December 24, 2013

To Quack or Not To Quack

It isn't shocking that anyone on the cast of Duck Dynasty has religious views that I find repugnant.  And it isn't a surprise that head Duckman Phil Robertson was tricked into stating them in a not so eloquent way either.

What really gets me is that so many people think this is a free speech issue.  It isn't even close.  Free Speech means everyone in the West has the right to say anything they want without having to worry about going to prison.  Now, we don't have 100% Free Speech because certain things like inciting hate and libel and a few other things (depending on the country) could mean jail time, but the simple hate speech uttered by Robertson doesn't fall upon this category.

Free speech isn't free from consequences.  You can say something offensive to a neighbour and it could cause ill will for years.  And of course, when it comes to employment, if you say something that a private employer doesn't like, they have the right to show you the door.  If you say something they don't care about or are indifferent to, but it potentially costs the company money, they can fire you for that too.

It is a pretty simple concept, but it seems many on the Right don't have a clue what Free Speech is.  And then there is Sarah Palin who acknowledged that Martin Bashir's job entailed being mindful of what he said, so his firing/quitting was justifiable, but somehow, the ugly Left is taking away Free Speech from the Duck Family.  She really is a ridiculous person.

I like the way society is going, regardless if Duck Dynasty is restored to full cast and status.  Hate speech might be free, but it isn't tolerated as much anymore, and I think the rational world is starting to pick up on the idea that certain religious people seem to follow a group of pretty intolerant Gods.

November 12, 2013

Right Wing Watch Loses Youtube Account Because Of "Bogus" Cretard Claim

One of my favorite sites these days is Right Wing Watch.   This site is not to be confused with sites like Jewwatch or American Thinker, which write opinion pieces mostly based on conspiracy theories.  Every time someone stubs a toe, Jewwatch blames the Jews, while American Thinker blames Obama for it.

Right Wing Watch mainly links to articles that let Fundy Cretards, mostly homophobes, bury themselves with their own words.  Much of the fun loving believers RRW links to, are aligned with the GOP and/or Teabaggers.  Many are politicians who, believe it or not, actually have a chance of winning seats (only in America...and Saudi Arabia).

Of course, political types say lots and lots of things all the time, but for some reason, when they tackle anything religious, they tend to stick their feet down their own throats.

So what got RRW banned on Youtube?  Showing a video of former Navy Chaplain Gordon James “Chaps” Klingenschmitt doing an interview with  Family Values Chairman, the whacked out religious bigot, Will Perkins.  In the interview, which can be seen here, Perkins attempts to explain that homosexuals don't really want to get married for their welfare, they just want access to children, because most gays don't procreate, they must have something more sinister in mind, to recruit children to become homosexuals.

God set it up, homosexuals don't reproduce, they recruit, and mankind can't go on if homosexuality was normalized, because, usually gays don't produce children, so mankind would die off.   YJCMTSU.  Maybe Perkins should simply be asked about ants.  Most don't reproduce, but most take care of the youngsters, and I don't think we have to worry about a decline in the ant population any time soon. 

Klingenschmitt is now a candidate for State office in Colorado, so he apparently doesn't want these types of videos coming back at him.  Moderates most likely will be absolutely disgusted with him if his real thoughts got too much exposure, and these kind of things make GOP imbeciles losers in elections, thankfully.  And I think in the future, the more people think, the less of a hold the Religious Right will have on politics.  C'mon guys, Jesus even said, if you want to pray, lock yourself in a closet and pray all you want, but keep the juvenile fairy tale stuff out of the public's eye.
now a candidate for state representative in Colorado - See more at:

now a candidate for state representative in Colorado - See more at:
now a candidate for state representative in Colorado - See more at:

Reality is, and reality is a tough concept for these Fundy Cretards, that our population has been growing and growing and growing, and if not for the odd war and famine, there is a good chance we would be overpopulated today.  But eventually, it is inevitable that our earth becomes overpopulated in the not too distant future, barring a war, meteor strike, major disaster brought on by climate change, famine, or the second coming of Zombie Jeebus (actually the first coming, since he never existed in the first place).  But then again, the Cretards don't care about the future of the planet, because they "know" the Zombie is coming back, so screw doing anything about climate change.  Yet they are worried about gays getting married and adopting kids...there is nothing consistent in their thinking.

Anyway, I doubt the Ridiculous Religious Right can shutdown Right Wing Watch's website, so check it out.


August 17, 2013

Ray Comfort Is Nothing But A Snake Oil Salesman

Ray Comfort gets more attention than he deserves. His latest video "masterpiece" Evolution versus God is just another feeble attempt by creationists to poke holes in evolution. Their game is that if evolution has even a tiny hole, it can't be true, and that means the literal bible is true. Problem is that this video, just like all creationist videos, find holes that aren't even there.

Comfort has had evolution explained to him many times on talk shows and through exchanges, but he still appears not to get it. On top of that, the explanations by scientists in his newest piece, wound up on the editing floor. In other words, not only is Comfort willfully ignorant, he is also willfully deceptive.

Even the premise that if evolution is true God isn't is false, unless you are a bible literalist. Of course, there is no evidence for any God, but you have to figure that if a God could have made man from sand, he/she/it is also capable of devising a plan to evolve man from a series of other species that came before and there are some scientists who actually believe that.

I'm not going to post the video, instead, I'll post a Youtube Atheist's rebuttal to it:

Jaclyn Glenn has also put out a video explaining while Jesus most probably is nothing but a fictional character (sound familiar?). The only thing she is missing in the video is commenting on the fact that there is no contemporary evidence Jesus ever walked this planet:

August 2, 2013

Freedom From Religion Foundation Have Gone Insane

I didn't want to blog about this, but since the Freedom From Religion is taking a stance of willful ignorance, by not backing down despite hearing and viewing actual facts as to why their stance against the Holocaust Memorial in Ohio is simply wrong, I just have to add my two cents.

Nobody is more for separation of church and state than me, but when it comes to the Star Of David, an idiot can research it and find it is neither biblical or religious. Jews are a religion and/or ethnicity. When Hitler murdered Jews in Nazi Europe, he didn't ask if they were religious, let alone if they believed in God. So the argument that the Star violates of the First Amendment or separation of church and state is hooey, nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't promote Judaism, nobody is going to see the Memorial and say, the USA has become a Jewish nation, nor will it in any way make anyone want to convert to Judaism.

David Silverman, President of American Atheists usually gets things right, but he overcompensates against Jews for being born an ethnic Jew (some sort of dissociation psychological disorder I think), and common sense gets thrown aside.

Here is a rational atheist, David Fincke's (Camel With Hammer) take on the subject.

Here is an irrational rant by David Silverman:

When a Fox News hot blonde wins a debate, it is time to reassess your position Silverman.

His point, and only point it seems, that more than one group were Holocaust victims and that they should be represented in the same way is ridiculous, and here is why: The Nazis put out a lot of propaganda, but the only films I remember seeing were those which made Jews out to be subhuman and the cause of every wrong in the world. There weren't films about blacks, gays, or Gypsies, just Jews.

Films like this, the Eternal Jew, not the Eternal Homosexual, were used to get the German people to go along with Hitler's plan:

As for the Star of David making the Memorial look like a synagogue, again just pure foolishness by Silverman. Did the Stars that Jews were forced to wear make the Jewish people look like synagogues.

Freedom from Religion Foundation, wake up and GET A LIFE!

Another excellent read on the subject: Atheists against the Ohio Holocaust memorial: How not to fight for separation of church and state

June 20, 2013

Wrong Rev, Non Believers Are Not Confused

Went to a funeral yesterday. My neighbour's brother died in a car accident. I met the him a few times at BBQs. He seemed quiet and nice. Struck down in his mid fifties. He got ripped off, he should have been on this planet longer.

The funeral service, unfortunately, was not about him very much, but was focused on Jesus and the afterlife.

The Rev told the crowd of 300 mourners that we were not there to mourn, but to embrace the fact that the deceased guy was now in heaven enjoying eternal bliss.

He might have been right about me, I wasn't really there to mourn, because I really didn't know the guy. But I wasn't there to celebrate nonsense either. I was there out of respect to my neighbour, and to support my wife who is good friends with the neighbour.

I found the "sermon" to border on the ridiculous. Rev mentioned non believers. He said that we are confused about life and death. I'm not confused at all. Science pretty well answers everything out there regarding life, and the idea of an afterlife simply makes no sense and has no evidence supporting it.

I really bit my lip, as I stood right in the back of the second room (big turnout), when Rev told everyone how we know Christianity is the right religion. Of course, it is because the Gospels tell us so. The same way it is the Gospels which tell us that there is eternal life. Rev used the story of Lazarus to make his point. I found it odd that he didn't know if the name of the sister that Jesus said "he is the resurrection" to was Mary or Martha. You'd figure he has used the example many times. It actually motivated me to look it up when I went home. Turns out that Lazarus had two sisters, one Martha and one Mary, but it was Martha who Jesus spoke with, according to the myth. I'm going to give Rev credit. I think he pretended not to know on purpose, to get his flock talking, and to get his non flock, like me, to look into it more. Or maybe he just didn't know.

So that is the Christian's evidence for life after death: A book written at least 200 years "after the fact." What I really giggled to myself about was when he said that Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life, proves the afterlife, and that Jesus could walk into this room right now if he wanted to.

Weird, that these people buy into a crock like this. Jesus apparently had the need to prove the afterlife just the one time, and ever since, doesn't seem to have the need, despite the growth of Islam, but more importantly the rise of the dreaded atheist population.

When you listen to stories from the bible from the perspective that they are children's fables for adults, it all makes too much sense.

The reality is that there is no more contemporary evidence for Jesus than there is for unicorns or Leprechauns. In fact, the earliest known Christian bible mentions nothing of a resurrection. The first believers in Jesus were Gnostic. He was a myth, so was Moses. When you die that is it. I'm OK with it. As time goes by, I'm more OK with it. Live your life to the fullest, it is your only one.

I did agree with Rev when making a point about forgiveness. Most of the things that we have anger over are trivial. Forget about it. But there are some things that are unforgivable (like terrorist acts), and even the Rev should acknowledge that, but he didn't, because it would hurt his narrative that pretty much whatever is done on earth is trivial because it is only a speck of time in relation to your eternal life, but you need to accept Jesus to ensure that life.

From the back of the service I could easily notice who was praying and who wasn't. I'd say that 1 out of 12 or 13 didn't bow their heads at times they were told to. Were they atheists or simply non religious? I don't know. They weren't likely to be Muslims or Jews, not in my neck of the woods. My wife, who is atheist (at least that is what she tells me) did bow her head, but she explained it was to not bring attention to herself. Makes no sense, because anyone who catches you is obviously not bowing their head and closing their eyes like a good little boy or girl is supposed to.

One last thing. Guys do think about sex at inappropriate. Near the end of the service, I had a vision of the Sopranos scene when Tony humps a Fundamentalist Christian at the work place over a desk. I don't know what prompted that, but a few hours later, we were all stunned by the news of the death of James Gandolfini. Was that some sort of sign? Now that would be confusing.