September 29, 2006

Joel Johannesen: What an insecure little baby

Click here to listen to Joel

I got banned by one of the most insecure blogs and forums on the internet. It is really a relgious right forum hiding under the guise of a political one. Obviously Proud to be Canadian does not believe in separation of church and state and especially they do not believe in free speech.

I compare the cronies on Proud to be Canadian to be as intellectually deficient as Robert McClelland's group of retards on MyBlahg. Even though I am disgusted in the NDP's politics, they at least weren't as insecure as Joel to ban me from their site.

I like Harper's stance on the War Against Terror, and I am also pro-business. I've voted PC all my life, but imbeciles in self denial at Proud To Be Canadian, make me not so proud to be Canadian. And they represent a good portion of the PC voting base. Hopefully, not the leadership. It just proves to me that the PC's are the lesser of 3 evils in Canada. The Liberals got us potential terror cells, and they have a few MP's that support Hamas.

My confrontation on the wimp board started innocently enough. I went to check out the headlines of blogs at Blogging Tories, and I came across “Charter rights”: Lesbian demands that God change that whole “life” thing ".

Now, I'm a firm believer that homosexuality happens mainly do to nature. Homosexuals should have equal rights. They are no less human or sick than heterosexuals.

I commented: What does this have to do with God? What exactly are God’s words regarding homosexuality and family? Prove God said them.
I accept homosexuality because there is tremendous evidence that it is more nature than nurture. It is not a sickness, and homosexuals do not choose to be homosexuals (at least in the overwhelming majority of cases).
Keep religion in the household and your place of worship (that is where it belongs).
Keep it out of the classroom and courts.

Those comments were attacked by a few bloggers. I was then deemed to be the enemy. I was called a bigot towards God and Christianity by Christians who themselves are openly bigoted against homosexuals and Atheists.

But lets get back to the baby Joel. He is supreme moderator at this blog, this gives his weak personna a boost, and makes him feel powerful. But as I will prove he is nothing but a weak kneed trembling little tot. He did not engage in any debate, but instead proceded to flame me. I felt I was dealing with a 15 year old.

He stated this:
Atheist Jew

Apart from the fact that you appear to be way, way over your head here, this isn’t an atheist religion web site, as you well know. In fact I think you seek out, target, and troll in these kinds of waters on purpose, evangelizing your religion, or attempting to do so. Your moniker is an all-too-obvious clue but your jejune little quips and bigoted smears are, well, stupid beyond the scope of what we tolerate here, what with this site being replete with employed grownups, and all.

You’ve more than made your point, such as it is.

Unfortunately for you, this is not an appropriate platform to advance your faith in the atheism religion. That’s just stupifyingly obvious.

If your own little blog site is failing because so many people follow the rich word of God, and you can’t seem to get folks to join your atheist religion, then I’m sorry about that, but this site isn’t going to be your go-to site to try to get converts and visitors to your atheist religion web site and church. It’s really rather fruitless in addition to being just annoying. Kind of like when communists come in here and start preaching that, or supporters of CBC promote that.

As a more general matter, I find that these repeated public displays of abject bigotry and intolerance from those who, like “Atheist Jew”, try to portray themselves as pseudo-intellectual “enlightened, tolerant ones”—are becoming hideous, actually, among the intelligent set, and are clearly serving our own interests rather than theirs. That’s a “backlash” I guess, and I suppose that’s good for us, so I’m glad “Atheist Jew” dropped by to help confirm that finding.

But being the charitable guy that I am, move on now, “Atheist Jew”, because self-respect and progress demands it.

And this:
Atheist Jew, I’ve already warned you. This is not your place to gratuitously spew your atheism. You’ve made your many uncalled for comments. That’s enough. Sit back now and take your lumps.

Write up a nice blog entry on your own blog espousing the strong faith you have in your atheism religion, if your site is so effective what with that massive 300 hits per day (I have a dormant site that gets more than 300 hits per day). And complain bitterly about how I’m censoring you here. I don’t care. Write the Queen to complain. Write the Pope.

You will not use this site as a platform to attempt to advance your anti-Christian religion, at my expense, particularly because you do so by way of insult, smears, and bigotry of the highest order. And it’s the wrong place, the wrong blog entry, and so much more.

But here’s my Christian-like olive branch:
If you can see fit to do so without acting like an insolent child who presumes to be addressing utterly unlearned morons and freaks and psychotics, you can start a topic in the discussion forums, as you probably should have done to start with.
However, should you slip even an iota into the bigotry and insulting, childish, amateurish, disrespectful manner such as that which you’ve used here, you will be banned for life, and all traces of your existence here will be erased. And then you can write the Queen about that too.


So I accepted his offer and posted this under a brand new topic:
I’m The Atheist Jew, aka BEAJ, aka AJ. A Jew can be a Jew by religion and/or ethnicity(born to a Jewish mother). Hitler didn’t ask if the Jews he murdered believed or not, or to what extent. Neither would many Muslims today, especially radical ones.
My Atheism is usually misunderstood. I started off as a secular believer in God, turned Agnostic, and now I’m Atheist. This is due to my understanding that there is absolutely no proof outside of the bibles that God exists or has existed. Science will someday explain everything, and just because there are holes right now, it doesn’t mean God fills in the blanks. At least not to me.
I have friends who are Christian Fundamentalists. They want to take my wife to church and save her. My wife is pretty much agnostic, though she grew up secular Christian.
No, I can’t prove God doesn’t exist, but I can’t prove 50 Gods don’t exist, or even that my dog Daisy isn’t God.
I have voted PC for as long as I can remember. I am pro business. I am pro war on terror. I have a dislike for Moonbats.
I have no problem with Christmas, it is a great time to see families. I have no problem with cards that say Merry Christmas.
I do not believe Jesus existed as a historical figure, or that the Exodus happened. And I know the flood story has absolutely no science behind it.
I came to I Am Proud To Be Canadian blog because I saw a post having to do with gays. I believe strongly that the majority of gays are gay by nature not nurture. I also have no doubts about evolution.
I wanted to start a debate here about whether anyone here believes in evolution. Thank you.

Baby Joel immediately flamed me, and did not engage in debate whatsoever, and continued to flame me. I asked him to debate me and stop insulting me. His retarded answer was "No. I don’t have time to debate you."...check for yourself. The other fools on the board confuse evolution with religion. Yes, there are retards who walk amongst us. And many hang out at Proud to Be Canadian.

I told my wife about it just now, she shook her head and said "so much for free speech," and she agreed with me that the reason they banned me is that deep down Fundamentalist Christians know they have nothing, and are quite insecure and that is why they hang on to absurdities such as a young earth and anti-evolution.

Joel should be ashamed of himself, and so should Progressive Conservatives who are represented by idiots like Joel. He is a coward, a wimp and a rhetorical assmonkey. I was being civil on the board, but the insecurity and reading comprehension of Joel and his flock is mind numbing.

Read the forum comments, before the pussy takes them down. Especially his last comment. He is more retarded than Ann Coulter, because he probably isn't making much money with his inane drivel and she is.

Oh, one more thing, check their Islamic rules for their website:

If you're a LIBERAL, please remember that:

** You are a guest at ProudToBeCanadian ("PTBC"); and it is a
privately-owned facility, and yes, privately-owned things are still allowed
in this country;

** You are granted a privilege by us as the owners of this site to post
comments. You do not have "a right" to make comments at PTBC. Please be
aware of the difference. You are not automatically "entitled" to anything
at PTBC;

** We're under no obligation to provide you with a platform, at our expense,
to rant on and on about liberalism, the "Canadian value" of abortion,
smoking pot, socialism, or any other liberal-left ideal. Nor are we
obligated to even allow you to post any of your comments at all whatsoever,
and we may delete them if they break our very reasonable rules, and we are
under no obligation to consult with you first;

** And most of all remember that character assassination attempts or even
personal insults against the site owner, blogger(s), columnists, or any
commenter --are simply not well tolerated. Nor are rude, insulting,
bigoted cliché remarks made in blanket form against the group at PTBC or
any portion of them, nor conservatives generally for that matter. If you
type "Nazi" or "heil" or "Hitler" or "fascist", you will be banned for life
simply on the basis that you're a moron. If you type "homophobe", you may
be banned for life or just a for a while.

** You will have to tread lightly, respectfully, and remember that you're
among people who are committed conservatives (despite the teaching at
schools and from the liberal media which permeates our lives), you're not
necessarily among friends, and nobody will reach out to you for a group hug.
And if you do remember that, you'll get along just fine and last forever at


What exactly is it about Islam they don't like, they seem pretty Islamic to me.


  1. Bullshit Torontoes. I was civil especially on the forum. Look again.

    When I compare Radical Islamists and Radical Christians there is lots of similarity. Both want their beliefs to be had by everyone in the world especially in the land they live in. They are also equal is despising homosexuality. I could go on.

    You say nearly everytime I insulted people. Either you are a liar or a retard.

    I had no idea who Joel was until I commented on the board.

    He is the biggest baby I've encountered in quite some time.

    And the people who are regulars on the board represent the imbeciles that live in Canada.

    You do not have an open mind. That is a lie. I said a bunch of truths, and I was insulted for it.

    As far as the baby goes, he attacked me way before I attacked him. Go check it out with your "open" mind.

    What a bunch of mindless retards.

  2. One more thing. I got banned for debating. For my ideas. Not for being disrespectful.

    Check out the forum. I was completely civil with everyone but the baby. And that was only because he proved he was only there to flame me. So I fought back.

  3. No surprise. I was banned from the Free Republic years ago for defending the right of a minor female to have an abortion after being raped. I was viciously attacked, my post was deleted and my account terminated. The so-called "Freepers" aren't about promoting free speech and freedom. Their basic argument against *anything* not in lock-step with their far-right conservative beliefs can be summed up with: "liberalism is bad and stuff, boo!" I can understand the frustration at those folks though. The very things they rant against are the things they espouse with their behavior. I can appreciate someone believing that abortion is murder, where I don't, but resort to personal attacks instead of debate, well, that does stick in my craw. I have to agree with you that the reason such authoritarian-minded conservatives are so vocal about their hatred against anyone with a different opinion is that, like the gay bashers, they really don't have an ethical or moral leg to stand on, apart from their own prejudice.

    Oh, and by the way, thanks for that post about The Atheist Blogroll. I joined late last night.

  4. It is amazing that I got banned for debating because they didn't like my answers.

    They are no different than the whiney Muslims who complain about cartoons and want the media not to show them.

    They didn't have to respond to me on the forum. I only presented a topic, and responded to them.

    I got banned for it. They would fit in perfectly in Saudi Arabia. Just as intolerant, but they worship a God with slightly different attitude. That is about it.

  5. I'm suprised you get banned for life by typing 'Hitler' - seems overly sensitive to me. I wonder why it causes them so much pain.
    I suppose Atheism could be seen as a religion if you follow it 'religiously' - but we're using it as a metaphor and I can feel the ice cracking under my feet and a Choosedoubt storm cloud brewing so I will drop it like a hot potatoe.

  6. Your last line was the best and so true. Perhaps they don't like Islam because it steals their oppressive thunder.

    Bunch of fucking weirdos.

  7. Homosexuality happens for a number of reasons. For example all Spartan men engaged in homosexual relationships. That was one of the reasons there were so few of them. Do you think they were all genetically homosexual?

  8. Can't say I am No 1 fan of religious conservatives, but they bother me a lot less than NDPbollah and the rest of the red-brown brigade. They are not a threat in Canada

  9. Shelmazl, I don't have the numbers when it comes to the Spartans. But bisexuality is prevelant in the bonobos world and we are closely related to them so I would imagine that wherever it becomes a social norm, bisexuality will occur. Take Hollywood, Hugh Hefner admits to experimenting.
    And of course you have jails where male on male sex is common, even amongst heterosexuals.

    I do state that homosexuality is a nature and nurture thing (and in many cases there is probably a combination). But I think it is mostly nature in todays day and age.

    Regardless, it is nothing to be intolerant of.

  10. Shlemazl, you twigged my memory. I had a Grade 13 Math teacher who did a 5-10 minute monologue each day where he would talk about theories outside of math. It was great.

    Onetime he mentioned homosexuality and Romans. His theory was that homosexuality came in waves. When it was accepted, homosexuals would start to lose their numbers because they weren't forced by society to take a wife and do the Brady Bunch thingy. But when forced to be closeted by society, homosexual numbers would eventually grow in the next few generations, which would create more tolerance.

    I know, just a theory, but it makes some sense, if the evidence actually confirms it. And that is assuming that homosexuality can be passed down by the father in a statistically significant way.

  11. AJ--

    I feel you. Some may consider me to be a neo-con, but I'm definitely not a theocon.

    I just talked to a conservative over on FreeRepublic a few weeks ago about how we need to defeat the Democrats first and worry about dividing the spoils later, even if it takes running Giuliani or McCain.

    The person insisted on voting 3rd party if they didn't get Tancredo or Pence on top of the ticket because the slaughter that is occuring from stemcell research is greater than what would occur if nuclear bombs were dropped in a dozen or so American cities because of a hippie foreign policy.

    I was stunned, but didn't push the issue too hard, given I don't want to be accused of being a DUmmie troll. I expect the religious right to believe in nonsense about stemcell research; I don't usually expect them to believe that the global Islamist movement is benign.

    Has everyone gone mad?

  12. Well, that was some intense reading matter. Thanks.

    Generally speaking I do not get involved in flame debates, being content to merely sometimes call someone on their bullshit. But I can well understand the anger one can have when the other side steps aside by banning.

    Hence I no longer even try to post comments underneath articles on the Algemeen Dagblad site. That bunch of dike-fingered cheese-snarfing clogweasels have blocked every comment of mine for nearly a year. While allowing bigots, racists, and morons to repetitiously spout ill-informed venom about all manner of events.

    It's a little frutrating...

  13. I read over your comments.

    I thought your attitude was somewhat condescending towards Christians. Myself, if I had been running PTBC, I would have let you go on until you really got insulting-- assuming you would have gotten to that point (I run a religious message board). The big thing that jumped out at me that was insulting was:

    I have no problem with those who needs to believe in the invisible sky fairy to do so, as long as it stays out of the classroom.

    I thought your comments were relatively tame. I've seen a lot worse. I suspect Joel was trying to nip things in the bud.

    I think comparing Christianity to Islam is a bit over the top. While I understand there's some overlap on the issue of homosexual behaviour, I think that given that Islam severely punishes homosexual behaviour and general inflicts violence on those who disagree in general, and Christians do not, I can see how that comment could be taken the wrong way.

  14. Hi, I'm surprised that you would bother banging your head against a brick wall, or is that something that jews do? Really, I agree with your opinions 100% but am perplexed that you would waste time debating with the fundamentalist Christians. Maybe you might try debating with Jehovah's Witnesses or Scientologists or Muslims. All will equally give you a sore head. In Australia the expression is, stirring the possum.

  15. Jason, the danger of having a Conservative Christian in power is that they might be attempting to make their bible a self fulfilling prophecy.

    Hill, I'm not angry and I'm not surprised. I wrote this to out his ilk and the way their little world operates. Also, being a supporter of the PC party in Canada, I want to do my best to have these close minded bigots and deniers of reality to be looked upon as fringe supporters and not core supporters and possible leaders. I think blogs are beginning to have a major political impact.

    Hammer, I realize I come on strong, but that is because I want to make my point as fast as I can. Whenever asked, I back up my statements with links. And I try to stick with facts when I go to a new board or blog. I don't regret anything I said on that board, nor do I take anything back.

    Suzanne, I appreciate your comments. They were very fair, but then again you are a Catholic, and as on a rule, Catholics are much more progressive than Fundy Baptists. In fact, many Fundy Baptists don't even consider Catholics to be Christians (which I'm sure you know). I personally think that calling God the invisible sky fairy in the sky could be insulting, but I am an Atheist, and I want to make the point that I'm not going to be wishy washy about my view of the existence of God.
    Until believers can get it in their heads that their beliefs should stay in the church and home and out of the school and courtroom, comparing any religion that pushes against a separation of church and state can be compared very fairly to Islam, and on more levels than just homosexuality, but don't forget, the original post was on homosexuality, and the author obviously looks at gays as unequals, and is therefore naturally condescending to begin with. His feelings towards gays are way worse than my feelings towards Fundies. Try reading his original post while pretending you are gay....I did. I try to look at things from different perspectives as much as I can.
    Yes, the difference about how the Christians look for converts is a lot different than the way Muslims do these days. Yes, they are more violent towards gays as well. However, their hearts and minds may be equal in the way they look at gays and the way they look for converts and look at people who are not part of their respective cults.

    Lexcen, if my comments make just one of the lurkers start to think, it was worth it to go there. Lots of young viewers haven't seen a rational other explanation for life, and may discover they actually have a brain that is hidden underneath all the brain washing they've experienced their whole life.

  16. Well, as someone who worked or has family in several cultures (several which were pagan), might I point out that the problem is not "Gay" but the destruction of the idea of marriage in western culture. In most cultures, marriage is a a social force to protect children and a social umbrella for the sick and elderly.

    In societies where there is no welfare or social security, strict marriage rules are the only thing that protects the weak.

    In advanced countries, women become second class men, who work and have one token child brought up by daycare, and her social umbrella is Uncle Sam.

    So live together, hit the bars, what the hell. So a gay marriage is no biggie.

    But many people who you call "social conservatives" are still poor and rely on families for emotional and economic help in hard times; to them, both easy divorce and gay marriage is saying that they are "patsies" for following the rules to care for their own, since you will be rewarded financially by the government to have kids out of wedlock, hit the bars, etc.

    And of course, there is a very real fear that churches who refuse to change their laws will be persecuted.
    Paranoia? Maybe. But look at the low level rejection of boyscouts, who avoid gay scoutleaders for fear of pedophilia such as plagued the priesthood.

  17. "However, should you slip even an iota into the bigotry and insulting, childish, amateurish, disrespectful manner such as that which you’ve used here, you will be banned for life, and all traces of your existence here will be erased."


    It cracks me up that this guy thinks that being "banned for life" and "erased" from his stupid blog is such a horrible "punishment" and should send you begging for mercy. What a dork.

  18. Man, what idiots. I was banned from Daily Kos for supporting Israel. In short, there are idiots on every message board across the net.

    Obviously I support everything you say.

  19. People don't like being challenged.

  20. Boink, a lot of the conservatives have dough. I think a lot of it is pure homophobia. Perhaps just as those with pedophelia urges become boy scout leaders and priests, many dudes who have same sex urges become social conservatives.

    Thanks Beep, I try.

    Cat, he only banned me for life, not eternity. I still have a chance to be saved.

    Tulips, I was almost banned on Pharyngula for supporting Israel. I was called a troll there by a few.

    Jack, those who don't want to be challenged shouldn't have a blog.

  21. BEAJ:

    It's funny how few people seem to think as we do, eh? But I am convinced that our way is the right way. What I fund deeply disturbing is the hatred espoused by Mad Zionist. If that was how most Zionists thought, I would not be a Zionist.

    I do not understand how it is considered so ideologically impossible to be pro-gay, pro-thought, pro-religious freedom (but personally atheist), and pro-Israel. In fact all of those tenets and doctrines are found within Israel.


  22. Tulips, living for God is a sickness. Sometimes not a large sickness, but one shouldn't expect objective free thinking from reality deniers such as MZ.

    Maybe one day science will locate the genes that make us susceptible to believe in the supernatural and fix this sickness before birth.

  23. RE: The whole belief thing.

    This includes religious beliefs, political beliefs, economic beliefs, social beliefs and cultural beliefs.

    My stance on this is: ~

    People who don't want their beliefs questioned, examined or scrutinized in any way, shouldn't make them public.

    If they do not want to hear a dissenting voice, they should keep their beliefs, no matter what they are, private.

    As soon as they are in the public domain, as far as I am concerned, I have a right to question them.

    Now, having said this, it doesn't mean I have the right to threaten anyone's life or personal safety.

    But, I do have an obligation to try and keep my questioning polite, and to not fall into the logical fallacy of the ad hominem attack. I am not always successful at this.

    Some people allow their beliefs to define them, and as such, they consider it a personal attack if you question whatever belief it is that they are espousing.

    In other words, they cannot distance themselves from the belief, which may be being questioned, and the person who holds the belief.

    So, as to whether a person is insulted by my questioning their belief, over that, I don't have complete control.

    Does this mean that I should refrain from asking questions because my questions might be considered an insult by someone? I don't think so.

    Decisions are made in societies through the use of reason. Reason involves questioning, examining and critically analysing information.

    So, when someone says to you. "You should not question my beliefs." Just remember that what they are actually asking you to do, is to not use reason.

  24. F of U: Ok, quick question: Do you think homosexuals should get EQUAL rights?

    Now for my reply, the religious right is dangerous if they were in control. Imagine if they are in the middle east because they want Armaggedon to happen. To fulfil the bible prophecy, so Jesus will return in their lifetime. Anyone who has control and believes in this type of crap is dangerous. The reason the religious right isn't as bad as Islam is because civil laws stop them from having control. They aren't in control thus they aren't as dangerous as Islamists. It doesn't mean they don't share the same type of intolerant beliefs. It doesn't mean that they don't want the world to convert to their religion. If you don't see the similarities, you are blind.

    History books that state there is religion is factual. Stating that there are different religions in the classroom is fine with me. It is fact. But putting a cross in a PUBLIC school or a star of David or a bible not OK. Having books that talk about the science that makes a biological person whether heterosexual or homosexual is fine. Facts are fine in school Teaching children that homosexuals exist is the same as teaching children ATheists, Agnostics and Christians exist. It is factual.

    If homosexuals were left alone and had EQUAL rights, there would not be an issue. But that is where the putrid religious right has to get their two cents in. If they shut up and left alone homosexual marriage, etc. I wouldn't be typing abou it right now.

    Are homosexuals less human than F of U? Are they sick F of U?

    I have no problem with facts being taught in school. Your comparison of Islam to secularists is laughable (are you a little slow in the head?). And many of my readers are conservative when it comes to Islam. I vote PC. You sound a bit homophobic by the way. Does Tom Cruise make it move? Are you ashamed of it?

  25. F of U, a couple more questions (but I suspect you just hit and ran):

    What bothers you about gay marriages as an Agnostic?
    Do you think religious symbols belong on the walls of a public school?

  26. F of U, you can call me an asshole here. You don't have to go to the cultists and cry about me amongst friends. That is wimpish. I'd love to defend myself there, but Joel pulled the plug on me because of his insecurities.
    Do you agree with Joel limiting free speech? Did I violate any forum rules?
    He just didn't like my answers.

    If you had balls you can give Free Market this link. I'll bet he won't accept it. I'll bet any money he is not a scientist. He won't accept evolution, no matter how much info you give him.

  27. "It is amazing that I got banned for debating because they didn't like my answers."

    I am surprised by your amazement, BEAJ, after all you're not exactly new to the world of blogging. It was an expected reaction of most of the zealots. Go to Free Republic and try to argue with that lot...

    Oh, and about homosexuals: I thought that the latest word from the eggheads was that there is no proof of genetic cause for homosexuality. Which still does not outlaw this specific lifestyle in my eyes, I hasten to add. Still we should not look for unneeded justification, I think.

    Best and cheers.

  28. Oh, and of course, the religious extremism (I am not sure I know to identify religious right or religious left, so extremism will have to do for me) and zealotry are extremely dangerous, esp. when they get to be a majority. And this is right everywhere it happened or could happen, Iran, US or Israel - to take three examples.

  29. Snoopy. My experience on banning usually has to do with not debating facts but focusing on name calling. Remember, this was not an advertised "religious" blog.....but in fact it.

    If it were a Fundy blog, then I would have expected it.

  30. I'm interested to know in what way F of U feels that homosexuality is being shoved down his "troath."

    And I'm still cracking up over people who think banning someone from their blog is the ultimate power trip. I'll bet Joel used to get shoved into his gym locker a lot in junior high.

  31. Wow. What a bunch of maroons.
    & hypocrites.
    1 guy accuses you of dropping an 'atheist turd', not a word. You say something about an invisible sky fairy, they go absolutely bananas.
    That 1 poltroon on the other thread, w/his 'dinosaur/man footprint' comment was intensely hysterical, since that was PROVEN to be a hoax some time ago. & of course, the good ole McDowellian 'I got historical sources' is good for the occasional chuckle.
    There's no being rational w/the irrational.

  32. You are such a crybaby, you moron! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I go to other people's websites and flame them, and they get mad at me. Waaaaaaaaaa. Why don't they love me for insulting them and berating them on their site. Proud to be canadian is soooo cool, and I am mad I can't hang out there no more. Waaaaaaaaaaaa. "Comment moderation has been has enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author" You freekin' nazi! Are you gonna ban me, now, Hitler! You big freakin' hypocrite. Cuz i'm only trying to debate your freakin retarded views. Atheists are going to HELL and they know it, thats why they whine and cry and lie, just like you do AtheistHitler! You freaking crybaby Moron. And don't ban me, you tool, cus I will post lying crap about you on my website, Tard!!

    O.k., i'm done now. This is what you sound like in your blog and your comments. Don't that sound good to you? Joel doesn't keep that on his site b'cause the forum regulars do Not want it there. There was a time when you could do what you had done. Liberal trolls would go there and rant and rave and personally attack people bcause it is conservative. Many people complained and so he did something about it. Hope one day you can have that problem, that you get as much traffic as Joel gets. I have learned all I want to learn about you, and I am not that impressed. I hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling I am not.--Mark F

  33. Yeah OK Mark, do you think YOUR OPINION means anything to anyone who counts? You support anti-free speech because "the regulars" can't handle the truth?
    I only get banned from two type of sites, Cretard Conservative sites and Neo Nazi sites.
    Same shit, different pile.
    The Canadian Conservative who "think" Canada is a Christian nation and should live that way are in a fantasy world and I can understand why they only want to hang with like minded misfits.

    Oh, and I voted Harper, because he doesn't mix church with his job. The way it should be.

  34. BTW, I get around 250 visitors a day, and I only post a couple of times a week.