July 21, 2006


I admit it. I like the concept of the Church of Reality: if it is real, we believe it. It all sounds good. I didn't like the idea of calling it a church, but that is just a minor peeve. My major peeve is that the founder has revealed himself to be a complete Moonbat, and he has started making his own rules up that have nothing to do with reality.

I have been on the C of R email list for some time now. Never taking anything serious.
But that changed a few days ago. Let Marc's own word's bury him here:

On 7/16/06, Marc Perkel wrote:
Dear Church of Reality Members,

I'm considering issuing and edict condemning the Israeli
unprovoked war
with Lebanon. If there's a reason what I shouldn't I'd like to hear it.
But what I'm seeing is just plain wrong - big time!
Feedback Appreciated,
Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality

Here is how I responded:
Unprovoked? What is Israel supposed to do? Lebanon was
supposed to
disband Hezbollah after the withdrawal of Lebanon a few years back.
You are way out to lunch here.
I ask you, if you were Israel what would you do?

His response (notice no answer to my question):
Lebanon isn'r able to control Hezbollah. Especially with Israel
attacking it.

My reply:
Lebanon has condoned Hezbollah. Israel is trying their best to attack
Hezbollah, not civilians. Granted, Lebanon is weak, if it sincerely wants to rid itself of Hezbollah, obviously they can't or won't do
it....therefore, someone else(Israel) must.

His response:
Israel attacked Lebanon - not Hezbollah. They attacked the airports and
power plants and cutting off roard and bombing bridges.

My reply:
Hezbollah is like Al Qaeda.. except they are Lebanons unofficial
army. the airport, power plant and bridge bombings are to prevent more missiles and weaponry coming into Lebanon.
Lebanon isn't stopping Hezbollah from getting Iranian missiles.

His reply:
What makes you think Lebanon can? Why does a democract need to be bombed back to the stone age in order to serve Israel?

My reply:
Where has Lebanon tried to stop it. I'm going to ask you a simple
question. What would you do if you were Israel?

Finally a stupid assmonkey answer to my question:
If I were Israel I would be the beacon of peace and sanity. I would
figure out whatever it takes to make people not want to hate jews and
create peace. Attacking Lebanon is just going to make more people hate Israel and will cost them in the long run.

Oh man, this made me shake my head and laugh at him. The guy needs a straight jacket.

But I replied: That is not an answer. Israel pulled out of two places and both
places are attacking them.
Don't wimp out here. I'm looking for a real answer. Arabs hate Jews
already. It has to do with Arab intolerance.
The only way Arabs won't hate Jews anymore is if Jews commit suicide.

The Western support for Israel has been unreal this time around. I'm
surprised that you are still looking at the conflict from only one
perspective. Lefties tend to side with the underdog. For some
reason, you think the Arabs are underdogs.

His reply: There are more that two sides here. Lebanon is an innocent third party.
You don't go to war over a kidnapping. That's insane.

I still didn't give up: It isn't about just the kidnapping. From Gaza, bombs are being lobbed
into Israel daily. The kidnapping there is just the tip of the

The Hezbollah attack was well planned, in Israel territory and
soldiers died. It was an act of war.
If Mexico had terrorists wanting Texas back, and the Mexican
government didn't get rid of them, and these terrorists kidnapped
Americans, lobbed bombs in Texas from Mexico, and sent the odd suicide
bomber into Austin, Houston and Dallas and blew up school children,
what would the USA do?

His reply:
But Israel started the rocket attacks and they were against the country
of Lebanon bombing the entire nation back to the stone age.

My reply: Israel was attacking the cancer within Lebanon. Again, I ask you,
what would you do if you were Israel? How do you negotiate with
Hamas/Hezbollah mentality?, those who do not recognize Israel's right
to exist, and their main goal is to literally rid the middle east of
Again, you failed to understand my analogy with Mexico and the USA. or
you chose to ignore it.

War is war, innocent people will die. Israel just wants to live,
Arabs want them to die.

Finally to prove his insanity he issued this press release. (At least he took out "unproved war," out of it:

Marc Perkel - founder of the Church of Reality has today issued and
edict condemning the Israeli invasion. "Israel has gone insane." say
Marc Perkel who was raised Jewish and now stand is shock at what he is
witnessing in Lebanon. "This invasion is absolutely unjustified - it is
wrong. Israel destroyed the sovereign nation of Lebanon, a newly formed
western style democracy who would be the kind of nation that would have
been Israel's friend. Israel destroyed their roads, their airports,
their ports, their power plants, and indiscriminately bombing civilian
cities killing hundreds of innocent people far from the southern border.
Lebanon is not Hezbollah and Hezbollah is not Lebanon. Israel is
destroying the wrong enemy. Israel is destroying its own standing in the
world community"

"This is unproductive in that by launching an unjust war Israel has
empowered its enemies showing that Israelis are terrorists too. Israel
can not win the peace by mass slaughtering innocent people and
destroying a neighboring nation in an unprovoked attack. Israel has
given Islamic terrorists a new tool for recruiting assassins to kill not
only Israelis, but citizens from the rest of the civilized world. Israel
has put world peace at risk and this attack is an attack against
civilization itself."

The Church of Reality asserts that Israel is not above international law
and it should have gone to the United Nations first to get a consensus
of the world community and acted along with other nations in a
coordinated and well thought our response. "To start a war over the
kidnapping of two people is just plain wrong. You don't kill hundreds to
save two. That's crazy!"

Details of the Church of Reality's position can be found here.

My response:
Marc, you've lost it. You gave no solution for what Israel should do
and more importantly, you do not formally denounce Hezbollah's
actions, in fact, you sympathize with the terrorists who started this.
I have taken myself off your list and removed you from my recommended
site list on my blog. I hope other members follow my lead here, if
they haven't already. You are clearly denying reality by condemning

Yours truly

The Atheist Jew

Just in case anyone has doubts about his idiocy, his final reply:
Fine - I don't need zionists in the CoR.

Why is it that those who blame Israel can only state what Israel shouldn't do, but can't come up with any answer to what they should do, outside of committing suicide that is?

I do have a great response now, not that it would have mattered with this dummy, when it comes to Hezbollah not being Lebanon: If that is true, than the IDF isn't Israel. So this crisis has nothing to do with Lebanon or Israel. They are off the hook. It is strictly between Hezbollah and the IDF.

Marc is definitely only seeing one side here. It is pathetic. Here is his latest blog post:

What if Israelis Kill Americans?

Letter to the Editor

What if Israelis start killing Americans? It could easily happen because Americans are also pinned down by Israel's discriminate attacks. If Israelis kill Americans then who's side are we supposed to be on? I can't accept that Israeli lives are more important than American lives or the rights of Israelis are superior to ours. If Americans in Lebanon are killed by Israelis then Americans have the right to defend themselves.

I have a good response for this one. What if Hezbollah kills an American in Israel?


  1. My favorite part:

    "I would figure out whatever it takes to make people not want to hate jews and
    create peace."

    Figure out?

    It is pretty damn clear. Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad want to destroy Israel. Why? Well, because Jews live there.

    It is *that* simple.

    Goofy moonbats think if Israel gives up land, releases terrorists, lets their people get killed and kidnapped (don't forget that the Lebs killed eight Israelis AND kidnapped two-- it wasn't just a kidnapping), and let holocaust deniers who have sworn to exterminate the Jews like Ahmadi-jihad have nukes, every will love the Jews and sing Kumbayah!

    Does the left have a death wish? What is wrong with these people?

  2. U linked the fellow's board and I posted the breakdown of the GOP :Dem voting pattern for the Hse Res 921 in favor of Israel. I posted as Anon from AJ website. His blog does not show up the comments or at least I hv not figured a way to see and read what I hv posted.
    My intent was to apprise him of the widespread left andf right views in the Hse in Congress on this issue and that he is way off tangent.
    GOP : 223 and Democrats was 186 and independent 1 and total 410 votes in favor of Israel with 8 No /nays from Lebanese Americans etc

  3. If u want to see better articles and comments on Israel , see Patterico Pontifications July 17th article . It critiques the LA Times articles and the posters are more for Israel. Though many of them are Christians or lean that side.

  4. That's the way it is bacon,

    When the rubber hits the road,
    When the shit hits the fan,
    When the gooks are in the wire

    That's when you find out who your friends are..Moonbat is as moonbat does.
    They don't love live enough, or simply they don't love life.
    If you love life you will defend it to your last breath.
    The rejection of aggression in the self is the embrace of a silent death,
    Even terrorists are preferable to moonbat in that they are passionate and open in their desire. But unfortunately most terrorists don't feel anything at all, it is simply a job in crime, a job for the simple minded, they can't do anything else like read or be a doctor so they kill for money and power like the mafia. Economics is the whole root of terrorism.

    The threat to the moonbat is your passionate love of life. It scares them, they need to shut you up, silence you, you are a worse enemy that terrorists becaue you threaten their dysfunctional stability. .
    They will even kill you to maintain their emotional death and prevent love form disturbing their innner embrace of mothingness.
    Without extremism, a life of complete moderation is a life of emptiness and apathy.

    I can tell you form your first sentence to that guy the enitre rest wa ordaiined. It is all in the bible of moonbat leftisim , those passages are written out over and oaver again in detailed tripicate in their psyches.

    They can't be reached in the intellectual function. You can only put up a big warning sign called "Caution Batshit insane Moonbats here" like you have.

  5. I liked the "figuring out why" bit too, but the reason and solution is ridiculously obvious.

    The only reason the Israelites are there is because apparently, God told them they could be and that they had the even more ridiculous notion of a devine right to be there. David broke the covenant Abraham had made with the Jebusites (a Canaanite tribe) so he could safely take Jebus (Jerusalem), BY FORCE, with GOD'S blessing. That was in about 900bc but he was only strong enough to take half the city, which had been built and occupied by the Jebusites nearly 2000 years before, as far as anyone can tell.

    Eventually, the Israelites became strong enough to hold Jerusalem (but not much more) until about 70ad when Nero got so annoyed with them that he had Vespasian give them a good thrashing, boot them out, give Jerusalem back to the Canaanites, rename the area to "Palestina" and be done with it!

    In 1947, the UN passed Resolution 181 and created the state of Israel, right smack in the middle of Palestine. In 1948 we see the first Jewish/Arab war. Go figure...

    It's funny don't you think, that Vespasian is credited with bring peace and stability to the area but the UN isn't?

    So it would seem that the Arabs (most of whom are decended from Canaanite stock) don't like being told they can't live in what would appear, on the face of it at least, to be their own country and they'd like to have it back. They always will and they won't give up until they do.

    So yes, the only real solution here is for Israel to give up it's GOD given right as the crock that it is, commit suicide, stop pretending to be a nation and to give all it's land back to the Arab states that the UN stole and gave it back in '47....

    I have to agree though, Marc is certainly a bit of a nutbag...::

  6. are u imputing that the church fella said that or are u saying all this thrash?

  7. i am referring this [above] question to the poster ted above

  8. What a complete and utter fool. I'll blog this also as the guy certainly deserves as many people as possible to see what an idiot he is.

  9. OK, blogged and linked back to you BEAJ.


  10. Ted, your oversimplification was not bought buy me. You either don't know the history as to why Israel was created and the circumstances of the war, or you choose not to know them.
    I refer you to the following posts I've made, if you are willing to learn that is.

    The concept that Arab land doesn't exist.

    The concept that Arabs are hypocrites when it comes to migration and demographics.

    And finally a history that shows that Arabs have no claim to Israel(not my post)

    Also, you should know that Herzl was an Atheist, although the land was chosen for religious ties, the idea of a Jewish state was about a refuge for Jews to go to escape anti-semitism. And yes, Jews are an ethnicity.....Jew haters don't care what a Jew believes or doesn't believe in when it comes to God.

  11. Ted,

    You make some interesting points. Nero, a mega manic sociopath, gave back the land to the Canaanites? How about Nero kept the land for Rome and made the ass kissers of Rome and himself the leaders. 70ad was the defeat of the Jews after trying to stave off a Roman invasion.

    Also what is this nonsense about Arabs being Canaanites? Making up stuff is not the way to have political discourse.

    As to the history of Jerusalem back about 3000 years ago is a guess. But the point is that people of Jewish descent have been living on the land for about 4000 years. Also in the last 500 years, prior to the creation of Israel, the land was administered by the Ottoman Empire. The land was owned by Arab land owners. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the Arab land owners sold lots of arid and swamps to Jews. The Jews took the land and made communities. The truth is out there for those who really want to know. For those who want any excuse to hurt Jews it can be ignored.

    I am always amazed by the fact that people hate Jews. There are 14 million or so on the planet, why do so many feel threatened???

  12. I like this Church of Reality. They're even better than the Presbyterian Church. How can I join?

    The fact is that the Zionist genocide of the Lebanese people is very real, and this is a church that, by definition, accepts that.

    If the Zionists would just promise to never lift a finger against anyone else, for any reason, then the world would finally be at peace. Even better, they should just dismantle their illegitimate state (with reparations to the Palestinians).

  13. That article was so funny, I have tears literally rolling down my cheeks.

  14. "Fine - I don't need zionists in the CoR."
    -True colors.

  15. Well, that certainly caused a bit of a storm. It was fun though, even the fool that re-posted the fool. that made me giggle Stupid is as stupid does I guess...:) (Please read my previous comment for the evidence of that statement). Now, if choosedoubt could just post this one, I'd be obliged...:)

    Yes, I gave a very sketchy and horribly incomplete account of what passes for history in that area (on purpose) and didn't really word it the way I meant it to read (NOT on purpose). Sorry Atheistjew, I got hung up on the "Jews commiting suicide" bits, I really found that to be quite annoying. What I should probably have said is that both groups (Arabs and Jews) are as bad as each other where this patch of dirt is concerned and have been at each other because of it for a very long time. The wars and battles we've seen since 1948 and before, simply won't stop (in my humble opinion) until one or the other does finally commit suicide (or something) and ceases to exist. There, that's better (I hope). I think I illustrated my point though, if the comments I generated are anything to go by.

    Now hatetaxes. You're dead right about about Nero. But tell me, when did Vespasian become emperor? Could it possibly have been in about 68ad? And what's this about a Roman invasion in 70ad? I think you'll find that he was merely putting a stop to rioting in Caesarea and Jerusalem that was killing Jewish leaders and Roman soldiers alike. The displacement that followed was his way of dealing with the issue and those he saw as the instigators. Anyway, that action began in 66ad when Nero sent him there to deal with it. The invasion itself? 63BC is about the time you're looking for, I think. That's when Antipater secured the support of Pompey and took control of Judea. Antipater was Herod's father and was appointed procurator to Judea in 47bc. The rest, as they say, is history.

    As for Arabs being, or not being, Canaanites. You're probably right. But then, I guess the majority of Jews can't really be considered to be Judean anymore either can they? I decend from a Pictish race who's ancetral homeland is north of Hadrian's wall. That race doesn't exist anymore either. Unfortunatley though, the roots of one's race can rarely be denied. You are right though, the truth is out there for those that want to know and you can ignore it if you like.

    And dude, I don't hate Jews. What I hate is the sensless loss of innocent life! That's the real problem here. Jews and Arabs alike, especially where this issue is concerned, seem to have very little regard for it and it's sickening to those of us that do! And please don't try and tell me that this latest action could not have been avoided.

  16. Ted, both groups are not as bad as the other.

    If you have any knowledge of the conflict at all, you would know that if the Arabs dropped their arms there would be peace, if Israel dropped their arms there would be no Israel left.

  17. Atheist Jew, I do have quite a bit of knowledge of the conflict so I simply can't agree with you. My main reason being that I don't think the UN (or the US for that matter) would allow that to happen. To much has been invested in Israel over the years, both finacially and politically. Now that's an opinion and neither of us will know who's right unless it actually happens will we? We can postulate all we like...

    I'm not Jewish or Arab so I don't tend to look at it from one perspective or the other. But when I see sensless kidnappings and/or killings that are met with equally senseless retaliations, regardless of who threw the first rock and who's trying to finish it to their own advantage (that's just school yard politics), what am I to think? Am I likely to think Israel is right? Well no, they take to many lives senslessly. Am I likely to think the Arabs are right? Well no, they take to many lives senselessly. Sorry, but in my opinion that makes one group as bad as the other.

    I'd be interested to know what you think would happen if both layed down their arms. Not likely, I'll grant you, but that's more what I had in mind really. Could we have a peaceful coexistence without anyone needing to commit suicide then do you think?

  18. "I'd be interested to know what you think would happen if both layed down their arms."


    "I'd be interested to know what you think would happen if Israel laid down their arms."

    Why? You can't negotiate with terrorist organizations. By definition, terrorist organizations aren't states and don't have the legitimacy that is conferred upon them.

    Your proposition is as stupid as asking the United States lay down its arms in a partnership with peace with al queda to avoid civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

    It is a brainless idea contemptible also by its naivety.

  19. Ted I agree with Jason's answer to your post.

    If the Arabs dropped their arms, peace would be achieved. But they won't because they are guided by terrorists who's only goal is to destroy Israel.

    Israel would like nothing more but to live in peace.

    You say you know about the conflict. It is clear that either you don't, or that whover taught you about it is clueless.

  20. Jason, I bolded both so you could be sure of exactly what I meant. Atheist Jew had already covered that and I didn't disagree. I also said "not likely". Having read the links he provided me and more besides, I think his opinion might be worth something and that was all I was interested in. As I said, "we can postulate all we like" I was simply asking him to.

    You propose an interesting idea for Afghanistan that might just work too. As I said before though, not likely (didn't want you to miss it this time...)

    I guess you could probably say I'm a peace extremeist (i doubt you'll understand, but I'll try) so I don't really think we've gone far enough here! Now, if EVERYONE in this world of ours could get to the point where they recognise that we are all human beings, that there's no need to kill each other and all put our arms down and tried to get along then I'd be real happy. No hippy jokes please, that's really NOT what I mean.

    I hope you're not smarting because I, as a complete outsider, view the whole thing as an out of control game of tit-for-tat more suited to the schoolyard where there can never be a winner until one or the other has lost, completely and utterly? Sorry, but that's how it looks to me and everyone I know, without exception, regardless what side of the political fence they sit on. But then, we live a long way away.

    But if you take the time to just think for a moment instead of rage, you might just be able to form a coherent argument.

  21. Sorry, I missed you post while I was replying to Jason. I was watching "Le Tour de France" fantastic stuff...:)

    I was just asking you to entertain the thought for a moment, that's all.

    Now, I know more Jews than I know Arabs and I'm trying. Please bear with me. I work with these guys in Australia and they tend to all get along well enough. The other thing I know is that they'd all like to see peace on equal terms. One or the other dropping their arms would only achieve peace on one or the other's terms. That's not what these guys want.

    Maybe that's just a face they put on while I'm around, I don't know. But the message I get is the one I've already mentioned, it won't stop until one or the other is gone, so you need to take away their ability to fight and MAKE them talk. Fisticuffs is acceptable I suppose, so long as no-one dies. I didn't say that Israel or Hezbollah or Palestine or anyone else would give up their weapons willingly simply because I know it wouldn't happen. Everyone's to scared that while their guard is down, someone will have a go.

    I'm concerned you see. I've studied these conflicts, albeit from a distance, and both sides (I should say all sides so I'm sure to include Palestine as well) always seem to go further than their stated cause or objective would seem necessary. I really don't think this will stop with Hezbollah, do you?

  22. Israel has shown they can have trade and peace with neighbours such as Jordan and Egypt.
    The stated goals of the Palestinians is not a peaceful coexisting state but the destruction of Israel.
    It is their ultimate goal. Israel has already proved they want peace by giving back lands for peace.

  23. "Israel or Hezbollah or Palestine or anyone else would give up their weapons willingly simply because I know it wouldn't happen. Everyone's to scared that while their guard is down, someone will have a go."

    Are you a fool, an idiot or a saboteur? The stated goal of Hizbollah is to destroy Israel as well as America and a few other incidental people , yourself included .

    Oh and the President of Iran also says that.
    How is it that all these organizations can broadcast : "We want to kill you and we will kill you" and the lib-left just sits there and says "Gee it's not kill or be killed", "things aren't that serious", "let's have a peace talk!"

    Oh and also Hamas says that:

    Hamas: Islam will conquer US and Britain
    By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook


    Less than 24 hours after the July 7 terrorist bombings in London, a Palestinian Authority (PA) television sermon called for the extermination of every single infidel: Annihilate the Infidels and the polytheists! Your [i.e. Allah's] enemies are the enemies of the religion! Allah, disperse their gathering and break up their unity and turn on them, the evil adversities. Allah, count them and kill them to the last one and don't leave even one (Suleiman Al-Satari, PA TV, July 8, 2005). View an excerpt of this sermon online here http://pmw.org.il_Sermon080705


    Global Jihad and WMD

    Practically speaking, Global Jihad's strategy to recruit its followers is simple : it wishes to expose the United States and its allies as the total antithesis of the Islamists. Global Jihad divides the world into two fighting regions, as a reflection of the traditional House of Islam ( Dar al-Islam ) and House of War/Infidels ( Dar al-Harb ). The United States , on the other hand, divides the world into the House of Democracy and House of War. By doing so, it secures the long-term strategy of al-Qaeda and its supporting groups, and the continuation of the war between the two sides. The permanent war is also meant to recruit as many Islamist supporters as possible, and to create, as Dr. Abdallah Azzam, the spiritual father of al-Qaeda, once put it, the solid base ( al-Qa'idah al-Sulbah ) for new generations of proud Islamists.

    In a confidential, January 2004 report written for the United Nations, a panel of experts led by Mr. Michael Chandler, concluded: The al-Qaeda terror network is determined to use chemical and biological weapons and is re­strained only by the technical difficulties of doing so

    Sign the petition:


    We are at war , all of us. We cannot lay down our weapons until the orgaization that wants us dead is destroyed. We cannot negotiate with them or make peace treaties with them. They are serious and committed. They want us dead, that is the purpose of their existence.

    Bacon there is a lot of good info on Israeli National Radio broadcasts and on Brigitte Gabriel's site.

  24. Max, check out the Middle East Info button underthe Parental Advisory Atheist button on my sidebar. Great stuff there too.

  25. Ted--

    You can't claim to be above it all. Either you support Israel's right to exist, or you do not. If you do, it is irrational to support Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, since they do not.

    How's that for a watertight argument?

  26. Bacon if you don't want to toss your cookies don't watch TV or CTV today They got every kind of leftist and even the Arab League on TV propagandizing and attacking Israel and Harper. They got nobody competent telling the other side. And for god's sake we got Hizbollah right in our country and we have these jerks protecting us?
    Even the "moderator" came on saying "Israel was killing civilians and not much more" disregarding that Hizbollah doesn't wear uniforms and that they use civilians as shields.
    adn sireagrding that Israel is fighting fo it's life.
    Who did the mind fuck on all these Canadians?

    These people are all idiots. It's as if all Canada was anti-semitic! You should hear their comments!
    They haven't the faintest clue that our own future depends on Israel's success.
    Israel better hurry and kill hizbollah while it can before the leftists save the terrorists once more.
    Canad is doomed. We are riddled with muslim terrorist culture and we have idiots at the helm.

  27. Sorry but the state of Israel was founded on terrorism. There are still Israelis who remember organising bombing the British in Palestine as it was then. Rather than think of what would America do about Mexican terrorists bombing Texas. Think how Americans would feel if Native Americans campained for their teritory returned by terrorism and then they were given it back by a third party and then they herded the current Americans behind a wall stole their homes and their land. Would Ameicans be annoyed, you bet. They obtained their homes a long time after the genocides of Native Americans ande would feel they had been robbed. The Palestinians obtained their homes a much longer time after the Jews lost their claim. How do you think they felt. By endorsing without question the Israeli position you are endorsing a religious position that says God gave the Jews that patch of land so they have a right to just walk in and take it without a by-your-leave from whoever is there. Are you really an atheist?

    Your position on the destruction of the various Palestinian and Arab organisations is verging on the direction of genocide. Do you think these people will just say "Oh well we gave it a good try lets just go back to the camps and be quiet. If the British had taken the same view about the Irish we would have had to nuke America and Ireland into the Atlantic because they did not control the IRA. Would you have approved of that?

  28. Anon, your Arab rhetoric and false history is fallen on deaf ears here. I know the history and I've written many posts of about the history, Arab intolerance, and the fact they have no claim to Israel.
    Arabs only owned 20% of the Palestine region. Nobody had to leave. The Arabs brought everything onto themselves and now they are whining like bitches about it.

    There is no such thing as Palestinian land.

  29. Anon, I invite you to read my other posts here. I explain my stance. But your post is disturbing because it is lacking reality and fact.

    And yes, every Hamas member and Hezbollah memeber and Al Qaeda member should die. Hopefully most will.

  30. I wonder, should Israel ever fall (and I hope that it doesn't) if these same people will make similar arguments when the Islamists decide to take back Spain. That is one of their stated goals.

    I would figure out why people hate Jews?!?
    It's not like someone will suddenly realize.. wait.. maybe they don't like us because we all wear these Islam Sucks badges, and then, boom, problem solved.

    I felt a vague moment of something resembling pleased when I saw that someone was organizing Atheists.. but then, it looks like the one organizing it is an idiot. Same thing happens on a lot of mailing lists, someone manages to get a good sized group gathered together for some single cause, and then decides, hey, all these people listen to me, I bet they're all of like minds. And then it turns out, it's true.. for that one issue. Otherwise, we're all across the political spectrum.

  31. Yes Dave, he bothered me a bit when he wanted to define exactly when an abortion should be deemed an abortion, but he overstepped all rationale when he took the current IP situration to pounce on Israel.

    Btw, you might want to change the spelling of neurosis on your site:) Unless I'm missing an inside joke.