January 14, 2008

Joy Behar May Not Have Been 100% Accurate But She Was Damn Close

I've always liked Joy Behar (even though she is adamantly against the Iraq war). She seems to be one of the most vocal agnostic voices on television. She has to deal with two Rapturists on The View daily in Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherry (I don't know if the world is flat) Shepherd.
Last week, she let the cat out of the bag when it comes to Saints, prophets, and other biblical characters. Well, watch for yourself:

She pissed off a lot of people with her comments. The one that was most typical by theists, the old hole poking technique was used to discredit her. Apparently, not all Saints heard voices (did you know there are over 10,000 of those critters recognized by the Catholic Church including Moses?), and hearing God isn't a prerequisite when it comes to achieving Sainthood. Uppity theists like Father Jonathan Morris (he is the asshat who is a regular of sorts on Fox News) just doesn't realize exactly what Joy was getting at:

The reality is that what Joy was really saying is that drugs like Thorazine prevents any new bibles from popping up.

The Catholics are taking this as a personal insult. Some Catholics are saying if this was said about Muslims, there would be an immediate apology issued to prevent riots. NEWSFLASH: Joys comments here should insult Muslims too. Didn't Mohammed regularly talk to Allah? And Jews too, Moses and God were really tight. Well, of course Moses most probably didn't exist, but if he did, Thorazine could have helped him immensely:)

If God talks to you in 2008, you are nuts. And if God talked to someone 500 or 2000 or 4000 years ago, they were nuts too. Except if realized by the masses, all biblical texts could be converted into psychiatry case studies.


  1. funny they mentioned Mother Theresa, now THAT was a twisted sister. torturing terminal patients so she can enter heaven. I'm not a violent man, but she's one woman I'd slap across the face if I had to meet.

    I don't know who was the editor having an agenda attack and a slow news day that got this on the news, but even more I don't know why you bother to give them "screen time" in your blog. the media in the US is losing grips, nothing is new here.

  2. Beaj: I'm gonna go off on a bit of a tangent here, but please bear with me...Q: have you ever studied the Bible/Quran/Tanach? Have you ever considered doing so?

  3. Great post BEAJ. I don’t wish you Ill but do wish you had more time for regular posts. I miss the regular BEAJ entertainment.

    I was reading a theory that in history people thought their internal voice was God speaking to them. I think he speaks to me most mornings he usually says go back to sleep the treadmill can wait. God is so lazy sometimes.

  4. Yes, "religious ecstasy" in some people may well be the symptom of common psychiatric disorders like bipolar or schizophrenia. Other causes, including causes of "hearing voices", may include hallucinogenic substances (not necessarily drugs in the modern sense of the word), alcohol or simply auto-suggestion (it's easy for the mind to fool itself).

  5. That Elizabeth drives me insane! Pass the prozac please!

    I complete agree. The visions and crap, that oracles see and hear were illness induced as well... or drug induced in my opinion. Pass me a blotter and I'll get to work on a new Bible. Disgustipated version.

  6. Don't forget ergot poisoning and St. Anthony's Fire (eg: the origins of LSD as described by Dr. Albert Hofmann).

    Good article on it here at Webmd.com

  7. "I've always liked Joy Behar (even though she is adamantly against the Iraq war)."

    Am I to conclude that you were (and still are) "adamantly in favour of the Iraq war"? If so, on what grounds? Considering we now know the truth about the Weapons of Mass Distraqtion and Saddam's non-involvement in 9/11? How can anybody, apart from a partisan ostrich, condemn those who were and are against it?

  8. Beaj: mind answering my question? I'd love to indulge you in a discussion concerning religion--or what little I know about it;)

  9. Seefood, I see Mother Theresa has had an affect on you:)

    Eitan, no I haven't studied any bible, just as I haven't studied any book that confirms the earth is flat.

    JHrhv, I find it harder and harder to post these days. Maybe it is laziness, maybe I'm in a rut.

    Disgustipated, I like Elisabeth, I think she is just misguided. I think she might become unbrainwashed one day.

    Nate, the writers of the bibles might have been on LSD since the characters were almost all fictional.

    Gert, Islam needed a good bitch slapping, Iraq was the right place at the right time.

  10. "Gert, Islam needed a good bitch slapping, Iraq was the right place at the right time."

    What a horribly thuggish way of putting things. You really come across as a small-minded supremacist armchair general sometimes, Peejays. No, really...

  11. Hey BEAJ.

    The other day I was out driving and wouldn't you know it, there was a car in front of me with a license plate that read "BEAJ"!

    I've noted before that when you read the Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible, one gets the impression that the land of Israel was the world's capital of demon possession and leprosy. It seemed as if Jesus couldn't go anywhere without bumping into someone with leprosy, epilepsy or demon possession.

    If Jesus was really the son of the creator of the universe, you would think he would be able to enlighten his followers and listeners on the concept of mental illness and the bacterial infections that cause leprosy.

    Like Gert, I do have to say I have been vehemently against the Iraq War since before the first bomb was dropped. 4,000 dead AMERICAN soldiers, tens of thousands wounded, some 150,000 dead Iraqis, sectarian violence, collapsed infrastructure, increased anti-americanism around the world. That's one expensive bitch slap.

  12. But you have studied all about atheism, though. Sounds very, very hypocritical to be judging the Old Testament/Bible/Quran or all three as you like to do, not having as much as looked into these.

    ...And you say you're an expert on Jewish history. How can you know anything about Jewish history without having read (parts) of the Old Testament (lots of which have historical proof behind them)???

  13. Gert and Tommy, I think a war where America showed Islam how quickly it could screw up a Mohammedian country was inevitable and in the long run will save many lives, much like the Atom bomb drops did in Japan....the Cold War turned out to be a stale mate as far as the use of nukes went thanks to the knowledge of the destruction that nukes would cause.

    Eitan, what is to study about atheism? I've looked into the bibles enough to be as educated as I want to be. The fact is that there is no evidence that Jesus existed, that the Ark happened, that the Exodus happened, or that Mohammed got on a white horse when he died.

  14. BEAJ:

    Yeah, that kind of deterrence is really working a treat. Radical Islam is growing in numbers by the day and more and more misguided uncouth Muslim youths are willing to go and slay some infidels. Result!

    And thanks to quagmire Iraq, we're now also pretty powerless in the face of Iran. It's pure genius!

    Cheney and consorts aren't war criminals: they're simply complete and utter idiots. Straight jackets spring to mind, not impeachments.

    "the Cold War turned out to be a stale mate as far as the use of nukes went thanks to the knowledge of the destruction that nukes would cause."

    Dear G-d, your knowledge of history really is piss-poor but then it never was a North American strong suit.

    The Cold War stalemate resulted from the prospect of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). Invading a country just to "bitch-slap" Islam has nothing to do with that whatsoever.

  15. Gert: and what would the alternative have been?

  16. Eitan:

    The only effective way to beat a rag-tag "army" of Jihadists that doesn't belong to any particular flag and can only resort to low level "warfare" is by means of homeland security. Plot after plot is being fraught by this means. It's proven far more effective than trying to clobber an entire country to death.

    Lemmesee, how many Iraqi refugees have been created? That runs into millions. All of which are potentially Jihadists. Talk about feeding hatred.

    Yet the 101st Keyboard Warriors won't be satisfied until we've demolished yet another Muslim country here or there... Talk about collective punishment.

    The sad thing is that we do this simply because we can. Armchair Dr. Strangeloves like Peejays can watch it all on telly, without lifting a finger or coming off their coach and feeling all warm and smug...

    One day we should go and "bitch-slap" Canada a bit, just for bit of fun...