November 11, 2007

The Blog Readability Test

What level of understanding do you need to understand this blog?:

Hey, I don't mind. Hemingway wrote in simple sentences too. I don't use a thesaurus and I don't even reread what I post before clicking on the "Publish Post" button.
I like the fact that my blog is probably readable to most theists as well:) I do know one thing, my posts provoke thought much of the time, and that is what really counts.

Of course, I needed to check out some of the other blogs that I enjoy reading to compare their readability to mine.

Pharyngula, a very popular science oriented blog ranked "High School." The same ranking applied to God Is For Suckers, a blog that has many authors, and Jewish Atheist.
Begin Each Day As If It Was On Purpose, a blog done by a professional journalist received an "Elementary School" ranking, which makes me wonder how valid the test is.
Rondi is extremely intelligent and has a vast vocabulary, but maybe as a journalist, she writes in a way in which the masses can understand. Perhaps it is part of her talent, and a style that is required for anyone who writes newspaper articles.
I had to check out what Everything Is Pointless ranked, and not surprisingly (thanks to the many headaches I got reading that blog in the past), it received "Genius" status.
The person who emailed me the link, Texas Fred, as got a "Genius" ranking. Fred, you need to dumb down your blog a bit, ya hear me?
My Judeophobe Watch blog also scored "Junior High School." At least I'm consistent and so is are the analytics of the Readability site.
Shlemazl scored a "College Undergrad" rank. Gripes Of Wrath scored "Genius." Developing Your Web Presence got a "High School" ranking and Stardust Musings scored a "Junior High School" ranking just like me.
I need to stop. Sorry if I didn't get to your blog Tommy, Hammer, Basiorana, Val, Elder, Jack, etc. I'm just wiped out. Too early in the morning to go any further with this:)

Almost forgot. Here is the link to check your blog's readability.


  1. Oh my God! This is hilarious. Hey, at least I didn't get "pre-school readability"!

  2. I was wondering what rating I would get for each of my four other blogs..., my writing blog where I post some of my short stories and poems was rated Elementary School! And my photography blog was also rated at Elementary School! My journal blog was also Elementary School...AND my Literary Reflections of an Avid Booklover which contains book reviews of books that children would not even begin to comprehend or be allowed to read was rated Junior High...WTF???

    Who created this Blog Readability Test, some little snot-nosed junior-higher? It has to be some kind of joke.

  3. OK...This HAS to be a farce...

    Physicist Stephen Hawking's website got a "Junior High" rating. It couldn't even read Bad Astronomy Blog . . . I tried that one repeatedly.

    Carl Sagan Portal...Elementary School

    Evolving Thoughts got High School

    Apostates of Islam...High school
    Debunking Christianity...High School

    Nutjob xian Dani's Generation Xpose got "Genius" Now that's fucking hilarious!

    Yep, this "test" was produced by some Xian fundie as a little joke.

  4. I tested this post by Dani and she only scored "Post Grad" for it.
    It was probably because she spelled "deceive" wrong.

  5. Hey my blog got Genius!
    and i barely write anything since most of my posts are videos.
    Maybe it's because of the articles i post?!
    Thanks for this Beaj

  6. Mine's college-- undergraduate. How appropriate, as that is what I am!

    My opinion blog, however, was high school, which is interesting. I wonder what the test is about.

  7. Finally, the recognition I deserve.

  8. As a Jewish Atheist you simply must, if'in ya wants to, view moi's lill/ YouTube film/research.

    Stay on Groovin' Safari,

  9. High school only... bastards!

    Anyway, got my next post ready now...

  10. I got "high school", and between us shlemazl is a big show-of ;-)

  11. I tested an Arabic page of Almanar. It was graded as "High school".

  12. It fails with my blog, or several other WordPress blogs that I pointed it at. Silly.

  13. My blog scored "genius". This is going on my resume.

  14. Tor, good video. Have you seen the Bible Unearthed yet?
    Just wondering, I saw your Origins of Jesus videos, is that story of the play write true? I don't believe Jesus actually existed, but that Augustus play story fits in perfectly with my theory of events leading up to Christianity.

  15. this test seems to be a bit gimmicky not based on any *real* algorithm.

    try this test for more legitimate results:

  16. According to the test, don't dare visit my blog unless you're a genius. Odd...