November 13, 2007

The Comic Genius Of Edward Current

This dude is hilarious. I've been watching his videos for a few months now, and I think he's found his comic niche. And we need all the comedy we can get with this Hollywood writer's strike going on. His videos are fairly short (usually just over 3 minutes long).
Here is his newest video, Resisting The Urge: A Guide For Christian Boys:

This is my favorite one to date: Checkmate Atheists

God Doesn't Exist?, Prove It (the first picture will crack you up):

His most popular video (over 120,000 views. WOW!): The Atheist Delusion

For the rest of his videos click here.

In the phenomenal fisking department, Sexo Grammaticus completely schools Dr. Roger Olson. Why don't these theists get it yet, they have nothing but straws when they try to attack atheism. How much bashing can theists take before they just give up on trying to bash us.

Here is the beginning of Dr. Assmonkey's article:

I feel sorry for atheists. They are so much in the minority in American society and they are bound to feel some marginalization if not persecution. Christians should be the last people to persecute anyone -- including atheists. But that doesn't mean Christians have to accommodate atheism as they tolerate and love atheists. We have to recognize atheists' full freedom to believe God does not exist, but we don't have to embrace atheism as a social good. In fact, I would argue that atheism has no redeeming social value.

To see how Dr. Assmonkey gets slaughtered click here.
The fisking was done in masterful fashion. I suggest this as a must read for theists and atheists alike.


  1. I like this guy's videos, he seems interesting.

    I have a few problems with the Rational Response squad's response in this case (I understand it was just one of their authors, but they seem to endorse it).

    I think it is a little counter-productive to call yourself rational, and then respond with the wholesale vitriol that often permeates their responses to anything. Sure the guy destroyed his argument, but that wasn't hard to do. The assertion that the disbelief in a supreme being has negative social effects is something most junior high students could tear apart.

    Secondly, and more importantly I think, he really turns this into something about all atheists being Democrats (or seems to think they should be). To me, that really undermines his other arguments that atheists don't have anything in common other than a disbelief in God. Myself and others (Penn Jillette immediately comes to mind) would say that it isn't the government's job to help the poor (mostly because they are notoriously bad at it) but rather that responsibility lies with individuals like us. I don't think atheism is a party politics sort of issue, although he tried to make it one.

  2. I wonder what our friend Orde thinks about all this...

  3. Edward Current is a TOTAL moron!! The Roman Emporer Constantine, in 325A.D. decided (literally by a show of mortal hands) that Jesus was to be worshipped as a deity....shame on you!! GOD DID NOT WRITE THE BIBLE, MEN DID! The bible is CHOCK FULL of contradictions about GOD...get a life!! Religion is an organization for those with self esteem issues, and Edward Current has a little....well, you know!!!

  4. Edward Current is a TOTAL moron!!

    Actually you're a total moron!! Because this is very very obvious satire!

  5. Edward Current satire? You are yanking my chain. I thought he was just another idiotic Fundy.
    Sarcasm off.

  6. He looks pretty awkward to me and his delivery is stunted and dull.

    Comedy FAIL.

  7. This is far from comedy fail. He isn't exactly trying to make you bust your gut laughing. It's satire. I think this best describes satire comedy... "Although satire is usually meant to be funny, the purpose of satire is not primarily humour in itself so much as an attack on something of which the author strongly disapproves, using the weapon of wit"
    Basically it's just his way of pointing out ironic things about religion, using wit, to which some people may find humorous.
    I personally find all of his videos and even his twitters very funny but not like a stand up comedian busting a punch line, more like something you can relate to and understand the humor behind it. If that makes sense.

  8. Bacon-eater: Just want to let you know that an atheist is not someone who denies the existence of God or a god or gods. Atheism just means someone who does not subscribe to an organized religion. Someone who is a-theistic. Like, amoral does not mean immoral just without morals.

  9. Where do you get religion from? Atheist is not a theist. A theist believes in a God or deity (s).