  12. It is worth noting that the veto record of US Presidents -
    Nixon 43, thus overridden by Congress 7
    Ford 66, thus 12
    Carter 31, thus 2
    Reagan 78, 9
    Bush Sr 44, thus 1
    Clinton 38, thus 2
    Bush 1, thus 0

    The exercise of the first veto after 5 years is worth noting. These bioethics concerns have prompted a few novel solutions around the ethical dilemma.

  13. 1] there are alternatives to human embryonic stem cell that can be considered to skirt ethical issue. [a] UK came up with some form of adult cells that can be reversed to stem cells [b] other methods of obtaining stem cells have been worked out though not acceptable to some scientists [c] there is also known umblical cord stem cells which can be used [d] adult stem cells have also worked
    2] about 200 states bills/ resolutions have addressed stem cell research in the 50 states in US and thus at state level there is also debate
    3] the veto is debate at federal level
    4] there is prior limited federal funding for existing stem cell lines then
    5] stem cell research is being undertaken, it is not outlawed, just the veto issue of additional federal funding

  14. Anonymous (at least one of them) sez:
    "1] the bill and veto has nothing to do with lawfulness or morality of stem cell research per se. There is on going stem cell research, privately funded.
    2] the bill and veto deals with federal funding of stem cell research. how tax payers money are used. "

    Oh, c'mon now, let's be honest. I agree that procedurally, this vote & veto was about fed funding. And I'd like to see the Fed gov. stay out of this and many other issues. Shrink to fed gov, fine by me.

    But for 5 1/2 years Bush has done NOTHING but spend, spend, spend. He issued zero vetoes in those 5 1/2 years.

    And now, this is his first veto, the first time he let his executive powers say, "Ya know, I think I'm jus' gonna haveta' say 'no' to this federal spending." Yes for 5 1/2 years, and suddenly no.

    And you dare to speciously tell us it's not about stem cells, but about fed funding? Please. Play fair or don't play.

  15. Various researchers have shown that fat tissue contains stem cells, and these cells have been induced to differentiate into different tissue types, so I think the guy in the photo could make a great contribution to science if he was so inclined.


  16. Hey Lya , let me tell it to you straight like a lot of people believe:

    Most leftists like yourself are allied with the terrorists.It is called the "Leftist-Terrorist Alliance "
    Most leftists hate their government even worse than the terrorists. They are the terrorist's fifth column and try to weaken us from within, spread confusion and doubt and and prevent us from defending against and combating terrorism.

    In other words they are worthless pieces of shit.

    Oh yes, a lot of Muslim jihadistss are already American Citizens and they are probably voting for the Democrats. You can take a look at the anti-Israeli demos in San Fran and other places to verify this. I just heard a disturbing report of how an Israeli tried to give a lecture in a Southern USA University and militant Islam showed up in such numbers she need half the city's police force there to deliver her lecture and deliver it under force with police monitoring and having six uniforms for every exit and much much more where half the audience had showed up with the express purpose to harass and intimidate and threaten her and she and the University and the University Department was threatened and harassed every way possible.

    THIS in the heart of America!!

    Oh yes her lecture topic was about her homeland: Lebanon !
    YES the devil in already in our house.

    Terrorists are a cancer on humanity and need to be cut out.They have declared war on humanity and have thus abrogated their right to exist and are thus no longer "people".
    Whatever Michel advocated it was probably killing terrorists in the authorized War on Terror and not "people". Terrorists ARE killing us and intend to exterminate us, they are not simply blathering at us although your tactic which aids them is to blather at us.

    I don't know where you think the "fun" comes in but if our soldiers have to kill scumbag assmonkey terrorists they probably will do their job better if they enjoy it.

  17. Max, Lya is a staunch supporter of Israel, but she is definitely not a Republican.
    She is not allied with terrorists.

  18. Mike, the comments u noted were written all by me. In direct response to your question,
    1] for a decade since stem cell research there had been no federal funding before Bush too office and he made a balance between science and human values to provide some federal funding for stem cell research. As a result of the federally funded stem cell lines, 700 shipments of these lines have been sent to reseachers since his first federal funding of 2001. 46% of all published stem cell research is by American centers.
    2] since 2001 there have been ongoing efforts to find other ways to extract stem cell without destroying the embryos and some results have been obtained. There was not 1 bill but three bills that were mooted at the same time. One of them dealt with these other methods. It passed the Senate unanimously and unfortunately it only obtained 273 votes in the House. Congress comprise the Senate and the House. It was blocked by a minority in the House using procedural manuevers. If this had been passed, it would have funded research for producing cells with abilities of embyronic cells but without destroying embryos.

    If u wish to read more of some of the production of cells with abilities of emnbryonic cells .... search under "a more ethical way to harvest stem cells? scientists are in hot pursuit" October 17, 2005 edition csmonitor

    If u wish to read the presidential policy of Bush on above, please go to Fact Sheet : President Bush's Stem Cell Research Policy July 19, 2006 and President Discusses Stem Cell Research Policy The East Room July 19,2006

  19. Lya--

    Dems do support terrorists. Hear me out. I'm not saying that Dems like terrorists. Most Democrats will go out of their way to express how Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and so forth are bad people.

    However, they advocate policies that empower baddies. If Murtha had his way and pulled American troops to the perimeter of Iraq, Al Zarqawi wouldn't be dead, he'd be dictator of Iraq right now-- and Dems would be happy to negotiate and have diplomacy with him as he executes hundreds of thousands of his political enemies. Other Democrats are vociferiously defending bin Laden's right to make phonecalls into the United States in secrecy during the middle of a global war. The most egregious example of Dems supporting terror comes from the declarations that Iran has the right to nuclear weapons and any airstrikes would be unjust.

    I don't get it. During Clinton we bombed Hussein in 1998 without U.N. approval; we did the same thing in 1999 with Yugoslavia. Johnson fought the commies in Vietnam, Truman fought them in Korea, Kennedy was willing to go to war over missiles in Cuba. Democrats are capable of strong leadership, but lately the dirty hippie McGovern-Carter-Mondale-Dukakis wing of the party has been asserting itself.

    I want nothing to do with these people, especially while ww3 is going on.

  20. Jsaon, cool it down, let's see how Bush plans to unveil the plan that will work to disarm Hezbollah as a condition of cease fire. Let's follow that and in meantime, see what UK leftists are thinking esp the Guardian Unlimited Special Report Coverage on this Hezbollah-Israel.

    Air conditioners are sold out as temperature is hot.

  21. Jason, there are sensible Dem in US otherwise the Patriot Act 2001 would not have been renewed a few months ago in March 2006 would not have been renewed.

    The Patriot Act has helped law enforcement break up terror cells in Ohio, Oregon, Virginia.
    Helped prosecution of terrorist operatives and supporters in California, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, North Carolina.

    If u like to read more, go to The White House Fact Sheet: safeguarding America : President Bush signs Patriot Act Reauthorisation.

    Cheap air conditioners are about $ 500 and window units just under $ 100. Heat wave.

  22. Disarm Hizbollah?
    What does it take to learn?
    Does everybody on the plaent have to die before the last person alive understands it?
    The only way to "diarm" them is to kill them.
    Every last one.


    "Max, Lya is a staunch supporter of Israel, but she is definitely not a Republican.
    She is not allied with terrorists"

    Bacon. That's what's know as a moonbat or a Terrorist Enabler .
    It dopesn't matter what they say they are or pretend to be, it matters what is the effect of ther actions and words.

    The old fashioned word for it is Stooge . She might not know she is allied with them but the net effect is.
    Please ask her not to support Israel anymore. We don't need such support. If I am an Israeli soldier I don't want her beside me, I would prefer her in Southern Lebanon where I can see her clearly in the cross hairs.

    You know in Israel the radio stations are criicized if they play sad songs instead of happy songs ..it's criticised as undermining the spirit of the people.
    A radio station was criticised for lettting a soldier talk to his mother, everyone was angry..Why ?because it make him weak and he can't do his job.

    How do you think they would feel about this "israeli supporter?"

    If you have a comrade you want someone you can trust or not at all.

  23. Max, u are too extreme in yr position. I have to stop here.

  24. I also think that Max has gone too far.

  25. my comment^^^^^^

  26. Sadly, I have seen Max's comments grow in both length and lunacy. BEAJ, I have always respected this site and your content, both if this site is to be hijacked as the Mad Max forum, I will leave.....no hard feelings

    free constantinople

  27. FC, I have to assume Max is Jew either Jewish American or ?? and that he is having a paranioa of ALL the Arab Muslims are out to get us and kill everyone of us and wants everyone of us dead. We see the Arab Muslims thinking that too that the Jews are out to kill all our civilians. Their hysteria. We try to calm each side down and if that fails, we leave them to their paranoia.

    At moments when loved ones are lost killed, we can and should try to understand the heightened fears on each side, and try to reason with them. If that fails, we have to leave them to sort themselves out emotionally and hopefully they will. On Digitally Arranged, I have BDE on one hand and here we have our Max.

  28. As soon as you hear someone want to shut me up you know you have a fucking assmonkey moonbat.

    Listen motherfuckers EXTREME is having rockkets fall on Israel.
    EXTREME is having NYC nuked.
    EXTREME is having Israel nuked,

    Did you know that the scumbag hizbollah are putting radiation rods in their rockets?

    Extereme is moonbats trying their best to get us all killed.

    Get your goddam selves killed and leave humans out of it. Go to the fucking terrorists and ask them to slit your thraots.
    Do us all a favour.
    Exterminate all muslims because they have a disese which will kill us all.
    Fuck off and die and burn in hell moonbats.
    RAther than me shut up
    YOU MOTHERFUCKERS CAN SHUT UP , go kill yourselves ad be silenced permanently!!
    Do the world a favour go kill yourselves.

  29. Max get a grip of yourself. It is very extreme to hold that the only way to disarm them is to kill everyone of them. I am not your moonbat and I posted I supported Israel vis Hezbollah and I also posted many things here, the US Congress Hse Res of support for Israel, asking u to check out the UK leftist website on this issue as they hv special coverage on this.

  30. Of course you are a moonbat whomever you are. And whomever you are you don't even have the smarts to at least write a screen name so that one "anonymous" can be distinguished from another "anonymous".

    You are the worst kind of moonbat pretending to "support" us and spouting undermining suicidal nonsense. You are the insider saboteur.

    A moonbat is precisely someone who cannot refuses to understand and deal with reality. A moonbat is someone who can never understand the use of military force or understand the nature of military threat.
    It doesn't matter what you "believe in" you cannot deal with reality. Your position is the position of extreme reality denial. Reality dictates Hizbullah must be all killed.Reality dictates all terrorists must be killed. The 'party of God" has only one purpose which is to kill al Jews and all Westerners. Only a moonbat tries to "negotiate" with them.
    The moonbat works to enable terrorists by keeping them alive.
    This is an extreme position of impracticality.
    This kind of moonbat is the terrorists greatest friend. So long as we "negotiate" and make ceasefires they are there to regroup and strike again and again a more deadly fashion.
    "Killing them all" means destroying them as a military an political force; getting every last committed Jihadist suicide bomber , sniper etc is an added bonus.
    I suggest you take your Prozac sit back and watch cartoons and forget about the real world and let real people and real warriors handle the real world. If you were in charge , we would all die . That's what makes you a moonbat. You are from the out of touch generation that believes we "can all get along" and no one should ever use military force and that makes you the willing tool of terrorists who know how the world really works.
    Today, Israel is precisely going in to "kill them all" It is a wonderful thing. finally there is a chance for peace, the peace that comes with having annihilated your enemy. There is a war on two fronts. One is against the physical enemy, the other is against the leftists like yourself who seek to save them.

    "he is having a paranoia of ALL the Arab Muslims are out to get us and kill everyone of us and wants everyone of us dead."
    Typical moonbat thinking. Denial of reality. All of the Arab Muslim Extremists not only want to kill us all , they have announced the goddam fact over and over again and are trying over and over again. .
    Now, not all Arabs want to kill us , but as Bacon said only a extremely small small percentage are willing to oppose those who do and most of them are on the sidelines cheering for the terrorists.
    Muslim religious culture is a cesspool which promotes terrorism. Our culture does not promote terrorism and Jihad. This kind of terrorism is not something we can live with. This kind of terrorism is something which can genuinely destroy us all with nuclear weapons or other WMD. In face of total annihilation it makes perfect sense to kill both the innocent and the guilty so long as the threat is gone.Another solution is to just kill the Jihadists, but they will never be gone unless the countries which support them are gone. Then we might be able to change Muslim Political religious culture.
    But we don not have the luxury of waiting and trying to save the innocent.
    The Jihadis will strike and they will strike without restraint.Because of moonbats we will lose many cities before we strike back
    One day these moonbats will be lying in nuclear dust and they will still be saying "can't we all just get along, let's not be extreme!"

    Fuck off and ide moonbats. You are part of the cancer.

    "At moments when loved ones are lost killed, we can and should try to understand the heightened fears on each side, and try to reason with them. If that fails, we have to leave them to sort themselves out emotionally and hopefully they will."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA The last ravings of a doomed and soon to be extinct species. The mad barking moonbat peacenik. I thought the love hippies died off in the 60's!!!!

  31. Max, you can't kill all Arabs. You just can't. It won't happen. In a realistic world, the best we can hope for is that Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and Hamas, etc are beaten up so badly that they become as impotent as the KKK.

  32. "You can touch your ear to your eye,..You don't know till you try."
    Bacon, Iranians aren't Arabs. I'm not interested in Arabs. I'm talking about destroying traditional Muslim political-religious culture.

    First , doesn't matter if we can't wipe them all out , just so long as we are uniting in trying. The point is to recognize or spread the word with no mincing words that traditional Muslim political-religious culture is a cesspool that breeds hate and terrorism. Either that political-religious is changed or it is destroyed completly... Or we all die.

    Second, exterminating Hizbullah and Hamas can't be done as long as their backers Syria and Iran are thriving. We can only blacken the eye of Hizbullah in Lebanon and seriously disable it there.

    Third , It would be to our advantage to bomb Syria and Iran to dust with nukes or conventional weapons, not just to our advantage but to our necessary survival. It is the one action that will almost guarantee that no Islamic nuke will explode on North America. This is what everyone with perfect hindsight as they lay dying will have wished they had done. This action is good enough to approximate "killing them all".

    Fourth,, you never know til you try. Be the little choo choo train that could. As Lee said at Gettysburg, there comes a time to risk all, but he risked and lost, we can risk and win. and you don't know it won't happen, be prepared for when it does. We won't probably start it, but they will. can you imagine if Nastyrazza had a nuke right now? He would use it. We can't let that situation happen. One guided missile on Tel Aviv will reign Hell on Syria. one wrong action by Iran will turn them into a glass parking lot.
    We must be psychologically prepared to do this.
    The Israelis alone have the capability and a plan to destroy major parts of Iran if given the order. They are prepped. Syrian fighter pilot right now sit int heir cockpits. If a nuke blows in N. Am. ,America will retaliate with nukes. even now what the Israeli army has found in Lebanon is justification for attacking Iran.
    You have a realistic world Bacon. Iran and Hizbullah doesn't. more and more westerners are beginning to realize this. That is why we Blog , to drive the point home. None of the diplomatic solutions of the past can work in this situation. This is the mistake of all the political and moral arguments you are hearing. Islamic terrorism is a new paradigm.

    Fifth, Hizbullah is world Wide, like Al Qaeda and is more dangerous than Al Qaeda. Now you should worry more about what is happening here. Do you know how the murderous Hizbullah took over Christian Lebanon?
    Immigration. It was a numbers game. They were kicked out of Jordan and Syria and emigrated to Lebanon and brought murder and Jihad with them much to the surprise of the Lebanese Christians. It was the Christians who had made Beirut into a Paris.
    Now the Lib-left Canadian Government has done the same to us, Hizbullah is entrenched in the Lebanese Canadian community and is hell bent on our destruction. WE have 800,000 of them. What did the Lib-left government do to us? Sell us out ? Sell passports for money , sell them to the rich? and then the policy that if one gets in, they bring their entire family. The cancer is now OUR PROBLEM, forget about Israel. Don't you see all those "citizens" coming back from Lebanon from visiting Grandma and Grandpa Jihadist terrorist in Hizbullah controlled Lebanon. They are cursing Harper and Israel and Bush..
    WE brought the Muslim hate into our country. This is now a bigger problem than Israel. This influx of 30,000 non resident Canadians is the same event as when Castro emptied his jails and sent the prisoners to America. We are really going to pay for this "sympathy".

    USA analysts are on the ball, there are lots of net exposes. It is admitted that Hizbullah is more entrenched in Canada. but right now although the right is screaming awareness at America, In Canada the blogs are silent.
    Wake up! It's too late to visit beautiful Lebanon, beautiful Lebanon has come to visit you!!!

    Kalushka Bye Bye

  33. I'll get the farmers , nebbishes, moonbats and non-combantants usd to the idea that the warrior class is going to do the necessary baby killing Bacon, you negotiate with children how many get killed and what they get for Xmas.

  34. Good Cop Bad Cop.
    And Maxie is REAL Real bad
    Tremble in your booties oh ye cockaroach moonbats. I'm your Raid in Canada.

  35. Bush would change his tune in a heartbeat if he were to suffer from a Christopher Reeve-type accident. He is such a douchebag.