January 20, 2008

Got My 200,000th Visitor

My 200,000th visitor came to my blog on Friday just at 6:32 PM EST. Was it a regular? No. Was it atheist related? No. Was it Jewish related? Yes. The person from Greenville, N.C. wound up at my blog after doing a Google search for "eli manning and jewish." I used to make football predictions on this blog, and I wrote a couple of sentences about Eli. The post made no mention of Jews at all. Google works in mysterious ways, as my blog comes up as the number one match for "eli manning and jewish."

I guess the name "Eli" sounds like it could be Jewish. But Manning? Maybe Mann.

I did learn a few things after looking into Eli Manning (the quarterback for the New York Giants for those who don't know, and the less famous brother of Peyton Manning) and his supposed connection to the Tribe. It seems that Eli Manning's favourite show is Seinfeld. And because of that, a local Green Bay TV station pulled Seinfeld from its schedule this weekend (there is a playoff game in Green Bay today for those who don't know).

Jerry Seinfeld fired back:

Jerry Seinfeld Boosts NFL's Eli Manning With 'Complete Series'
by Staff

Jerry Seinfeld is boosting his local American football team's chances of making this year's (08) Super Bowl - by sending the star quarterback copies of his hit show Seinfeld.

The comedian stepped in after discovering that bosses of Green Bay Wisconsin's Fox Wluk-TV had pulled the show from the schedules ahead of the Green Bay Packers' championship game against the New York Giants on Sunday (20Jan08) - because it is Giants player Eli Manning's favourite show.

Giants fan Seinfeld says, "You think I'm going to take that sitting down?

"I'm going to send Eli a complete collection of Seinfeld Dvds."

A couple more things: I expected to hit 200,000 in late 2007, but lately I've been blogging less and less, causing my hits per day to average under 200. At the beginning of 2007 I was averaging over 250 a day.

And secondly, I discovered another "Reason For Not Having Sex" to add to my growing list. I heard it yesterday....first hand: "It is my birthday today, not yours."


  1. There are few things more exciting than birthday sex.

  2. Congrats on # 200,000. I bought my first TV from a guy named Mann. He used to have an electronics store in Toronto. I think between age and the advent of the BIG BOX stores he gave it up.

    I’m not a particular fan of either team but would rather see Eli win. I can’t stand Favre only because everyone says his name Farve instead of Favre. It’s a Something About Mary thing.

    BTW I think the Mannings might be MOT’s (Members of the tribe) I think I saw something about them in the Memo from the Elders.

    Beware the JOOOOZ under your bed.

  3. Jack, I know that, and you know that, but my wife doesn't know that.

    Jhrhv, Bathurst and Finch. I know the place. I used to know a guy who worked there. His name was Nat. Died quite some time ago.

  4. When I need to know about Eli Manning and Jewish, I know where to go.


  5. I was getting between 4-8 thousand hits every day at the PC Apostate until your co-ethnics shut me down. As you know, I then went to Wordpress where they shut me down again two months later.

    BEAJ, how much longer can they hold out, how much longer can they continue to suppress all the uncomfortable truths behind all of their pernicious lies.

    BEAJ, do you ever wonder what the future holds for you and your children? Do you care?

  6. Oh yeah, congratulations on your 200K hits.

  7. PC, I don't think it was the Jooos who shut you down. Who knows though.
    A lot of people find your type detestable. Whites, blacks, Joooos, you name it.
    I don't know what truths are being shut down. Especially the way the internet is right now as well as technology in general.
    9-11 truthers for instance might as well be flat earthers if that is one of the things "being suppressed."
    I have no kids btw, but I do worry about the future. But my concern is reality versus religious fundamentalism.

    You are wasting your time worrying about the Boogey Joooo. But it is your life.

  8. Sir,
    I've always enjoyed your site, and was surprised to see Manning references here.

    Eli and Peyton's father, Archie Manning, is from my hometown of Drew, Mississippi. The population is somewhere around 2,500.

    The Mississippi Delta has been described as "The Most Southern Place On Earth". Therefore it's one of the most religious. In this case, Christian.

    Relatively few Jewish people, but because of the Biblical influence the place is covered with Elis, Benjamins, & Jacobs, and girls named Rebecca, Miriam, & Rachel. You've algo got old Black men named Amos, Isaac, Moses, etc....

    -Allen in Fort Worth

  9. I see our "Man in the KKK" is back in business. Well, well, well, how long before he violates Blogger TOS again and blames Joooooooz? Wait minute, wait a minute, Joooooooz own Blogger (AND WP), don't they? No, probably not.

    Keep trying, WCposterior, keep trying...

  10. PCA your racist views create a self fulfilling prophecy. Create hatred toward a group for their colour or beliefs then when nobody will give them work or do business with them get pissed that they socialize with each other or steal from you.

    You make your bed you lay in it.

    Wondering why people shut you down? It's because you are an Ahole and an ignorant one at that.

  11. That Eli Manning is a cutie-pie! Happy Birthday, by the way! (It's the 25th, yes?)

  12. Thanks Rondi. I think like a 25 year old, but I'm forty fricken seven now.