November 12, 2013

Right Wing Watch Loses Youtube Account Because Of "Bogus" Cretard Claim

One of my favorite sites these days is Right Wing Watch.   This site is not to be confused with sites like Jewwatch or American Thinker, which write opinion pieces mostly based on conspiracy theories.  Every time someone stubs a toe, Jewwatch blames the Jews, while American Thinker blames Obama for it.

Right Wing Watch mainly links to articles that let Fundy Cretards, mostly homophobes, bury themselves with their own words.  Much of the fun loving believers RRW links to, are aligned with the GOP and/or Teabaggers.  Many are politicians who, believe it or not, actually have a chance of winning seats (only in America...and Saudi Arabia).

Of course, political types say lots and lots of things all the time, but for some reason, when they tackle anything religious, they tend to stick their feet down their own throats.

So what got RRW banned on Youtube?  Showing a video of former Navy Chaplain Gordon James “Chaps” Klingenschmitt doing an interview with  Family Values Chairman, the whacked out religious bigot, Will Perkins.  In the interview, which can be seen here, Perkins attempts to explain that homosexuals don't really want to get married for their welfare, they just want access to children, because most gays don't procreate, they must have something more sinister in mind, to recruit children to become homosexuals.

God set it up, homosexuals don't reproduce, they recruit, and mankind can't go on if homosexuality was normalized, because, usually gays don't produce children, so mankind would die off.   YJCMTSU.  Maybe Perkins should simply be asked about ants.  Most don't reproduce, but most take care of the youngsters, and I don't think we have to worry about a decline in the ant population any time soon. 

Klingenschmitt is now a candidate for State office in Colorado, so he apparently doesn't want these types of videos coming back at him.  Moderates most likely will be absolutely disgusted with him if his real thoughts got too much exposure, and these kind of things make GOP imbeciles losers in elections, thankfully.  And I think in the future, the more people think, the less of a hold the Religious Right will have on politics.  C'mon guys, Jesus even said, if you want to pray, lock yourself in a closet and pray all you want, but keep the juvenile fairy tale stuff out of the public's eye.
now a candidate for state representative in Colorado - See more at:

now a candidate for state representative in Colorado - See more at:
now a candidate for state representative in Colorado - See more at:

Reality is, and reality is a tough concept for these Fundy Cretards, that our population has been growing and growing and growing, and if not for the odd war and famine, there is a good chance we would be overpopulated today.  But eventually, it is inevitable that our earth becomes overpopulated in the not too distant future, barring a war, meteor strike, major disaster brought on by climate change, famine, or the second coming of Zombie Jeebus (actually the first coming, since he never existed in the first place).  But then again, the Cretards don't care about the future of the planet, because they "know" the Zombie is coming back, so screw doing anything about climate change.  Yet they are worried about gays getting married and adopting kids...there is nothing consistent in their thinking.

Anyway, I doubt the Ridiculous Religious Right can shutdown Right Wing Watch's website, so check it out.