October 1, 2006

Atheists: Let's Make Our Own Holiday On December 25th

And we shall call it Christmas.

I know it is early for a Christmas post but I figure we need some time to get this holiday idea of mine going.

I don't like this War on Christmas. It is not the Atheist way. We are realists. We should embrace Christmas season as a time to let the reality deniers have their day and their season.

I'm all for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Mankind, but I just want to add a little to it for our Christmas celebration. Peace on Earth will be achieved when religious Fundies live and let live, and Goodwill to all Mankind who doesn't want me dead.

The reality is the Christians stole December 25th which was celebrated prior to Christianity by the Mithras. It was their damn holiday, it was the day they celebrated the birth of the sun. They even stole the concept of the virgin birth and the savior and the idea of the second coming from the Mithras.

There is no historical proof Jesus existed, but even according the mythological man written and rewritten New Testament, there are "clues" that make it impossible that the Christian's imaginary friend Jesus could have been born on December 25th.

The fact is the Christians used December 25th because non Christians were celebrating at that time and it would be easier to convert those Pagans to Christianity. It was really easy considering they stole most of Jesus' "story" from the Mithrans anyways.

So Atheists, let us use this date to get our message out. If you see a nativity scene surrounded by a bunch of people, speak to them, tell them you celebrate Christmas too, and you give out presents too. But tell them that there is no reason to believe in God and Jesus was most likely not even a historical figure let alone God or Son of God or whatever the hell they think.

Ask people at Christmas how old the earth is and if they believe in evolution. Then spread the word of reality. Depending on how well they are into listening of course.

If you have a child that goes to a school that is bent on doing a Christmas play, tell the school it is OK as long as they do our Christmas play too:

Go to Christmas parties. If they say grace and shit, smile, even laugh out loud if you have the balls or even belch. And have a few drinks and tell whoever will listen that God doesn't exist. Tell them that they are delusional if they think the earth is young and call them reality deniers if they don't buy into evolution. Tell them that Christmas was stolen from the Mithras. And don't forget to tell them Merry Christmas. Christmas is our holiday now too.


  1. GREAT POST! Such a great idea!

    Of course, Christianity has embraced a great deal of paganism, and I already knew that about Christmas, but I never thought of it as an atheist holiday. I shall help spread the word. :-)

  2. Isn't it ironic that an atheist would want to bring back Christmas after the PC mob have denied us that pleasure in their over zealous attempts to please the Muslims?

  3. It's Sunday morning, thousands of Canadians are sitting in church right now, or getting ready to go to church and give ten percent of their earnings and 100 percent of their brains to "GAWD" but where are my husband and I? Sitting over our breakfast coffee watching that hilarious satire piece at The Atheist Jew.
    Love it.
    Thanks for sharing, BEAJ. Great post.

  4. Tulips, I don't know if this will get off the ground. I can only pray.

    Calendar, did you include Asia in the calendar? Her birthday is August 6th.

    Lex, Atheists must control the world or mankind will disappear way before the sun turns out it's lights.

    Lisa, what do you mean "satire?" :)

  5. A Festivus for the rest of us!

  6. I despise Jehovah's Witnesses the most because they want to take Christmas away from all the children and birthdays too.

  7. Great video.

    I always wanted to have Christmas. To me it's no more religious than Thanksgiving... there are some religious overtones maybe, but not enough that a good little Jewish girl should have to miss out. ;)

  8. Calendar, that is a good point. I didn't know Superman wimped out before he died. Maybe Asia had a change in spiritituality since her boyfriend/husband died a few months ago.

    Billie Jean, in order for you to celebrate Christmas you are going to have drop your belief in God and become an Atheist. I'll let you celebrate it if you are Agnostic too.

  9. I think an atheist holiday is a great idea. You shouldn’t use an already existing name for your holiday otherwise it will look like you either aren’t serious about having your own or it will look like you haven’t really dropped your likely brought up with traditional ways. BTW I thought the topic was very timely given the Jewish holidays just passed.

    OT. Watching CBS news last night Katie Couric had on in the new Free Speech segment the father of one of the children killed at Columbine to give his thoughts on why so many school shootings have been happening.

    In a nutshell he said something like in his opinion since religion is not being taught at all in schools and science is teaching evolution and survival of the fittest instead of whatever they call that new earth theory stuff. That the combination was leaving kids without a moral compass steering them away from these crazy acts.

    I don’t agree but I can see where many would. I’m not really so opposed to teaching a little religion in school its just if its not your families then I would think it would seem weird. As for teaching crazy nonsense instead of science that can’t be good.

    Perhaps there is some sort of ethical thing they can teach kids that is non religious in school that can help them through those messed up years like history or humanities / philosophy.

  10. Jhrhv, I like calling it Christmas. I don't want to get into printing new holiday cards.
    It is convenient to call it Christmas.

    That father, although I feel sorry for him, is an idiot. We are talking about facts and reality. He doesn't kids to deal with reality. That is not a solution.

    Parents are responsible to teach children morals and ethics, and nobody is preventing children from going to private schools, church, or getting large doses of bullcrap at home either.

    Maybe the onus should be place on the religious institutions to deal with facts and try to make sense of them in context with their belief systems. They are the ones sending out the bs that is conflicting info for kids who learn reality in school.

  11. Excellent points all. I especially agree about the learning at home. Problem being if you have nut job parents teaching you their not job ways you might be better off getting some decent info outside of the home.

  12. Two points:

    A) The epigraphical evidence we have for Mithraism post-dates Christianity by some three centuries.

    B) The idea that Jesus never existed has no traction outside of a circle of cranks. The New Testament and Josephus are enough to establish his existence. (Antiquities 20.9.1 is authentic, and the Testimonium may have an authentic nucleus.)

  13. The New Testament is not a history book and your example of Josephus as proof is a joke. Josephus was born after Jesus supposedly died. He made one reference to Christianity which was observable and started around 50 AD by Paul who might as well been Joe Smith or James Frey.

    Although debate, Mithraism most likely began around 300-300 BC.

    There is absolutely no evidence Jesus existed. And there should be a lot. 42 historians wrote between 0 and 35 AD. Not one word was mentioned about youu mythological friend.

  14. Dude! I loved this post. I thought that I was nuts for wondering why our parents told us lies about things like the Easter Bunny and Santa and Jesus, etc, etc. It's all silly shit. I'm so glad that as an adult now, I get to decide what I believe. And I chose reality. You know, the shit right in front of us!


  15. Thanks OB. I checked your site out. Watched the commercials. Have you joined the Atheist blogroll yet?

  16. If you are asserting that the NT is not historical because it contains miracles then you also have to reject much of ancient history, including Josephus (who claimed Vespasian performed a miraculous healing.

    As for the "42 historians" you mention, how much ancient history have you read? I suspect you are just regurgitating a sound bite from the film here.

    Re: Mithraism--Mithra (or Mitra), the Indo-European god (who was imported to Rome via Phrygia, was worshipped before Christ but that tells us nothing about pre-Christian Mithraism.

    By the way, the atheist club here on campus showed that film on Thursday. I wanted to attend and challenge its falsehoods but I was busy.

  17. No, the NT is not a historical document because it was written 150 years after the fact and has been rewritten many times over.

    Name me one historian between 0 and 35 AD who mentions Jesus.

    I state Josephus is not a good source because he was born in 37 AD and didn't mention Jesus until around 80 AD.

    Do you want to try again?