August 17, 2013

Ray Comfort Is Nothing But A Snake Oil Salesman

Ray Comfort gets more attention than he deserves. His latest video "masterpiece" Evolution versus God is just another feeble attempt by creationists to poke holes in evolution. Their game is that if evolution has even a tiny hole, it can't be true, and that means the literal bible is true. Problem is that this video, just like all creationist videos, find holes that aren't even there.

Comfort has had evolution explained to him many times on talk shows and through exchanges, but he still appears not to get it. On top of that, the explanations by scientists in his newest piece, wound up on the editing floor. In other words, not only is Comfort willfully ignorant, he is also willfully deceptive.

Even the premise that if evolution is true God isn't is false, unless you are a bible literalist. Of course, there is no evidence for any God, but you have to figure that if a God could have made man from sand, he/she/it is also capable of devising a plan to evolve man from a series of other species that came before and there are some scientists who actually believe that.

I'm not going to post the video, instead, I'll post a Youtube Atheist's rebuttal to it:

Jaclyn Glenn has also put out a video explaining while Jesus most probably is nothing but a fictional character (sound familiar?). The only thing she is missing in the video is commenting on the fact that there is no contemporary evidence Jesus ever walked this planet: