October 30, 2008

Will Elizabeth Dole Ad Have A Subliminal Effect On Young Viewers

Associating oneself with atheists is worse than associating oneself with Muslim terrorists in American politics it seems.

Take the North Carolina Senate race:

The only good to come out of this ad is that it might happen to get young people (3-25) to question things like God and a historical Jesus.

Hopefully, the last line ("there is no God"), which was stated by Ellen Johnson, former supreme being at American Atheists, and not Kay Hagan, who happens to be a devote Christian, will be in the heads of North Carolinians for weeks.

Kay Hagan is not to be glorified in the eyes on the non believers either. She is just the lesser of two evils. She is pretty much saying that if she was really an atheist, she would deserve America's wrath.

It is disgusting that in the US, politicians can disassociate themselves by slamming atheists. They get away with it, because it is legitimate to perpetuate the lie that atheists are without morals or guidance (both of which are innate in all humans, as we are guided by are hardwiring which tends to make the good majority of mankind seemingly moral).

If this ad substituted Catholics, blacks, or Jews in place of "the Godless," it would mean political suicide. Only substituting Muslim or Arab would it be possibly overlooked by the masses, as was the case when one of McCain's idiotic supporter stated that Obama was an Arab and McCain replied that it isn't true, Obama is a good human, or something like that.

Meanwhile, with atheist's and agnostics number's growing fast, those idiotic politicians who say we have no voice are completely out in left field. Sure a good chunk of atheists are generally Democrats, but there is also quite a few who fall in the undecided or Republican ranks. Lets say 10% of Americans are atheist or agnostic (I think the number is much higher), and 20% (or 2% of the American population) are Republicans. The fact that the Republican party nominated that anti-science Cretard Sarah Palin, has pretty much turned those votes into Obama votes, as I'd say the overwhelming majority of the Godless are like me (separation of church and state supersedes every other issue), and this represents a 4% swing.

A 4% swing is huge. Obama may not have wined and dined the Godless (far from it), but he gets those votes by default.

The whining Republican Right caused all this. They were going to vote Republican regardless, but threatened to stay at home. All their bitching caused the nomination of Palin.

I'm hoping for a landslide victory by the Democrats, not because I like the cardboard Obama, but because separation of church and state needs to be honoured now, and more importantly going forward.

This election could very well marginalize the Religious Right for good.