October 30, 2008

Bill Bennett Is A Very Large Turd

This has to enrage just about any militant atheist like myself, even non militant atheists most likely:

How dare any politician break bread with someone who sees no evidence that God has ever existed.

And Donna Brazile wasn't much better. "That is how we convert them (by associating with them)." And "I I I I don't know why people don't believe in God, when there is so so so so so so fricken so so so much evidence that God God God exists."

How many atheists has she or anyone she knows converted? Probably next to zero. If anything it the logic of atheists that deconverts many of the sheep.

In America, a politician pretty much could run an ad these days of a cartoon atheist eating babies. Kind of like the ads the Nazis did about Jews in Germany. At least there isn't a politician who has openly said he or she wants to rid the world of atheist vermin...............YET.