October 17, 2006

US Population up to 300 million

My first and only thought on this is that 300 million Americans means that approximately 135 million Americans believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that evolution is bull crap. 135 million reality deniers! Oy vey!

And good luck trying to use fact and logic on them. See here. They just keep ignoring fact and logic and turning the page in their book of creation "science." Do any of them even understand what evolution is?

Blogging has been lite because of my real job and the weather fiasco I just experienced. Hopefully my boss will give me a break soon so that I will be able to post more, and hopefully God will stop wrathing my house's ass.


  1. Bacon Eater, you can always comfort yourself with the thought that stupidity isn't truly constant; only death and taxes are.

    And death won't get worse when Congress is in session.

  2. God has been wrathing your house's ass? What a lovely turn of phrase! Well, God has been wrathing my freakin' private life. He should really lay off of us, Bacon Eater, don't you agree?

  3. Michael, it isn't stupidity all the time when it comes to YECs (young earth creationists). It is an emotional need to believe the bible, believe that humans are special and/or a large fear that evolution is true.

    Rondi, God only shows his wrath at inanimate objects. It is the devil that plays havoc on personal lives. Everyone knows that. Sheesh.

  4. Bacon, my family lives in Buffalo and they just got their power back yesterday. Brutal. However, my Sabres are still undefeated after massacring Philly 9-1 last night. As long as they win I don't care if they all believe the earth is 100 years old.

    OT: Did you see what Condi Rice the arabist skank had to say about Israel?

  5. That is good to here about your family. Orthodox Jews are used to living without electricity though. Ultra Orthodox Jews have no problem living in the dark:)

    Condi is just doing the lip service thingy. She has to keep the Mo's happy.

  6. This explains why the traffic on my commute to and from work keeps getting worse and worse.