January 9, 2009

Shocker: My Pro-Israeli Comments Were Not Printed By Huffington Press

Huffington Press should be renamed Moonbat Central. It is full of Moonbats, Jihadists, and closet Jew haters.

I left a couple of comments on Eric Margolis' one sided piece "While Gaza Burns, The World Watches."

Unfortunately I didn't save one of them. The other, which I have to admit is an edited comment from an American atheist Jew who now lives in Italy (aka Anjuna on the Yahoo message boards)

Anyway, this is what Huffington Post must have found too offensive to print:

Like any situation, when two parties are in disagreement, compromise is the mature approach.

Pals refuse compromise, therefore they invoke war and it's consequences, and responsible for all suffering incurred by both parties.

The Pals refused compromise in 1948, like the Indians and Pakistanis did in 1947, except the Pakistanis are still not happy with only half of Kashmir. BTW, the Arab States voted for the partition of the Muslim state of Pakistan from India.

If the Pals wanted the 1967 borders, they already had them for 19 years, without a Jew in sight, and yet did nothing about it.

The Arabs (including Pals) simply do not want Jews in charge of the Municipal building, and this is proven by the Pals and Arabs lack of response when the Hashemites took 80%!!!!! of Palestine without a peep from the Pals.

The UN decided after WWII, that most ethnic groups will be given the right of self determination. The Muslim countries multiplied, while you enjoy the harassment of one single , small different minority..

We know who and what the Moonbats (like Margolis) and Jihadists are and what they want.. Everything is the result of Arab pride, false promises, hatred, and the lack of the ability to compromise.. Pals suffer for the Arab's anti-Semitism and intolerance.

Enjoy your hate and the costs..

Let me know when you got your heads on straight.

The other comment was my creation. I don't hold back when it comes to imbeciles like Eric Margolis. I know I mentioned that he failed to mention in his crap piece that Hamas, though voted in democratically has a stated goal of destroying Israel, and not only do they talk the talk, but they also send bombs into Israel daily.

It would be like if Mexico or Canada voted in a group that wanted to eliminate the USA, and then sent bombs into the USA. As a Canadian, I would expect to be dead.