October 19, 2006

More From Joe: The World Renowned Creation Scientist

The Fundies favorite trick these days is trying to use logic without any scientific evidence whatsoever, while ignoring all sorts of scientific evidence.

But you still gotta love Joe. Higher lands mean more gravitational pull on Asians faces causing their eyes to be slanted. Man started out as beige and originated in the middle east and not Africa. Man used to live to 900 because the world was smaller and the atmosphere was thicker, but that was before the earth expanded causing the great flood. My bet is that many YECs would buy his hooey before they buy into real science.


  1. I have seen this guy. He is hilarious and frightening at the same time.

    Off topic:

    What is your take on the concept of "messianic jews"? I consider it to be a contradiction in terms, but I wonder what you think about this?

    It might be something worth blogging about. I dunno?

  2. "Messianc Jews" claim to be Jews, but also claim to accept Jesus as the Messiah. Take it from me, as a Jew, that anyone who believes Jesus was the Messiah is not a Jew. He is a Christian. The MJs have not yet internalized that. They are almost as dumb as Joe.

    About whom...

    Notice how he believes in evolution? He talks about how the "beige man" migrated, and his skin color changed in response to different environmental conditions? I wonder if Joe realizes this?

    Really, though, I want to know what he's smoking, and if he'll share. That has got to be some good shit.

    And BEAJ, I think 'hooey' is too nice a term for Joe's ideas. Maybe 'bullbloppy?'

  3. I'm under the impression many Messianic Jews weren't even born as Jews, but those who were are still Jews since Jews are either/or a Jew based on religion or ethnicity.
    I just look at them as a subcult.
    I wonder how many Christians believe in God but aren't too sure about Christ. There are many people who believe in Theistic evolution, and many of them believe God just started things off and then went into hiding like Jimmy Hoffa.

  4. This guy makes me laugh until choking... he's awesome.

  5. RE messianic jew comments:

    Yeah, I understand the idea of an atheist jew or an agnostic jew as it seems reasonable and logical that a person who is born to jewish parents can call themselves a jew and still be a person who doesn't believe in a god or gods.

    But a messianic jew would mean:
    Someone who was born a jew or someone who converted to judaism but who accepts jesus as the messiah. If someone accepts jesus as the messiah, are they accepting him as a god, or as a man who was a prophet, or both?

    And if they are only accepting him as a prophet, but not a god (like the muslims do), would that make them messianic jews?

    Does the word "messiah" have to mean "a god"? Or can it just mean a man who had some "special knowledge" of a god, like prophets claim?

    If someone was born jewish and went on to accept jesus as a christian prophet (but not god) then I guess they could call themselves a messianic jew?

    I am only trying to clarify a few things in my own mind; so anyone who wants to help in this regard, please feel free to do so.

  6. Here you go Beep. Everything you wanted to know about Messianic Jews.

    Interesting that the Israel supreme court ruled against the Right of Return of a Messianic Jewish couple. Meanwhile an Atheist Jew like myself still can get in.

  7. Why Jews Are a Problem, Simplified

    Contrary to what you have probably heard, Jews were the world's first racists. They created racist ideas, as official doctrine, long before Christianity or Islam existed.

    Jews claimed that they were superior to all other humans [i.e. that they were "The Chosen People"]. They did this mainly to keep themselves apart from other groups of people so that their genetic strain would not be 'polluted.'

    Then, many years later, the French leader Napoleon 'freed' the Jews [he granted them various rights that they did not previously have], and Jews became part of White European society. Their bigoted, racist, money-oriented ways did not endear them to the benevolent Europeans.

    So-called "anti-Semitism" resulted from that gentile/Jewish contact in Europe, and became the norm. European attitudes about Jews became worse when Jews overtook Russia in 1917. That event resulted in, or at least coincided with, a worldwide Jewish revolution. Within that revolution, Jews tried different methods of conquering the gentile-dominated world that had 'oppressed' them for years: some Jews tried Communism, some tried global capitalism, some tried feminism, some tried leftism. All such ideas were designed to weaken traditional gentile culture so that Jews, as both a religion and a race by long interbreeding among themselves, would never be 'oppressed' again.

    Jews dominate the West today by controlling the media, Hollywood, banking/finance, left-wing political causes, and other areas of Western culture. They are smarter than gentiles as a rule, and are much more ruthless and cunning. They do not have White morals; they do not feel guilty about cheating a non-Jew. They are not White even though they appear to be so. They are basically aliens living among Whites. Some people have likened Jews to invaders from another planet who look human; that description seems reasonable as a whole.

    Furthermore, Jews see themselves as being in a perpetual war with non-Jews. They are willing to go to further racial and political extremes than gentiles, because they take that ongoing "war" with gentiles more seriously than non-Jews do. Therefore, Jews will lie, cheat and steal more readily than a non-Jew. This, in our opinion, makes Jews a security risk within all Western countries.

    Also, Jews are in deep, pathological denial about why gentiles do not like them. A Jew will engage in lying to and swindling non-Jews, and then will wonder with complete honesty why gentiles do not like Jews. Jews seem unable to grasp the fact that their actions are unsavory to gentiles. In fact, we suggest that this blindness of Jews to the many unsavory aspects of Jewry is actually a form of mental illness, although it will never be labeled as such.

    While there are, no doubt, a few 'good' Jews in the West, their numbers are very small. Jews cannot be counted on to preserve White values since they are not White.

    Jews are the greatest enemy of traditional Western culture.

  8. Rickey, either that is some pretty wild satire or you are a major league nutcase.

    What exactly is a white value anyway?

  9. RE AJ: Thanks for the link. I will check it out.

    RE rickey: So, I guess it is fair to say you would pop a blood vessel if someone in your family married a jew?

    I don't think there is a race of people who are genetically "smarter" than others. Intelligence is a tricky thing to observe, and demonstrate without the potential for cultural bias.

    But, there have been a lot of leading jewish scientists etc. My theory on this is that many jews are not burdened with god belief.

    It seems that a good deal of skeptical enquiry is advantageous to exceptional cognitive achievement.

    Those who see the world through faith need to shutdown reason in order to preserve faith. Faith, therefore, can be a form of non-thinking. Non-thinking is not an advantage in any intellectual pursuit.

  10. Ordinarily I would dismiss Rickey’s rantings as those of a Nazi nutcase. Although to some extent he may have a smidgen of a valid point. I was reading the other day about the process of producing kosher wine and the writer claimed that even if a Gentile so much as touched a vessel containing the wine it would cease to be kosher. This impressed me as being quite illustrative of orthodox Jewish attitudes toward non-Jews and I found it a little unpleasant. Yet orthodox Jews must make up only a tiny percentage of Jewry as a whole.

    It is ironic that the white values that Rickey writes of are rooted in Judeao-Christian tradition. A finer tradition one would have a hard time finding anywhere else on the planet. Bhuddist/Confucianisim or Shinto/Zen may be competing foundational traditions of great value too although they are not ‘white’ foundations and are late to the party, so to speak. Interestingly the Chinese government have discovered that the teachings of Confucius are seriously valuable and it was a huge mistake to just go and chuck them all out in favour of Mao. They are now energetically promoting them.

    A point I have been trying to get across at this blog is that traditional beliefs should not be thrown away with gay abandon (I choose these words carefully). This brings us into great peril and defies the wise teachings of the ancients. We need to merge ancient wisdom and modern wisdom and spiral vertically into the future.

    That last sentence I have gleaned from the writings of a very interesting fellow that most here will have an apoplectic reaction to if they go over and have a read. I urge you to do so as he merges evolution and Christian belief and , like me, although more so, is a voice crying in the blogosphere.. He is somewhat more religious than me however I am leaning his way.

  11. rickey, just in case you are being serious. What the meaning of being chosen means is that since the Jews accepted the bible they were chosen by God to be judged more harshly than non Jews for not following the rules of the bible since they were the nation that accepted it. If you got that wrong how much of the rest of your drivel do you also think might be wrong?

    anlgoa, I’ve had dinner with Orthodox and Lubavitch Jews usually the Friday night Sabbath dinner. My wife always brings a wine from Italy that is kosher and nobody ever worries about who touched it. I think you just came across a special kind of person. I know one Orthodox guy who won’t eat a chicken he hasn’t butchered. Different strokes for different folks.

  12. FYI, Rickey is a Muslim who is void of original thought. He copied and pasted his rant on the comments here.

    Here is where he got them from.

    Normally, I delete his inane posts because they are not relevant to the post topics, but I let this one go because he is the reason Israel needs to exist.

    He is a regular on the Yahoo hate board (the Israel conflict board) and affectionately known as Oink.

  13. RE: anglo american

    I read part of the site you recommended. Too much "woo woo" language for me.

    That kind of writing style reminds me of someone typing whilst listening to the song "Flashdance".

  14. I'm not sure what "woo woo" means but I guess you might have picked up on the life affirming tone of it all. I intend to read all of his stuff even though he seems to believe that God really does exist as some sort of being and I believe he exists only as an ideal-concept-metaphor-ancestral memory thingy.
    Belief in God doesn't worry me so much these days but fundamentalism does and always has.

  15. Can you give a link to this guy's homepage/blog if he has one? Or maybe just a mailing address so that I can write him?

  16. RE: angloamerican

    Sorry, for "woo woo" language read "non specific language" or language which appeals to the emotions.

  17. Rep, sorry I don't have that info. Someone on Youtube got his hands on Joe's video it seems and cut it down to segments.

    You may want to send this guy a message and see if he can help you.

  18. AA:
    That last sentence I have gleaned from the writings of a very interesting fellow that most here will have an apoplectic reaction to if they go over and have a read.
    Hey, some of that flimflammery is hysterical. He dresses up all the old theist arguments in rhetorical flotsam and jetsam.
    I have to resharpen my own Occam's razor at this point.
    I did leave a comment at his 'men w/o chests' post.
    He's just another Neo-Conman, far as I'm concerned.

  19. Ka
    It seems you made quite an impression over there. The Troll Alert siren is on and now a whole post devoted to you it seems.
    I'm impressed!

    I do take a lot of what he writes with a pinch of salt but I'm attracted to the evolution-christian-mystical nonsense like a moth to the flame. Yet when I have to put my money on the table I'm with the atheists.

  20. That dude has severe verbal diarrhea and completely clueless when it comes to what an Atheist is.

  21. I still really like the way this guy puts words together. I choose to pick what I consider useful and take as metaphoric that which strays too deeply into the metaphysical. When I was younger I used to argue passionately for atheism but now I have no desire to “convert’ the believers. It would be just as much a crime to destroy a person’s faith as it is to convince someone to become a Jehovah’s Witness. I often cheerfully tell someone who is on their way to church to say a prayer for me – seems better than yelling that they are wasting their time. I love the iconography of religion. Churches, temples, idols and texts all have there place and are to be valued. I traveled to Xi’an in China and saw the temple that Tripitaka built to house the Buddhist scrolls he brought back from India and thought to myself, this is “the end of the way.” Life would be a lot less interesting without notions of the metaphysical.

    This quote from One Cosmos tickled my fancy,

    "The atheist is literally metaphysically blind, for the gap between an animal and a being capable of knowing any truth--let alone total truth--is as great as the gap between nothing and the most inconsequential existing thing. The hiatus between even the smartest animal and the most benighted atheist is absolute."

    This made me think about how we atheists often use animal behavior to understand or even justify human behavior. Modern behavioral science and evolutionary psychology seek to answer the questions surrounding man’s motivations yet end up offering excuses for bad behavior, robbing man of his free will and stealing, perhaps, his divinity with implications for justice and freedom. Man so obviously transcends the animal yet so often sinks below it. He is godlike or demonic and sometimes both but never merely an intelligent animal. There is something very special about being human, there is no denying it – and it’s not just intelligence. There is a gaping chasm between the human and the animal thus most people are attracted to the language of the mystical.

  22. AA:
    It seems you made quite an impression over there. The Troll Alert siren is on and now a whole post devoted to you it seems.
    Yeah, appears I'm a 'barbarian' now. Sheesh. 1 guy said I was eccentric (he said, beaming).
    I left a few more 'mot justes' at his site.
    Funny how they all descended from 'intellectual heavyweights' to badgering baboons at the 1st sign of dissent.

  23. BEAJ:
    That dude has severe verbal diarrhea and completely clueless when it comes to what an Atheist is.
    True dat.
    & I thought I was full of myself, but that guy's got me beat by a country mile.

  24. Being called an eccentric is definitely a compliment. As for being full of it I’m sure I’m at least first equal.

  25. And now Bacon gets his words quoted in a main posting over at One Cosmos. Good bit of debate really. I liked the discussion on re-invention and self discovery. The trouble with Atheist prose is, well, it's a bit prosaic.
    Man does not live on bread alone...

  26. AA:
    I dropped by again, playing 'troll'.
    That clown is a bigot, sure as I'm Irish.